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Scale Auto October 2019

Scale Auto magazine will inspire and teach you to build better models of your favorite muscle cars, stock cars, street roads and more! Every issue is packed with full-color photos of readers’ models, product news, kit reviews, how-to tips, and instruction to help you enjoy this exciting hobby.

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starting line

From one enthusiast to another HELLO SCALE AUTO ENTHUSIASTS! Since coming onboard in April, I’ve had many converstations with model-industry leaders, our contributors, and you, our supportive readers. I come to Scale Auto with a long history of modeling. Like many of you, I picked up the modeling itch from a parent. The parent in question was my dad, who had four passions: wooden ships, dollhouse furniture, trains, and cars. When it came to painting cars, he was an old-school enamels guy. Dad’s ability to hand-paint perfect gloss coats with a brush amazed and frustrated me as a kid. No matter how much patience, no matter how much coaching, I could never get the feel for the paint he had. Dad knew, instinctually it seemed, when the humidity and temperature were right for…

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rescuing a diorama and pets

During The Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) Mitty race at Road Atlanta the Vintage Racers for Rescues organize a silent auction to raise funds for animal rescue organizations. Every year I donate something to them to help raise money. This year I had a buyer back out on a diorama commission when it was half finished. What to do? Finish it for the silent auction! I tossed out the original theme — drag racing — and went with vintage sports cars instead. Inside are an AMT March 88c and a Union Model Ferrari 330 P4. Both are staged with work in progress for the upcoming vintage racing season. Overall, the diorama took me about 10 weeks to complete. I enjoyed building it, and I was able to help a good cause! Pete Stankiewicz Athens, GA Ed:…

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new products

DETAIL SETS 1/24 Scale • License plate frames, No. HME-052, $7.24. From Highlight Model Studio (Mooneyes official licensed product). • Foot pedal set, No. HME-053, $6.34. From Highlight Model Studio (Mooneyes official licensed product). • Bumbar emblems, No. HME-054, $6.34. From Highlight Model Studio (Mooneyes official licensed product). • Car club plaques, No. HME-055, $6.34. From Highlight Model Studio (Mooneyes official licensed product). • Enzo Ferrari photoetch set, No. 12652, $23.50. From Tamiya America Inc. 1/24 Scale • Alfa Romeo 155 V6 T1, No. 24137, $46. From Tamiya America Inc. • Calsonic Skyline GT-R, No. 24184, $33. From Tamiya America Inc. 1/16 Scale • Porsche 928, No. 07656, $56. From Revell-Germany. DECALS 1/24 Scale • LaFerrari carbon pattern set, No. 12656, $13.50. From Tamiya America Inc. 1/25 Scale • Ford Shelby GT-H, No. 07665, $35. From Revell-Germany. • Tyrone Malone Kenworth Super Boss Drag Truck, No. AMT930,…

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reader tips

• While shopping at a local home-goods store, I saw fine and ultra-fine stainless-steel oil splatter shields in both mesh and perforated styles. One screen would work for quite a few models. However, I don’t know if the mesh screens would unravel when cut. - Dave Bergeron, via email Ken: Thanks for the tip, Dave. If you cut the mesh carefully with a sharp side cutter, you shouldn’t have any trouble with frayed ends. • When planning the weathering of your model and you’re going to have scratches or chips going through to the base metal, use DupliColor ultra silver metallic paint as a base coat over the plastic. It’s full of super-fine metal flakes that glisten like newly revealed steel. In places where there are fresh scratches down to the metal, it…

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from the tips & tech workshop

We’ve had several requests from modelers looking for instruction sheets for a variety of model kits. Recently, I discovered where you can find a great many of them, including photos of box art and oodles of other useful information. VISIT THIS LINK and click on Model Kit Instructions & Box Art. Follow the prompts and you will likely find what you’re looking for. Many thanks to Drastic Plastic Model Car Club for taking the time to collect and share all this information. Well done! https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/…

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tips & tech

Q I’m building a Bonneville 1932 Ford roadster. How can I make the hood longer? - Rob Robinson, via email A Good question, Rob. You have a couple of choices here. You could pick up a donor kit and use a portion of that hood to extend the original, but you might have an issue getting a proper front-to-back taper. Or — and this is the method I prefer — you could carve a wooden buck that’s the size and shape of the new hood you need for your project. Carve the buck from basswood or soft pine; both are easy to cut and shape. When you’re pleased with the shape, heat a section of .020-inch or .030-inch sheet styrene over an open flame (such as a candle) until the plastic begins to…