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World Coin News November 2020

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1960s modernism celebrated on latvian 5 euro

STUDENTS OF POST-WWII history will be very familiar with the construction of the Berlin Wall beginning in 1961 and the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. These events set the tone for Americans’ perception of the Soviet Union during the “Cold War,” that tense period through which many coin collectors came of age. What most people entirely overlook is the period between Stalin’s death in 1953 and the ascension of Brezhnev in 1964, during which Khrushchev ushered in an age of enlightenment of sorts in the Soviet Union. Khrushchev began with his 1956 speech denouncing Stalin and his Great Purge, which had initiated the imprisonment and death of millions of Soviet citizens and left the Soviet Union and its remaining population traumatized and dysfunctional. With this speech, “On the Cult of Personality…

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spink auction nets nearly $4 million

ON SEPT. 15, Spink Auctions had two sales that contained 321 lots total. The first sale comprised of the Collection of English gold coins. The standout from the English gold coin collection was Lot 194; an Anne, pre-union 5 guineas, 1705 QVARTO. It realized around $342,000. Another highlight of this collection was Lot 214, a George IV 1826 proof 5 pounds that realized around $97,000. Next came the Ennismore Collection of Anglo-Saxon and Viking coins. The standout was Lot 4, an East Anglia, AEthelberht II († 20 May 794), penny, ‘Light Coinage,’ Non-Portrait type Ipswich. This piece realized around $71,000. After six hours of bidding, nearly $4 million in lots were sold with only one unsold lot. To view the full results of the Stratos Sale of Spectacular English Gold Coins and…

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chihli specimen dollars drive sarc auction 38

STEPHEN ALBUM RARE Coins Auction 38 featured an exceptionally rare pair of Chinese specimen dollars from the Province of Chihli in the name of Kuang Hsu. Struck at the Peiyang Arsenal mint both pieces are the Y73 dollar type but they exhibit all the important characteristics of early specimen strikes. The SARC 38 catalog descriptions elaborate as follows; “The very bold striking quality is distinctly different especially in the detail in the design elements, lettering and denticles from other Peiyang year 29 dollars we have encountered. The concentric circular die tooling marks [on] either side are indicative of very early strikes from fresh dies as one would expect with Specimen strikes.” We should consider these two silver dollars as discover pieces in the sense that they “are the first of the…

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a small coin that makes a big difference

THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN Mint’s Donation Dollar is the world’s first $1 coin designed to be given rather than spent, donated rather than collected. It’s a concept that may seem unusual to collectors. My first impulse upon hearing of the new coin was, of course, where can I buy one? But Australia’s Donation Dollar is designed for a higher purpose than accumulation. Think of it this way, if every Australian gave one Donation Dollar from their pocket change each month, this initiative has the potential to raise over $300 million dollars a year for those who need it most. The expectation to share the responsibility coupled with the freedom to choose your recipient make the perfect combination allowing a society to band together in their own way for the common goal of…

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donation dollar faqs from royal australian mint

What’s the purpose of the Donation Dollar campaign and initiative? At the heart of the Donation Dollar is a vehicle for all Australians to engage in a moment of generosity, prompted by a simple $1 coin. The intention behind the program is twofold: to promote charitable behaviour and to provide a tangible, accessible way for people - who have the means to - to enjoy the benefit of giving a small amount more frequently. Our research shows that 3 in 5 people would donate their Donation Dollar if and when they come across it in their change, with 2 in 5 saying the coin would encourage them to give to charity more, and almost 1 in 5 Australians (who currently don’t donate at all) saying the coin would lead to them…

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around the world

Two Extraordinary Kievan Rus Finds In Two Days WHAT COULD BE considered to be finds of the Holy Grail of eastern European numismatics took place twice recently, one in Ukraine and the other in Ireland. Kievan Rus is the birthplace of what today are Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. According to the Primary Chronicles, the Rurik dynasty believed to be of Viking or Varangian origins ruled the predominantly Slavic populated state by the ninth and 10th centuries, likely from CE 879. Kiev, one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, today is the capitol city of Ukraine. Kievan Rus controlled the trade route between the Baltic Sea and Volga River, the trade route between the Khazars and Germanic regions, and across the Caspian Sea towards Baghdad. Following Rus attacks on the Byzantine Empire’s capitol…