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Woodworker's Journal June 2018

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Woodworker’s Journal is the magazine for people who love to work with wood. Woodworkers of any skill level will find top-tier plans to build great projects, expert reviews of woodworking tools, and a ton of woodworking tips and techniques. Get Woodworker's Journal digital magazine subscription today and get inspired and motivated.

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I love seeing your projects! One of my favorite places to visit on woodworkersjournal.com is the Reader’s Project Gallery. It features hundreds of project photos, and new ones are constantly being added. Plus, we publish and share as many of them as we can in the Weekly newsletter, on our social media channels, and in the magazine. Check out this issue’s Reader Projects on page 10. Whether you’re an experienced woodworker or new to woodworking, we’d love to see more of your work. The best way to share your project pictures and descriptions with us is to use the upload tool on the Reader’s Project Gallery page at www.woodworkersjournal.com/readers-project-gallery. Or, you can click on the Reader’s Project Gallery listing in the drop-down menu under the Weekly heading on our home page.…

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staying sharp and other agonies

FUN WITH GRINDING AND HONING … Sharpening woodworking tools is a topic that can get folks on edge. Many of us avoid the task to our detriment. Others look at it as a necessary evil, and still others actually enjoy the process. I have to say that I have taken all three of those positions over the years, but now I find myself enjoying the task. The breakthrough came when I finally decided to learn how to sharpen my turning tools. Those curved edges had bothered me for years. But once I took the time to pick a sharpening technique and learned to execute it well, all my concerns fell away. Now, I am not going to tell you my personal sharpening system. But I am interested in yours. How do you…

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reader projects

Totally Tubular Table Thanks for the August 2017 article on the “‘Surfboard’ Coffee Table” with the tubular aluminum legs. The article appealed to me not only because I live in Hawaii but also because I had been thinking of using aluminum legs for a natural-edge table. I followed the directions in the article but found the legs to be somewhat unstable under the weight of a 40" x 20" x 2" koa slab, due to the lack of purchase where the leg frame attaches to the top through the stretcher. This was solved by a wood insert in the stretcher that allowed for the leg frame to be epoxied to the stretcher. (Ignore the two holes in the stretcher; I mis-drilled on that particular one.) The wood insert also provides a…

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rob robillard, carl jacobson and bob clagett

Rob Robillard - AConcordCarpenter.com Rob is a general contractor who publishes videos and articles about carpentry techniques, remodeling projects and tool reviews. He has extensive knowledge of tools and a lot of real-world experience that adds a lot of credibility to his reviews. In addition to tool reviews and techniques, Rob also features stepby-step instructions for some of his projects, such as the outdoor shower enclosure pictured. You can check out one of his latest articles, about installing the new Rockler Pro Lift Router Lift in a table saw extension wing, on page 44 in this issue. You’ll find his work on his website, aconcordcarpenter.com, and on toolboxbuzz.com, a tool review site that features content provided by a group of regular contributors. Carl Jacobson - thewoodshop.tv If you’re interested in woodturning, then Carl…

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smart options for better gripping

Sponsored By Snug Up Your Vac Couplings It’s frustrating when shop vacuum couplings and attachments become worn and no longer form a good friction fit to the hose. To snug things up again, I spray the inside of the coupling area with a rubberized material that you can find at home centers or auto parts stores. A few coats of this stuff will restore a good connection, and it sticks well to plastic. Larry Demario Monroe, Michigan Cough Syrup Glue Cups Doug Thalacker’s ashtray glue holder (February 2018) made me think of another inexpensive option. When I need to use a small amount of glue, I pour it into a plastic cough syrup cup. After I’m done, I just leave any leftover glue in the cup to dry, and it’s easy to pry out later…

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kitchen cabinet refinishing process

Q Help! I have decided to take on the project of refurbishing my kitchen cabinets. They are oak and currently are stained with a golden oak color. I want to make the finish darker with a water-based tinted topcoat. I will likely spray an overcoat to complete the finish. I have no idea what finish is on them now and need advice as to how to prepare them. Do I need to spray a pre-sealer on first? What product would you suggest to prepare the surface? I also have a FUJI turbine HVLP system. Larry Axsom Landis, North Carolina A Fear not! You have a couple of routes to choose from, depending on how dark you would like your kitchen cabinets to look. First, prior to applying any finish, you will want to…