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Yoga Journal

May/June 2019

Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

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yoga journal

Tasha Eichenseher brand director, content & audienceEDITORIALDigital strategist Samantha Trueheartsenior editors Lindsay Tucker, Amanda Tustsenior content marketing manager Deanna Michalopouloscontributing editors Susanna Barkataki, Sally Kempton, Judith Hanson Lasater, Mitra Maleksocial media managers Monica Cadena, Vanessa Powellcopy editor Steven Horneproofreader Quinn Kenworthyresearchers Yelena Moroz Alpert, Evan Fleischer, Eric Richinterns Sabrina Cavanagh, Kyle HouseworthARTArt director Rachel Kennedyphoto and video director Christopher Doughertycontributing designer Brigette Merkel, Kate MaloPRODUCTIONPrepress manager & color specialist Joy Kelleyad coordinator Cossette RobertsACCOUNTINGbusiness manager Alice MorganFACILITIESFacilities manager Tony WilhelmsGreg Brenton brand director, sales & marketingGENERAL ADVERTISINGSales director Rob Hudson (303) 253-6324midwest sales director Cookman Campbell (847) 846-5527west coast sales director Kathleen Craven (415) 380-9642northeast & colorado sales director Kelsey LaPort (631) 662-4228detroit sales Rick Bald (312) 315-5109MARKETINGSenior marketing designer Tanya Cantuintegrated marketing manager Lindsey Honamandigital marketing manager Kaitlyn BrennanCONSUMER…

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Brandon SprattAfter college I was successful, in a sense, working in pro-duction in Hollywood. But I wasn’t mature enough to handle the money. I was going through a breakup, had lost friends, and I was out of work.I ended up losing every-thing. I was so devastated and depressed that I couldn’t lift myself out of the mud. I lived in my car, then on the beach. I started asking: What is my purpose? How do I overcome this? But despite my despair, I still had faith that the universe cornered me into this period of self-reflection for a reason.Then one day a woman I’d met told me to find Seventh Chakra Yoga in Huntington Beach. I felt a powerful force as soon as I stepped into that space, and I…

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the tour community + conversation

(GREG BRENTON)(JEREMY FALK)Yoga Journal is sending out two ambassadors to shine a light on the real talk, real issues, real work, and real fun taking place in yoga’s diverse communities, large and small, across the country.Over the next six months, Lauren Cohen and Brandon Spratt will journey to yoga studios, festivals, and unique venues to meet master teachers and everyday practitioners.The LBY Tour will illuminate the biggest conversations yogis are striking up today, from what leadership looks like to the impact of social media on the practice and business of yoga, and so much more.Don’t miss out on the action! Watch the interviews, get exclusive practices, and see the photos.TOUR LOCATIONS:BOULDERSALT LAKE CITYSEATTLEPORTLANDSAN FRANCISCOLOS ANGELESSAN DIEGOAUSTINATLANTAMIAMIWASHINGTON DCNEW YORKBOSTONCHICAGOMINNEAPOLISKANSAS CITYDENVERSee you on the road!@LIVEBEYOGA | WWW.LIVEBEYOGA.COM…

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trust your truth

The simple act of asking “What is my purpose?” on the Internet has the power to elicit nearly one billion responses.That’s a staggering commentary on the way so many people feel about who they are and how much they long for an existence that matters.On the surface, typing those four little words… what—is—my—purpose… and pressing enter may seem trivial, but it’s really a profound reflection of an intimate prayer rising from the deepest part of the heart. It’s asking to be acknowledged. Initiating that search is a sign that the journey toward an elevated life filled with meaning and character is ready to begin.And here is the great news. Beyond the labyrinth of digital links, there is really just one being who holds the keys to unlock the answers to…

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the sound of silence

I’ve been meditating for a long time, but as I arrived in North Fork, California, just outside of Yosemite National Park, for my first 10-day vipassana retreat, I was terrified.What have I gotten myself into? I wondered as I drove down the dirt path to the California Vipassana Meditation Center. What if we get dragged into another world war and no one can reach me?My nerves were running high. I was about to spend a whopping 10 hours and 45 minutes a day in seated meditation in complete silence—no phone, computer, journal, books, exercise, yoga, or speaking.Not talking seemed like it was going to be easy. As a yoga and meditation teacher, I spend all day every day using my voice. Silence felt like a welcome reprieve. But no journaling,…

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creative caesar

Oberlin’s kohlrabi caesar saladSERVES 4“I love when a salad comes together in all the right ways. Oberlin’s kohlrabi caesar is deliciously dressed and has great texture. Kohlrabi, also called a German turnip, is sweet-but-peppery and crunchy until the last bite. The cured fish and caesar-style dressing is savory enough to make your taste buds explode.”4 oz smoked trout or pickled herring, sliced into bite-size pieces½ cup mixed fresh herbs (such as parsley and chives), divided1 tsp lemon zest¼ tsp crushed red pepper¼ tsp kosher salt, plus more to taste⅛ tsp freshly ground black pepper, plus more to taste⅓ cup plus ¼ cup and 3 tbsp olive oil, divided4 slices ¼-inch-thick country-style bread1 large egg yolk1 garlic clove, finely grated1 tbsp plus 1 tsp fresh lemon juice2 lbs kohlrabies (about 5),…