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November 2019

Runner's World is an inspirational and motivational magazine for runners of all ages and abilities. In every issue of Runner’s World we inform, advise, educate, and motivate runners of all ages and abilities. We help every runner achieve their personal health, fitness and performance goals. Runner’s World shows you the best ways to get the maximum amount of benefits from running in the minimum amount of time. Big promise? Definitely. But you don’t have to take our word for it – we’d like to prove it to you!

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runner's world

Andy Dixon EDITOR-IN-CHIEF EDITORIAL JOE MACKIE Deputy Editor KERRY McCARTHY Commissioning Editor RICK PEARSON Section Editor JOHN CARROLL Chief Sub Editor ART WAYNE HANNON Creative Director JACK TENNANT Art Editor DIGITAL BEN HOBSON Digital Editor JANE MCGUIRE Deputy Digital Editor CONTRIBUTORS JO PAVEY Contributing Editor ROBBIE BRITTON, SUSIE CHAN, TOM CRAGGS, STEPHEN GLENNON, DAMIAN HALL, HEATHER MAYER IRVINE, ADRIAN MONTI, RACHEL MOORE, SAM MURPHY, KIM PEARSON, SAMANTHA REA, ISAAC WILLIAMS, CHRISTINE WU HEARST UK JAMES WILDMAN CEO CLAIRE BLUNT Chief Operating Officer ROBERT FFITCH Chief Strategy Officer ALUN WILLIAMS Managing Director, Health & Fitness SURINDER SIMMONS Chief People Officer SOPHIE WILKINSON Head of Editorial Operations CLARE GORMAN Chief Operations Director JUDITH SECOMBE Managing Director, Hearst Brand Services JANE SHACKLETON Brand Development Director, Health & Fitness PHILIPPA TURNER Senior Marketing Executive CLIENT DIVISION ANDREA SULLIVAN Director of Health & Sport DENISE DEGROOT Director of Travel JIM CHAUDRY Director of Motors PETER CAMMIDGE Director of Finance NATASHA BAILEY Client Direct Director, Health and Lifestyle VICTORIA…

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what’s your strategy on recovery days?

‘Cryotherapy. It’s not something I can afford regularly but I invest in it during the “monster month” of marathon training blocks. Three minutes in my undies in a chamber cooled to-141C has numerous benefits, chief among which is making me feel like I’ve barely run at all.’– Kerry McCarthy‘Walking everywhere (yes, I’m always late), a bit of yoga and plenty of food.’– Jane McGuire‘It depends. The day after a long run, I tend to do no running or cross-training. After a shorter session, I may head to the gym the following day, but skip the legwork. This, of course, adds to the challenge of walking around the gym.’– John Carroll‘Gentle miles on my bike and obscene amounts of cheese.’– Joe Mackie…

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editor’s letter

EVEN THOUGH THE ACT of running comprises the same physical movement regardless of who is doing it, the reasons we run are almost as varied as runners themselves. When I started running, over a decade ago, it was at first about exploration, of pushing my limits and then setting PBs. As the years have passed, that fixation with times and performance in races (which, I have to admit, occasionally sucked some of the fun out of running) has evolved into a more balanced, holistic state of fulfilment. I now run mainly for the headspace and mental lift all those endorphins provide (which is handy, as I suspect my PB days are behind me). But that’s just me – I was inspired to read others’ reasons for putting one foot in…

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ROBBIE BRITTON The coach and Team GB ultrarunner tackled a truly epic adventure, running the 400-mile Jordan Trail. You can read his amazing tale of vast deserts, deep canyons, lush valleys and stepping back in time in A Rum Do on p60. JASMIN PARIS The record-breaking ultrarunner and winner of this year’s 268-mile Spine Race is just one of the great and the good from the running world who share the intimate secrets of their love affairs with our sport in Why We Run on p34.…

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langdale valley, the lake district

THE LOCATION The beautiful Lake District area of Langdale, which runs west of Ambleseide and up to the Langdale Pikes, is split into two valleys, Great Langdale and Little Langdale. It is hugely popular with fell runners and hikers. RUNNERS Ultrarunners Nicky Spinks and Paul Tierney. In May, Nicky (52) became the first person to complete a double (122-mile) Paddy Buckley Round, in Wales. She ran it in 57 hours, 27 minutes. In June, Paul (36) set a record for completing all 214 Wainwrights fells, finishing in six days, six hours and five minutes. For more about Paul and Nicky, visit inov-8.com. PHOTOGRAPHER James Carnegie…

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cookie woe

STRESS SNACKING IS COMMON, but new research says plundering the cookie jar eats away at your mental health. In the study, from Cardiff University, scientists allocated crisps, chocolate or a piece of fresh fruit to test subjects before measuring their effects on mental well-being. The results were telling. Those snacking on crisps and chocolate exhibited significantly greater symptoms of depression, fatigue and emotional distress after just 10 days. Results showed that those snacking on chocolate or crisps had a 47 per cent increase in depressive traits. By contrast, those snacking on fruit became 32 per cent less anxious. If snacking on apples and bananas feels a bit drab, reach for one of these three snacks (right), which rely on fruit for their sweetness. SMART SNACKS Nakd Bar A blend of fruits and nuts,…