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World Coin News February 2020

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The fascinating history and details of world coins are brought to life monthly in World Coin News. We are the leading authority on world coins and regularly report on new issues, auctions and other coin news from around the world. Our top experts provide in-depth historical information on coins and the countries that issue them.

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ancient coins in february robinson auction

Dealer Frank S. Robinson will conduct his 111th mail and internet auction of Ancient and Early Coins with a closing date of February 11. The sale includes 487 lots, with low minimum bids, and bids to be reduced as competition permits. Robinson notes that reductions have averaged 15-20 percent in his recent sales. There is no buyer fee. Greek Coins Noteworthy among Greek coins in the sale are three classic Athenian “Owl” Tetradrachm in Choice EF to Mint State, two rare early Elymais silver tetradrachms; a Choice EF Tetradrachm of Antigonos Gonatas; a rare Persis Tetradrachm of Autophradates II in EF; an EF Rhodes Tetradtachm; a VF Populonia 20 Asses; and good run of Parthian coins. Roman Coins Roman highlights include a nice VF Pompey denarius; a VF Cistophorus of Mark Antony and Octavia;…

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a golden tour through the british monarchy

Jan. 19 is the closing date for Baldwin’s of St. James Auction 14 which contains a wide array of some of the most difficult British gold coins to acquire. Both rare proof issues and fabulous grade rarities can be found in this sale, along with many rare pattern issues primarily struck in silver. First up are lots 141 and 142; each James II Laureate Bust five guineas dated 1687, the latter with Elephant and Castle mark below the bust. That Elephant and Castle mark indicates that this coin was struck by the Royal Mint using gold supplied by the Royal African Company. The RAC was involved in mining gold in West Africa and shipping it back to England. That Elephant and Castle was part of the company’s emblem and the denominational…

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the mamluk regime

One thing that seems to stand out, as I look at the general history of humans, is that there has always seemed to be more than enough males. One way or another, there always seem to be extra males hanging around or maybe just extra children in general. The usual way of dealing with excess males was to have them kill each other by putting them in a group, calling it an army, and going off to war. It has been like that since the invention of agriculture, if not the invention of cooperative hunting. There was not enough land to live on and some of the kids have to leave and seek their fortune (in a gang, most like) If you got enough of them together you can start calling…

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rare siege coins appear at nyinc

In the mid 1500s, the Holy Roman Empire (HRE) was having its difficulties with the Protestant movement, and France was brokering a peace with England. Major cities formerly under HRE control and run as archbishoprics were being secularized into municipally-governed cities under Protestant control. During this time, Duke Moritz laid siege to several of these rebelling cities on behalf of the emperor. On the surface, this seemed to be done in support of the HRE but Moritz was truly acting in his own best interest to preserve his holdings as the HRE eroded and France contemplated action to accelerate that decline. In January 1547 Moritz, as Duke of Saxony, laid siege to Leipzig. In June of that year, after many battles and many tough family decisions, Moritz was ceded the Electorate…

2 мин.
canada strikes first-ever pure gold, silver collector coins

For the first time since it opened its doors 43 years ago, the Royal Canadian Mint’s Winnipeg facility has struck pure gold and fine silver numismatic coins. These special collectibles are the product of what the Mint calls “a unique marriage of expertise” between Winnipeg and Ottawa employees who joined forces to create “made in Manitoba” tributes to the RCM’s world-renowned Maple Leaf bullion coins. Effective since Dec. 3, 2019, customers can acquire the 2020 $5 fine silver coin –the silver Maple Leaf – and the 2020 $50 pure gold coin – the gold Maple Leaf – with a “W” mintmark. Featuring the iconic Walter Ottdesigned Sugar Maple leaf on their reverses and a burnished finish that gives them a matte appearance, these 2020-dated coins are limited to mintages of 10,000 for…

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the coinage of peter iii, 1761–1762

The short and inglorious reign of Russian Czar Peter III is even today confusing. Some references list him as ruling in 1761 and 1762 while others say only 1762. This confusion arises because Imperial Russia in those days used the Julian calendar, which had been put into place by Julius Caesar in 46 BCE. In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII, however, decreed a reform of the calendar, adding 10 days because the old calendar lost a few minutes each year and by the 16th century was far enough off that changes were made. But, because the revision had been made by a Pope, both Protestant and Orthodox countries in Europe refused to adopt it at that time. In 1752, England and the American colonies finally changed over but Russia did not do…