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welcome to numismaster

It’s been a while since anyone has seen updated versions of any of the Standard Catalogs, and you may be wondering what’s happening. Whether for paper money or coins, many have viewed Krause Publications’ Standard Catalogs as essential to their hobby or business. The coin and paper money listings of the Standard Catalogs originated in the 1970s and grew with each annual edition. People across the globe helped to build these listings by adding images, information and updated pricing information, while the KP staff continued researching and expanding, even as they kept updating and revising existing records. As the data stretched both backwards and forwards in time, new ways of presenting it had to be created. Eventually there were five printed volumes covering coins from the year 1501 through to present day…

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around the world

VENUE CHANGE FOR NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL 2022 The New York International Numismatic Convention will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in January, the celebration being held in a different hotel than was originally planned.In an Oct. 6 announcement show convention chairman Kevin Foley said, “Because of the ongoing uncertainty arising from the fact that the Grand Hyatt New York, our site since 2018, remains closed due to COVID pandemic related issues, the NYINC and Grand Hyatt management have reached an amicable decision that it will be in the best interest of both parties for the NYINC to relocate to a new site.”Foley continued, “Our 50th Annual NYINC will be relocating to the InterContinental New York Barclay, located at 111 East 48th Street and Lexington Avenue. Located in the heart of Manhattan’s East…

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establishing coinage in tibet

TIBET HAD NOT been any kind of threat to any other state than themselves for many centuries when the Manchus came to power, but they happened to be the possessors of the equivalent of a pope to the kind of Buddhists the Manchu Emperors were. A political threat, then, not a military one, from the Manchu point of view. During the 18th century, they took over more and more administrative and policy functions “on behalf” of the Tibetan government. Recall that Tibet had for more than a century been purchasing coins from Nepal, that there had always been a built-in advantage to Nepal related to the fineness. The Nepalese would fiddle with the exchange rates, but their constant policy was to cheat the Tibetans. In 1788, the Nepalese did decide that they wanted…

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the coinage of russia 1751–1754

RUSSIA IN THE early 1750s was in the lull before the storm. Peter the Great, who ruled from 1682 to 1725, long dreamed that his country would become a force to reckon with in European politics. It was not until late in the reign of the Empress Elizabeth (1741–1761) that this was to come true. Prussian King Frederick II (1740–1786) had great territorial ambitions but these clashed with powerful neighbors. One such enemy was Britain, whose possessions in Germany (Hanover) were a source of contention. King George II of England (1727–1760) went to great lengths to sign on Russia in an anti-Prussian coalition to save Hanover from becoming part of Frederick’s domain. Both France and Prussia strongly contested the English attempt to convert the Russians, via the payment of very large bribes,…

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hawaiian silver coins

What is the origin of the term cud? In numismatic terms a cud is a die defect on which a raised piece of metal occurs. In non-numismatic terms the word refers to ruminating animals bringing food from their first stomach back into the mouth to be chewed a second time. How such a term crossed the line to describe a gap in a coin being filled during the minting process is beyond me. Hawaii issued a silver dime, quarter, half dollar, and dollar that mimicked the same denominations in the United States in 1883? Why didn’t they issue a cent and nickel? Hawaii issued what proved to be an unpopular hapa or 1-cent coin in 1847. In 1881, two years prior to the 1883 silver coinage King Kalakaua was shown a proposed 5-cent…

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gadoury auction brings big prices

TRADITIONALLY ÉDITIONS VICTOR Gadoury runs a premium numismatic auction in Monaco during late October each year. Normally I will keep an eye on this sale for the coinage of Monaco, as it is one of the few in which the early and scarce Monaco pieces surface with regularity. This year’s sale offered about 2,000 lots and ran live from October 22-23, with special groupings for Ancients, Italy, France and Monaco. However, there were many nice items in other areas and lots of coins that gave us a start, regarding prices realized. We’ll share a few with you here and recommend that you check out the Éditions Victor Gadoury website at for future sales and current offerings, keeping in mind that you never know what you might find in with this…