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Woodworker's Journal November-December 2013

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13 мин.
mission oak desk

This year, both of my daughters were off to college in two different cities, so moving furniture was much on my mind. I wanted them to have a nice desk to work at, but I certainly did not want to burden them (or myself) with having to lug a large unwieldy piece up and down stairs. I collect antique woodworking books and found the answer in G. A. Raeth’s book, Home Furniture Making. In it, he provided instructions and drawings for two different writing desks. Published in 1910 at the height of the Craftsman movement, one design features wedged through tenon construction, making it ideal as a “knockdown” piece that can be easily disassembled with no tools, and shipped flat (way ahead of IKEA). I knew that this design would…

7 мин.
make the perfect gift

NO ... NOT A CUTTING BOARD There is no use trying to hide the fact: I am a changed man. Years ago, as the holiday gift-giving season approached, my countenance fell and my attitude soured. With a meager bank account and a long list of family and friends, gift building often seemed like a tedious harbinger of fall and winter. And, while it would be untruthful to say that I resented the situation, there were definite Scrooge-like moments while burning the midnight oil. But some time in the last 30 years or so, a shift occurred, and now the time that I spend building gifts for those I care about is something I treasure. Which is not to say that paradise is untroubled. Because, when you stop and think about it,…

4 мин.

I have been exposed to spinning, weaving, knitting and needlework all my life, for my wife is a talented fiber artist. I say “all my life,” for fiber art was my mother’s passion as well. In many years of teaching woodworking and woodturning classes, I have found a lot of my students have spouses who engage in some form of fiber art. Therefore, a knitting bowl seemed a good project. It is a simple bowl that will hold one or several balls of yarn and has a scroll-shaped cutout and holes to dispense yarn without allowing it to tangle. The holes also allow storing of a pair of knitting needles. You skewer the yarn ball with the needles and pass them through the holes. It is a practical, attractive and fun…

2 мин.

Prizewinners Showcase on the San Diego Show “Game On” was the theme of the 2013 32nd Annual Design in Wood competition. The show is a project of the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association and regularly displays woodworking of the highest quality at each summer’s San Diego County Fair. Woodworker’s Journal is one of the award sponsors, offering two-year subscriptions to the winners. To find out details on entering or attending the 2014 show, visit www.sdfwa.org or call 619-422-7338. Helmet Saved His Life When most woodworkers call their tools “lifesaving,” they don’t mean it as literally as Iowa farmer Arick Baker. Arick’s family had given him a Trend Airshield Pro, an air-circulating face shield, to assist with his asthma. Luckily, Arick was wearing the face shield when the corn beneath him collapsed as he cleared…

9 мин.
holiday gift box

Needing something different for holiday giving, I decided on a box that could either stand alone or serve to contain an additional gift. This mahogany box is the perfect showcase for its colorful adornment — a festive striped bow that looks complex, but is easily made with some patience, care and a lamination of maple and dyed veneers. Laminating the Ribbon Stock Begin by creating the stock for your ribbon/bow lamination. Although I generally use natural wood colors for my projects, dyed-through veneers are ideal for setting a holiday theme. I decided that red and green veneer combined with strips of light, clear maple would be colorful and festive, and they contrast well with the mahogany box. I buy my thin maple veneer, which is typically about 1/32" thick or slightly less,…

4 мин.
mighty mini fridge magnets

How do you define a big winner when it comes to a gift project? Well, one way would be if you can use up some of that “too good to throw away but too small to really use” lumber you’ve squirreled away over the years. Another answer might be that the gift is easy and quick to make. Still another possibility could be that the gift is both practical and pretty. But a surefire big winner would combine all of the above. These little turned refrigerator magnets are just that. Technically, they are not at all challenging. No one has ever made the mistake of calling me an expert woodturner. I love to turn wood, but I can almost see the consternation on Ernie Conover’s face when he sees photos of…