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World Coin News May 2019

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The fascinating history and details of world coins are brought to life monthly in World Coin News. We are the leading authority on world coins and regularly report on new issues, auctions and other coin news from around the world. Our top experts provide in-depth historical information on coins and the countries that issue them.

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7 мин.
watch for 1804 counterfeits

If one travels in Asia, or certain other parts of the world, there is a good chance of being offered counterfeit American coins, in particular the fabled 1804 silver dollar. All serious collectors are aware that only a few 1804 dollars are known, and it is believed that all are accounted for. Yet there are genuine 1804 dollars that can be obtained for reasonable amounts. This seems confusing at first, but the other genuine 1804 dollars were not struck in the United States but rather in Great Britain. During much of the 18th century in England, there was a serious shortage of silver coin for use in the marketplaces, and the situation gradually grew worse after 1750. The difficulty arose from a 1601 law requiring that the Mint purchase silver at…

4 мин.
tour stops in italy

During the Napoleonic Wars the northern Italian city of Mantua was besieged twice. In 1797, the French laid siege, and in 1799 they were the besieged. The first siege began on June 4, 1796, as a move against Austria, who had joined the First Coalition against France. Austrian and Russian attempts to break the siege failed, but the French forces were spread so thin that the siege was abandoned on July 31. The French resumed the siege on August 24, and in early February 1797, the city surrendered and the region came under French administration. Two years later, the city was again under siege. This siege was a four-month effort by the Austrian army to regain a presence in northern Italy, having been excluded from that region by the French through…

2 мин.
microprinting used to ensure authenticity

How widespread is micro printing used on coins? Bullion coins, including the Canadian Maple Leaf program, use micro printing to ensure the authenticity of recent issues. Among the circulation strike coins now using micro printing technology is the British 12-sided £1, Japanese 500 yen, and the latest generation of Philippine coins. The use of this technology is not currently widespread. Can the micro printing on a circulating coin wear off from handling, as do the other details? Micro printing, like any other design detail, could wear off a coin. It depends on whether the micro printing is in a protected area or is part of a higher profile design detail that is more likely to wear quickly. What is the white coating appearing on my zinc-composition coin? A white coating is a commonly encountered mild…

12 мин.
evolution of canton coins

Music in the cafes at night, revolution in the air. So one night in Paris you left after a soiree of wine and cards and some kind of entertainment, and your attendant whipped the beggars around the corner so you wouldn’t have to see them. Two years later, you breathed such sighs of relief and gave such heartfelt prayers of thanks that you had got your family out of the country in time. Of the anonymous beggars whipped out of your sight, one is now a colonel in the Revolutionary Army, and the other is a Deputy in the National Assembly. The King was arrested; they’re talking about whether or not to execute him. The response of power holders in neighboring lands to the French Revolution was typically of most natural human…

3 мин.
charles i and son rule london sale

On March 12, the London auction house of Dix Noonan Webb sold the best collection of British half-crowns to be offered for sale since that of Colin Adams in 2005. Assembling the 195 lots had been a 50-year labor of love for Brian Dawson, a well-respected coin dealer from Lancashire. The oldest coin in the collection came from Edward VI dated 1551. The most recent was an Elizabeth II issue of 1961. At final hammer fall, the total realized was $819,975 [£620,418], or an average of $4,205 per lot. All lots sold except one that was withdrawn pre-sale. Both Charles Stuarts, father and son, dominated the sale. They secured 27 of the top 30 prices, the other three places going to Hanoverian monarchs. Of these 27, 15 Stuart half-crowns made in excess of…

2 мин.
mint errors sell well online

Online auctions are becoming increasingly fashionable among larger auction houses. If the proof of the pudding lies in its eating, then the results of the Heritage sale on March 17 of the Denis Burger Collection of Crowns and Mint Errors via their Monthly World and Ancient Coin Auction demonstrates that online pudding sales have a bright future. Many coin collectors have acquired the odd mint error or two over the years, but Burger achieved an impressive collection spanning both nations and years. The top-selling lot was a Queen Victoria half-sovereign reverse brockage c. 1838-85 (KM-735.1). Gold Victorian brockages are rare, and this delightful example came in a more than acceptable VF35 NGC, both aspects explaining why the error had little difficulty in being bid up to $4,320. It was followed by a choice…