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Save Our Seas Winter 2014

The Save Our Seas magazine is a visual celebration of the projects the Save Our Seas Foundation is supporting around the world. Powerful and unique imagery highlight the incredible diversity and beauty of nature, and the impact that we, humans, have on the Oceans. We thrive to produce both a reference magazine for marine conservation bonding compelling visuals and revealing content, and a driver for optimism, showcasing the ripple effect that one organisation can have in the world of ocean conservation. «In the effort to protect our oceans, the Save Our Seas Foundation funds and supports research, conservation and education projects worldwide, focusing primarily on charismatic threatened wildlife and their habitats.» Save Our Seas Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland

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our ocean

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where we work 2014

The Save Our Seas Foundation was established in 2003 with a mission to protect our oceans by funding and supporting research, conservation and education projects around the world, focusing primarily on charismatic threatened wildlife and their habitats. In that time, the foundation has sponsored 160 projects in more than 40 countries, proudly supporting outstanding researchers, educators and conservationists who have contributed to the continued existence of more than 60 of our planet’s precious marine species. To find out more about our funded projects visit: saveourseas.com/projects AFRICA MADAGASCAR 1 Indian Ocean Sea Mounts | Paul Clerkin 2 Sharks | Frances Humber SEYCHELLES 3 SOSF D’Arros Research Centre | Rainer von Brandis 4 SOSF Island School Seychelles | Abi March & Abbie Hine 5 Hawksbill Turtles | Rainer von Brandis 6 Turtles | Jeanne Mortimer 7 Manta Rays 8 Sharks | Ornella Weideli 9 Stingrays…

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good shark karma

On 7 December 2013, ‘shark hybrids’ glided through a crowd of about 3,500 astonished beach-goers in Cape Town, South Africa. The elaborately painted ‘whale shark’ and ‘leopard shark’ were the emissaries of the Save Our Seas Foundation’s #goodsharkkarma awareness campaign, and they moved across the beach handing out shark-fact fortune cookies and engaging in constructive conversations about sharks. Along South Africa’s coastline, the perception of sharks centres mostly on great whites and shark attacks. The campaign aimed to broaden this view by educating people about some of the elasmobranch family’s most fascinating attributes and thus inspire a more balanced public image. Clifton Beach Night is the flagship event of the Wavescape Surf Film Festival and is attended by surfers and their families from across Cape Town. The SOSF team was assisted…

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from the field

How did you get hooked on sea turtles? I was working on a beach in Saudi Arabia in 1987 when turtle KSA4811 was having difficulty laying eggs. I crawled up behind her and saw she was missing a rear flipper and could not dig a nest chamber. So each time she went to use the flipper stump I dug down with my hand to help out. Her flipper, my hand. Her flipper, my hand. Slowly we dug the nest and she laid 104 eggs. I helped her three more times that year, and have been helping turtles ever since. Describe your average working day. There is no such thing! In the office an average day is writing proposals, writing reports, analysing data and preparing manuscripts for publication, interspersed with ever-present accounting paperwork, bills…

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arabia's seas

For centuries the Afar people of Djibouti have told stories of a sea monster that lives in Goubet al-Kharab (the Pit of Demons), a loch at the western end of the Gulf of Tadjoura. Jacques Cousteau visited the region in the 1980s, investigated the legend and disclosed that he saw the dark shape of a gigantic fish at great depth. He reportedly placed a dead camel in a shark cage and lowered it to the bottom of the gulf. When he raised the cage it was crushed and the camel was gone. Thirty years later I am in the same spot – alone, underwater and in total darkness. A narrow beam of light descends from the ship and I am just outside it. Dark shapes appear and disappear, like ships looming…

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sharks for sale

Reports of declining shark populations from around the world have proliferated in recent years, along with concerns that existing management measures are not going to be able to halt the sharp drop in shark numbers. But how do you manage shark populations in the face of uncertainty and how can you protect what you don’t know? These are the main questions that conservationists face when dealing with shark and ray fisheries in the Arabian Seas region. This part of the world is well known for the unique biodiversity of much of its coastline and many of its islands, as well as for its tradition of pearl diving and its oil resources. More recently, it has been in the news for the contribution the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Republic of…