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Your Home and Garden March 2020

Your Home and Garden shows you how to create a home that reflects your personal style. From decorating tips to easy DIY craft projects and expert gardening advice, it is packed with inspiring and affordable ideas for when you are renovating, building or simply updating your home.

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expert q&a: rachel o’connell, interior designer, style my abode

+ What was the style brief and how long were you involved in the renovation? Emily and David were feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions that needed to be made, so the brief was to help them pull together a cohesive and fresh family home. I was involved for about five months. + What colour palette did you settle on, and why? We kept it simple with a light grey and white scheme, with dark wooden features and brass accents. This enabled us to choose bolder patterns and colours in the soft furnishings and rugs. The grey Dulux Manorburn on the walls looks slightly lilac, which adds a really lovely, romantic feel to the home. As it’s a cooler colour, I suggested using a warm-toned wooden floor to help cosy up the…

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HONESTY BOX + Lessons learned? Unless you have an unlimited budget, there’s going to come a time when you have to make a compromise – but it’s those decisions that might leave you pleasantly surprised. We learned that sometimes things happen for a reason and that a positive attitude and willingness to compromise can sometimes achieve a better outcome. + Best memory in your home? The night before the YH&G photographer came around, the kids were playing in the garden and we’d finished tidying and were sitting on the deck and everything felt amazing. It was the first time we’d really enjoyed our deck as it was intended to be used. We put on the outdoor speakers and outdoor lights and had a few beers and watched this epic sunset. We felt…

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fresh finds

BEDDING SOFT SERVE The cushy washed fabric and serene aquamarine hue make the Elysian duvet cover set by Linen House an easy addition to the bedroom. Just add the matching euro cushions and get snoozing. Duvet set, from $169, cushions, $39, from Farmers. LIVING SO STUMPED SPRUCE UP YOUR SITTING ROOM WITH THIS SET OF OAK-LOOK TABLES, $55 FOR TWO, FROM KMART.CO.NZ. DINING SITTING PRETTY THE PAUSE DINING CHAIR, BY WOUD DESIGN, IS AN INSTANT CLASSIC. $699 FROM CAPRICHO.CO.NZ. BEDROOM Frame game The Citta Arc bed, made from oak and oak veneer, is on our wish list for a bedroom makeover. You can also purchase the bed base and bedhead individually. From $3390 for queen size. BABY Baby bloom If you’re hunting for the perfect baby-shower gift or something sweet (and handy) to add to a nursery, this fitted bassinet sheet also…

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renovation worksheet

FINISHES Kitchen island Melteca base from AM Joinery (also used for vanities) FLOOR PLAN TIMELINE JANUARY 2012 Purchased house AUGUST 2017 Started renovation JANUARY 2018 Renovation finished HONESTY BOX + What areas of your renovation did you save on? Splurge on? Emily: We splurged on the wooden flooring – it wasn’t even in the budget. We were hoping to use the original floors but when we took the carpet up in the living room it seemed an extension had been built many years ago and the woods weren’t matched. + Best lessons learned? Go with your gut feeling and get an interior designer, if only to confirm what you are thinking. If you don’t understand something or can’t visualise it, speak to your tradespeople until you do. Ask them to explain, no matter how trivial it is, as it will bother you…

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finder’s fi

AUCKLAND When I first moved back to Auckland after living in the South Island, I was shocked to find that there weren’t more recycling centres in the region – places I had come to love and support in cities such as Dunedin and Nelson. Thankfully, I eventually discovered a few gems, and the number of ‘dump shops’ (as they are affectionately known) has been growing ever since as more landfills are converted into recycling centres by Auckland Council. With another set to open in Onehunga next year, and plans to have 12 community recycling centres across Auckland by 2024, reusing and repurposing in the region is only getting better. Some of these shops are also making use of technology – Devonport Community Recycling Centre and The Tipping Point at Waita - kere Refuse…

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work it out

Four years ago, Tash and Arie Stokes made the decision to start a family and grow their photography business instead of buying a house and taking on a mortgage. But when their landlord announced he’d be selling the property they were happily renting, they found themselves in the stressful position of having to find another home – and fast. Tash was pregnant with their second child, George (now 1), and they were underwhelmed by the rentals available. “We visited this house and loved its bones, but that was about the only thing it had going for it,” recalls Tash. The interior was characterised by shabby, old-fashioned wallpaper and interior paint colours straight out of the 1980s. The curtains and blinds were old and the house was tired and in dire need of…