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World Coin News January 2020

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The fascinating history and details of world coins are brought to life monthly in World Coin News. We are the leading authority on world coins and regularly report on new issues, auctions and other coin news from around the world. Our top experts provide in-depth historical information on coins and the countries that issue them.

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transylvania coin realizes $280,000 at swiss auction

A 17th century Transylvania coin realized 276,000 Swiss francs (about $278,000 USD) in a Maison Palombo auction held Nov. 17 in Geneva. The Hungary-Transylvania 1696 gold 10 ducats graded NGC MS-63+ has on its obverse a depiction of Leopold I (1640-1705), who was Holy Roman Emperor and King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia, which stretched across much of Central and Eastern Europe. The coin weighs 34.6 grams and was minted in Klausenburg, which now is called Cluj-Napoca and is in Romania. The city also is the unofficial capital of the historical province of Transylvania. A France 1825 Charles X platinum medal graded NGC MS-62 realized 168,000 Swiss francs (about $170,000 USD). The rare medal is 68 mm in diameter and weighs 375.8 grams. Other rarities sold in the Maison Palombo auction include but…

3 мин.
eyeing the e-auctions pays off

Davissons Ltd. E-Auction 32 closed Oct. 23, but there are a few items I’d like to note here. Though it is a smaller sale at just over 200 lots, the variety was excellent, with a large selection of British material alongside Greek, Roman, Celtic, Byzantine and general world coinage. You never know what might turn up in a Davissons sale, so I always check them over carefully. In E-Auction 32, I found a lovely Austrian Netherlands souverain d’or of Maria Theresa, dated 1774. This is a date we never had listed in the Standard Catalog of World Coins 1701-1800, so it will be a nice addition both for our database and for the new owner. When I first noticed this coin the bid was only at $950, with an estimate of…

4 мин.
stephen album rare coin internet-only auction no. 5

In January 2019, the Stephen Album Rare Coin group began a new line of Internet-Only auctions. They put them up online early, so people have several weeks to look over the lots, set up their accounts for bidding, and even lay down some opening bids before the live sale day. Once the live sale begins, I have found it a breeze to follow along and hop in to bid at any point. It’s one of the simplest and most efficient online auction systems I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. It’s been great fun to peruse these sales and check out all the interesting coins, tokens, and medals offered at a more moderate price point for active collectors. I’ve often been surprised at the eclectic selections and impressive quality of these…

11 мин.
the coinage of catherine ii, 1762–1796

Catherine the Great. One of the most important rulers of the 18th century, her name is still a byword to historians well acquainted with European and Russian history. She was born in humble circumstances but rose to be one of the most powerful women of all time, with many accomplishments marking her long reign. Her death in November 1796 was a milestone of history by any standard. Sophia, as Catherine was known until 1744, was born in April 1729 at the German city of Stettin, where her father Christian Augustus was a garrison commander for Prussian King Frederick II. Not long afterwards, Christian became prince of Anhalt-Zerbst. His wife, Johanna Elizabeth, had pretensions of grandeur which had some basis as her brother had nearly married the Empress Elizabeth of Russia but…

5 мин.
treasures from the mel wacks collection to be sold at upcoming new york international numismatic convention

Like the ad slogan: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation,” Mel Wacks has indicated that he has gained great satisfaction in owning 2,000 year-old Judaean and related coins for over 50 years – and now it is time to pass them along to the next generation. Mel goes on to say that “There is nothing quite as thrilling as holding a coin in your hand that could have been used by the fighters for Judaean independence in the Maccabean uprising, or during the First or Second Judaean Revolts. Even the Roman coins inscribed ‘Judaea’ or a variant thereof are proof that this was the ancient Jewish homeland.” The following coins are among those that will be featured by Goldberg Auctioneers at…

60 мин.
2020 coin show & auction guide

Auction Guide The Auction Guide section provides an alphabetical listing of auction firms. AAA Historical Americana - World Exonumia, P.O. Box 4143, Rockford, IL 61110; (815) 226-0771; fax (815) 301-9696; email hartzog@exonumia.com; website www.exonumia.com. B. Ahlstrom Mynthandel AB, Radmansgatan 21, 114 25 Stockholm, Sweden; (46) 08-10-10-10; fax (46) 08-678-77-77. Stephen P. Alpert’s Exonumia, P.O. Box 335441,North Las Vegas, NV 89033-5441; (702) 473-9071; email quadra1@cox.net. Archives International LLC, 1580 Lemoine Ave., Suite 7, Fort Lee, NJ 07024; (201) 944-4800. Arneson Auction Service, 6902 Icon Ave., Sparta, WI 54656; (608) 797-5086. Astarte S.A., Via Cantonale, 1/A, CH-6900 Lugano, Switzerland.; 0041 (0)91 923 3640; fax 0041 (0) 91 922 55 74; email info@astartesa.com. Auctions Unlimited, P.O. Box 5595, Phoenix, AZ 85010; (480) 998-4001. Baldwin’s Auctions Ltd., 11 Adelphi Terrace, London WC2N 6BJ, England; (44) 171-930-9808 or (44) 171-930-6879; fax (44) 171-930-9450. Harlan J.…