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Woodworker's Journal Summer 2015

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Woodworker’s Journal is the magazine for people who love to work with wood. Woodworkers of any skill level will find top-tier plans to build great projects, expert reviews of woodworking tools, and a ton of woodworking tips and techniques. Get Woodworker's Journal digital magazine subscription today and get inspired and motivated.

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12 мин.
southwestern entry bench

When I was contemplating the design for this Entry Bench, my inspiration was influenced by a building called Hopi House. Designed by Mary Colter in 1905, it was her first of several commissions that have since become icons of American Southwestern architecture, greatly influenced by the living history of the region and the many ancient dwelling sites that have stood for thousands of years in the American Southwest. Having had the privilege of walking amongst some of these places, I found it easy to see why Ms. Colter was so enamored. I’ve had an affinity for all things Southwestern since my earliest days as a woodworker. Whatever your discipline, the landscape, the light, the nature and the people of this vast area are sure to inspire anyone with an eye and…

3 мин.
a hall mirror for beginners

This mirror differs from the usual style because the glass is mounted on the front of the frame instead of being set in a groove or rabbet in back. This means you don’t have to miter the corners of the frame at 45˚— often a sore trial for the novice woodworker. Instead, the glass is held in place by small, L-shaped wooden retainers fastened to the stiles with brass screws. As a result, this is a great project for beginners … it looks good and can be completed in a weekend with simple hand tools. Choosing the Shape and Size Follow the Material List dimensions on the facing page to build the mirror shown here. A square frame is one possibility, but if you go for a rectangular frame, we suggest making the…

8 мин.
mahogany serving tray

While today’s woodworkers have plenty of 19th and 20th century motifs to look to for design inspiration, for this project I turned to the distant past. Curule chairs were popular during the medieval period, but they actually can be traced even further back than that, to the dynasties of ancient Egypt. They’re familiar enough, with their knuckle-jointed “X” shaped bases, but the design element doesn’t seem to find a lot of application in today’s furniture. I wasn’t particularly interested in making a curule chair, but I did want to incorporate the “X” shape into a serving table I was making for my mother. With design in hand, I headed to contributing editor Rick White’s shop, where Brad Becker, his trusty assistant, was waiting to help me through the construction stage. Brad…

2 мин.
white oak trivet

A trivet is a practical, and in this case pretty, gift project that is always well received. Whenever holiday dinners are at hand, trivets are sure to be in demand. This oak leaf design is right in line with fall or winter festivities, so plan to make several. They will get noticed and requested! Step 1: The first order of business is to photocopy the full-size pattern found on the next page. Note: The circular dotted lines on the four outside oak leaves indicate the locations of self-adhesive felt dots, used as feet. These are optional. Step 2: Now select your wood. As a matter of fact, this little project can be made from any hardwood species that you would like. We chose white oak for our example here. The stock can be…

6 мин.
fine tool display case

My dad was a woodworker, so I guess you could say he was my first real shop teacher. Well, when he decided to hang up his tool apron for good, he passed along his prized collection of Clifton shoulder planes to me. I love them dearly, and I built this little display cabinet to keep them in sight as a constant reminder of those good times with Dad in his shop. Whether you build your cabinet for tools, collectibles or even spices, you’ll have it wrapped up with less than a day’s effort, easy. The joinery is simple — mostly butt joints and screws — but you’ll need cope-and-stick bits to build the door. So, grab a few boards of your prettiest walnut and let’s get to work! Starting with the Case Joint…

7 мин.
elegant floor lamp

I needed a floor lamp for an old house in Nova Scotia — one that would not wobble on 100-year-old floors. The result is about as simple as you can get — three feet (to accommodate a floor that might be sagging from age) firmly attached to a hexagonal stem with 3/8" dowel pins. And while my lamp is truly simple in every regard, it is also attractive and very useful. Since it’s impractical to drill 48"-long holes, I made the stem in two halves, after cutting a shallow groove down the center of each piece. Ideally, if you have the stock on hand, you should cut a 2"-thick section in half, rout or saw the slot for the wiring, then glue it back together. This makes an almost invisible joint,…