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Woodworker's Journal October 2018

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Woodworker’s Journal is the magazine for people who love to work with wood. Woodworkers of any skill level will find top-tier plans to build great projects, expert reviews of woodworking tools, and a ton of woodworking tips and techniques. Get Woodworker's Journal digital magazine subscription today and get inspired and motivated.

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There’s definitely MORE ON THE WEB! As you flip through the pages of this issue, keep an eye out for the More on the Web banner (pictured, right). It’s your cue that there is additional content waiting for you on woodworkersjournal.com. This month you’ll find videos featuring: • Re-Turning a Rough Turned Bowl • Bending Wood with a Hot Pipe • Magnetic Dovetail Sawing Guide (and more)! To see the latest More on the Web videos, articles or plans, you can scroll down on our homepage and click the new “Current Issue/More on the Web” photo box. Or, click the More on the Web tab under the Magazine heading in our navigation bar to access that content, plus More on the Web from past issues. MORE ON THE WEB www.woodworkersjournal.com…

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what is woodworking?

IT IS A CRAZY WIDE WORLD OUT THERE. I call myself a woodworker because I have been messing around with the craft in various forms for decades now. But if I were to tell someone what I do and they replied, "That's great… will you carve me a statue of George Washington?" I would have to say, I'm not that kind of woodworker. And that would be my answer to several woodworking queries. Which brings me to my question: What is a woodworker? Is the guy who framed up my house a woodworker? Is a gal who makes guitars a woodworker? How about my neighbor who borrowed my chop saw to put in floor molding? Even though we no longer use wood for as many things as we did in the past…

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reader projects

Repurposed Room Heater I volunteer at the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in Prescott, Arizona. Someone donated a large electric room heater in a large wood frame. The heater didn’t work, so they were going to throw out the whole unit. I took the heater unit out, made doors, installed shelves and put a back on it. We put it out in the store for sale and it sold the next day. I made the double door frames from old oak wood stained with special red oak stain. The center panels I made from white oak stained with maple stain. Paul Diemer Chino Valley, Arizona Plywood Guitar Here is my oak plywood guitar with walnut pick guard and aluminum fretboard with cotter pin frets. Loretto Abrenica Hamilton, Ohio Colorful Canarywood Here is a sculpted and carved jewelry box…

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ashley harwood, chris salomone and zachary herberholz

Ashley Harwood - ashleyharwood.net Ashley Harwood is an accomplished woodturner who teaches classes at her studio in Charleston, South Carolina, as well as at schools throughout the world. Ashley turns a wide variety of bowls and jewelry, but her best known work is her sea urchin ornament. She’s even produced a full-length DVD for sale that features step-by-step instructions for how she makes this beautiful ornament and includes tool sharpening and spindle turning technique instructions. You can find a list of her upcoming classes on her website, and the best place to see what she’s working on now is her Instagram page, @ashleyharwoodturning. Chris Salomone - foureyesfurniture.com Chris Salomone is a furniture designer and builder in Los Angeles, California, who posts project build videos and plans under the moniker of Four Eyes Furniture.…

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hardboard adds safety, smoothes surfaces

Silica Packs Keep Biscuits Dry Wood biscuits will swell in the presence of humidity until they don’t fit their slots, but one way to keep them dry and unswollen is to use a desiccant. Those little packs of silica gel that often come in shoeboxes are perfect for this purpose. Instead of throwing them away, just put a silica pack in your container of biscuits and seal it tight. Then change it every time you get a new pair of shoes. Serge Duclos Delson, Quebec Table Saw Jig Rips Thin Strips I made this saddle-type jig from scrap that rides along my table saw’s rip fence to help keep my fingers up and out of harm’s way when ripping thin strips. It has an adjustable 1/8"-thick hardboard hold-down that slides up and down on slots…

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pilot hole smackdown!

Q Recently, the subject of pilot holes came up in conversation. It turns out that my colleagues all have strong feelings on the matter — including each of them feeling, strongly, that his is the correct way to drill pilot holes. Hence, the pilot hole smackdown. The question: Whose pilot hole technique team are you on? Joanna Werch Takes Woodworker’s Journal Editor A When it comes to pilot holes, there is a right way, a wrong way — and then whatever wackiness my co-workers are doing. The goal of joining two pieces of wood together using screws is this: to tightly secure the wood that the screw is going through to the stock that it is being joined to, and to do it without splitting the wood. Every woodworker I know has committed the…