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375-year-old irish coin highlights may world coin auction

Heritage Auctions offered a fascinating and rare Irish gold coin struck 375 years ago in the May World Coin Auction #3091. This coin was struck amongst the backdrop of the so-called Wars of Three Kingdoms, or British Civil Wars. This was a variety of conflicts that occurred in the 1630s to 1650s between England, Scotland, and Ireland, which were separate kingdoms, but all ruled by King Charles I. Questions of religion and governance brought civil war, insurrection, and general strike to the “three kingdoms.” These conflicts ended when the King was executed, and the Commonwealth of England was founded. An exquisite relic of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, and the undisputed key to the whole of the Irish series, the gold “pistoles” commissioned by James Butler, Duke of Ormonde are…

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the mint at corbridge

CORBRIDGE IS A VILLAGE in Northumberland on the River Tyne, population in the 2011 census 3672, sixteen miles west (upstream) of Newcastle. It was the Roman garrison town of Corstopitum, which is still a major tourist attraction, and the site of the 1964 Corbridge Hoard of Roman armor, weapons and personal items. However, Corbridge’s emergence as a mint had nothing to do with the Romans, but with the period of English history known as The Anarchy. Henry I’s only legitimate son, William the Atheling, was drowned on 25 November 1120 in the wreck of la Blanche-Nef (the White Ship) off Barfleur on the coast of Normandy. This left Henry’s only legitimate heir his daughter Matilda, wife of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry V. As a result, the King called a council…

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hit the open road with new cit coins

CIT COIN INVEST has produced a pair of coins designed to honor the Open Roads of the world and the drivers who love them. This coin issue is for all those drivers and collectors for whom the journey is the reward and the real pleasure. It is a profound truth that roads open the eyes and the heart of the traveler. With the Open Roads – Open Hearts coins, CIT and Cook Islands hope to capture some of the feeling, lifestyle and worldview that comes with a love of the open road. At the heart of this wanderlust are the big and powerful road cruisers of the Buick line. When I first saw this the $10 black silver proof Open Roads – Open Hearts coin I thought of the Buick Roadmaster,…

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michael john anderson, dec 1, 1938 - apr 9, 2021

MICHAEL WAS INTERESTED in coins from a very early age and studied them intensively for virtually his entire life. During his lifetime he served on the Council of the British Numismatic Society, as Secretary and President of the London Numismatic Club and as Treasurer of the British Association of Numismatic Societies. He was a member of several other numismatic organizations and was also an honorary life member of the Essex Numismatic Society. He contributed dozens of articles to the numismatic press, from “The Coins of the Grand Princes of Kiev” in Seaby’s Coin and Medal Bulletin in 1963 to his article “Aristobulos of Chalcis and Salome” in Coins & Antiquities in 1999 the final year of that periodical. After that his writing was curtailed due to failing vision and other…

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bullet money and standard coinage of 18th century siam

AT THE START of the 18th century there were, in Southeast Asia, active and coherent governments in Burma, Siam (the name of the country was changed to Thailand in the 20thcentury), Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Down the Peninsula there were a number of Islamic sultanates. Malacca had been Portuguese but then passed to the Dutch. Out on the islands there were European adventurers from the Netherlands. In India the Mughals were still dominant, but the British were coming on strong, and there were Portuguese, French, Dutch, and Danish ventures in progress. We talk about historical progress. Here’s some progress for you: in the 18th century, Europe started to grow beyond the until then normal course of political events, which was that heirs to a kingdom fought each other over the succession.…

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distrust of cashless society

The People’s Bank of China recently launched an e-RMB cyber money system allowing a “controllable anonymity” of financial transactions. This anonymity is only good until the government wants to track what the government determines to be suspicious transactions. If you live in mainland China, this likely suggests simply an innovation to the currency system. If you live in Hong Kong, where democracy is slowly being eroded, you likely look at this as one more step towards having Big Brother watch your every move. Privacy, or the lack of it, continues to be one of the major hurtles those proponents of a cashless society are failing to address. A European Central Bank survey released April 14 indicates citizens expect the European Central Bank’s proposed digital euro to be private, safe, and cheap. The…