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Yachting October 2019

Yachting magazine engages the serious boater with content that educates and entertains therefore enhancing your experience on the water.

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the itch

THREE YEARS AGO, MY OLDER BROTHER AND I sold the last boat we shared. The two of us have long owned boats together. During the past 19 years, we’ve owned three of them. Our similar taste in boats has always amazed me because we are such dramatically different people: He’s the older brother who is always cool and reserved. I am Type A all day long. Boats are the place where we find common ground and agree more often than not. ¶ That said, after three years sans vessel, I find myself getting the itch badly. Granted, my job keeps me on the water often, and I crew for a friend frequently. I’m very fortunate. But if I could be on the water every day, I would still be missing…

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the biggest gets bigger

FOR YEARS, NO OTHER U.S. BOAT SHOW has been able to compete with Fort Lauderdale’s in terms of size. Now going into its 60th year, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show reports numbers that would have seemed impossible mere decades ago: more than 110,000 attendees, some 1,200 exhibitors, more than 1,500 boats, show sales exceeding a half-billion dollars, and a statewide economic impact of $857 million. ¶ As it turns out, that’s not quite big enough. ¶ A whole new venue is being added for this year’s show—bringing the total number of venues to seven—to house superyachts as long as 400 feet. Dubbed the Superyacht Village, the newest venue will be at Pier Sixty-Six Hotel & Marina’s Pier South property, giving the Fort Lauderdale show an overall exhibition space of…

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dressed to impress

01. MASTER BLEND Introduced in 2011, Hennessy’s Paradis Imperial is described as having notes of jasmine, orange blossom, spring essences and subtle smokiness. 02. BORN OF SCULPTURE This decanter (about $3,100) is by Arik Levy, who was tapped to create a 65-foot-tall glass sculpture for a satellite branch of Russia’s Hermitage Museum. 03. THE CARRY CASE Designed for one magnum of cognac, this carry case comes as part of a larger Louis Vuitton trunk (price on request) that holds four magnums in total.…

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precious seconds

BOATUS, WHICH CLAIMS THE LARGEST on-the-water towing fleet in the United States by way of TowBoatUS, has long been adapting to new forms of communication. ¶ “We’ve been dispatching for 25 years over VHF radio and then cellphones, and there was always a human element where you relay the information to a dispatcher, and then the dispatcher relays it to a local captain,” says Mike Vatalaro, BoatUS digital innovation manager. “That has never been the fastest process, and it becomes a game of telephone where you have to worry about the details.” ¶ Now, BoatUS is adding a TowBoatUS Connect feature to the BoatUS app. The feature reportedly turns what would be a five-minute phone call with a dispatcher into a 30-second click-for-help process. ¶ “It’s out there and available…

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coming attractions

01. PROJECT ONE HUNDRED FEET BY SEDNA Sedna Yachts in Brazil has begun production on a project dubbed One Hundred Feet, in cooperation with the Italian firm Marino Alfani Design. Scheduled to debut in summer 2020, the yacht will be available with two layouts: one with a communal living area, galley and cockpit, and the other with the more typical separation of those spaces. Hull No. 1 will have the communal layout and an interior decor that includes glossy lacquered surfaces with leather and steel accents. Future hulls may be ordered with interiors that can be customized to each owner’s preference. 02. PARDO 38 Pardo Yachts says it had already sold more than 15 hulls of the Pardo 38 prior to the boat’s premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September. 03. CRUISERS 38…