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World Coin News April 2020

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The fascinating history and details of world coins are brought to life monthly in World Coin News. We are the leading authority on world coins and regularly report on new issues, auctions and other coin news from around the world. Our top experts provide in-depth historical information on coins and the countries that issue them.

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2 мин.
ms honey mamabolo new managing director of south african mint

ON FEB. 18, The South African Mint Company (RF) Proprietary Limited (South African Mint), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), announced the appointment of Ms Honey Mamabolo as its new Managing Director, effective from Feb. 1, 2020. She has 20 years’ experience across various industry sectors, including mining, retail banking, energy, development finance, and manufacturing. Before joining the South African Mint, Ms Mamabolo was the Chief Executive Officer of Thebe Unico, a leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive chemicals. In her early career, Ms Mamabolo was involved in high-impact, business change enablement retail banking projects. Her highlights during this time include being a business analyst for a banking platform at Nedbank and a project manager for the implementation of the National Credit Act at Absa’s Credit Card…

2 мин.
who issued the first islamic coins?

Who issued the first Islamic coins? In 640 CE, the Caliph Umar issued short, thick kernel-shaped coins weighing 3.36 grams that mimic the coins of Persia. This is 18 years after the Hegira or flight to Mecca by Mohammed. I recently read there was a coinless period in early Russia towards the end of the Grand Duchy of Kiev and the rise of Moscow. What would have been used during this period? Kiev struck a very limited coinage during the 10th and 11th centuries, but chose to use foreign coins, silver ingot ‘grivna’ bars, and squirrel pelts during the interim period until independent city-states began issuing their own coins about 250 years later. What was the function of a scyphatetype coin? You can’t stack them. These concave or cup-shaped coins are best known from issues…

10 мин.
the coinage of ivan iii, 1740-1741

IT IS NOT often that a small child becomes ruler of a country but it happens on occasion. King Alfonso XII of Spain died in 1885, a short time before his son and heir Alfonso XIII was born. That child became king the moment of birth but in the Russia of 1740 Ivan III was two months old when he became ruler of that vast empire. He remained on the throne little more than a year and was deposed in a palace coup at the age of 14 months. The story of Ivan III, in some ways, actually began decades earlier. Russian Czar Fedor had inherited the throne from his father Alexis in 1676 but died childless six years later, leaving two brothers and a sister. The best suited for the…

11 мин.
onward to tajikistan

I CAN FIND most countries on an unmarked globe but Tajikistan I had to look up. I knew it was in Central Asia, and thought that it had a Russian border and an Afghan border (I was wrong) but that was basically it. I found that I didn’t even know anything about the Tajiks. I thought that they were some kind of Turks. They’re not. Tajikistan’s borders are with China, Afghanistan, Kyrgizstan, and Uzbekistan. There is no Russian border. The Tajiks speak a language related to Farsi, the language of Iran, and to Kurdish. The borders of Tajikistan were established after the Russian Revolution. It was first classified as an autonomous region of Soviet Uzbekistan (Uzbeks being Turkic) but the Tajiks claimed they were not Uzbeks, and wanted their own Soviet…

4 мин.
classic collections star in dnw auctions

IF, LIKE ME, you have always had an interest in the more unusual corners of numismatics, you might appreciate the recent Dix Noonan Webb auctions of Jan. 23 and 29. DNW’s main focus is, of course, on British coinage, but this is an area with plenty of nooks and crannies where oddities can be found. For instance, if you have an interest in trade, you might like to check out the full set of East India Company Portcullis coinage sold in DNW catalogue 165. All four denominations are present in separate lots, but you don’t often have the opportunity to see a full set together like this. Portcullis coinage gets the name from the central element of its reverse design. These particular examples have carefully detailed provenance, which is important to…

3 мин.
tetradrachms star in triton xxiii auction

CLASSICAL NUMISMATIC GROUP held the Triton XXIII auction in January in conjunction with the 48th annual New York International Numismatic Convention. The sale was divided into four sessions containing; Greek coinage, Greek and Roman Imperial coinage, Roman Imperial and World coinage, and finally World coinage with British coinage and medals. With over 300 lots in each session (1,453 lots total), this sale is always a big attraction, particularly for collectors of ancient coinage where the main focus lies. For our quick review here, I have limited the scope to Greek coinage and centered in on some examples which surprised the catalogers by rising well over their estimate by the time the final hammer fell. Greek coinage accounted for well over 500 lots of the Triton XXIII sale or close to 35…