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the royal mint extends a hand

The 2020 pandemic has required many people and businesses around the world to rethink their daily activities. Those folks working and living within the field of numismatics are no different. We have all adjusted our lives to do what we can for each other. In times of trouble great lights will always shine and I have been happy to see one shining from the UK over the past couple of months. The Royal Mint has been a fantastic anchor for numismatists in the UK and around the world during the pandemic. They have led the way for the business of coins to become a community of shared interests and strengths. On March 26, the Royal Mint introduced the new Kids Hub to help entertain and educate little ones during the next few…

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why is queen elizabeth ii on canadian coins?

Why does Queen Elizabeth II appear on coins of Canada? Aren’t they an independent country? Canada may be independent but Queen Elizabeth II is, by Constitutional law, queen of Canada and the head of state. Is there a way to learn how popular collecting of domestic coins is in their country of origin? No one has reliable statistics on the popularity of coin collecting in any particular country, including the United States. How many people collect coins of the country in which they reside appears to follow the economic prosperity of the individual nation. Putting bread on the table is the priority above anything else. Coins and currency are issued through central banks today. When did central banking take over issuing money? In 1694, the Bank of England was established for the purpose of financing…

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the coinage of peter ii, 1727-1730

FROM THE SPRING of 1727 until early in 1730 Russia was under the reign of a boy-czar, Peter II, the only surviving grandson of Peter the Great. His birth was the result of a marriage arranged for dynastic reasons but the real story began many years before that. The eldest son of Peter the Great, Alexis, was born in 1690 but was brought up by his mother, an arch-foe of the reforms then sweeping the country under the giant czar. In 1711, Alexis married a German princess, Charlotte. Alexis turned out to be a slovenly drunk and his treatment of Charlotte was an open scandal; the ultimate insult came when Alexis moved his mistress into the same house. There were occasional reconciliations, as shown by the birth of a son, Peter, in…

8 мин.
the time of the hephthalites

WHILE I WAS watching the news, I noticed that on the map of Eurasia behind the person Tajikistan was colored light blue, meaning that it had reported no Covid-19 cases. Syria was another zero country, as was Kyrghizstan. I assumed that Tajikistan just wasn’t reporting but some research proved me wrong about Tajikistan yet again. Apparently the government is asserting that there are actually no cases there because they closed the borders in time, they say. Since this writing, Tajikistan reported cases. They made it into the national news service I listen to while I work. But let’s escape the oppressive present and go wandering in the oppressive past. In the fourth century CE, Tajiks likely dreamed about the luxuries of the great cities of Sasanian Persia, wondering how they might be…

6 мин.
between the wars: weimar coinage

AT THE CLOSE of World War I a string of royal abdications, capped by Kaiser Wilhelm II, left Germany in a disrupted state. A hastily formed National Assembly met in February 1919 to establish a new government before things slipped into anarchy. They quickly drew up a constitution, elected Friedrich Ebert President and formed the Deutsches Reich (German Republic.) Because the assembly convened in the town of Weimar and remained there as they worked through establishing a peace treaty with the Allies, their new government eventually became known as the Weimar Republic. For 10 turbulent years Germany labored under both the great restrictions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles and those applied through the inadequate constitution, which offered limited individual rights, while centralizing power with the President and government. Even so,…

4 мин.
new coins celebrate innovation of cataract surgery

THE FANTASTIC DESIGN work exhibited in the South African Mint’s coin series highlighting South African Inventions earned the mint a Coin of the Year award in 2019 for their coin set honoring the 50th Anniversary of the World’s first Heart Transplant. I recall our COTY nominating committee debating at length which category this coin should be nominated in; Most Artistic or Best Contemporary Event. In the end we chose Best Contemporary Event for placement; but artistic, I can assure you the series is as well. For the 2020 South African Inventions coin release SA Mint focused on the 1965 invention of the retinal cryoprobe, created at Baragwanath Hospital in Sowero, Johannesburg. Research and development was spearheaded by biomedical engineer, Dr. Selig Percy Amoils, who is formally credited with the invention and…