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Scale Auto February 2020

Scale Auto magazine will inspire and teach you to build better models of your favorite muscle cars, stock cars, street roads and more! Every issue is packed with full-color photos of readers’ models, product news, kit reviews, how-to tips, and instruction to help you enjoy this exciting hobby.

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we are the champions

THE NEW YEAR IS UPON US! That means models to build, shows to attend, and more cool kit releases. It also means another year to reaffirm our commitment to work on something near and dear to many of our hearts: spreading the word about scale modeling and helping the hobby grow. For many years (decades!), I’ve heard prognostications foretelling the demise and disappearance of scale modeling. Reasons for this never-quite-realized Armageddon have ranged from MTV to Nintendo to the internet to Fortnite. No one denies the cornucopia of delectable diversions competing for our time every day, and only the purposefully obtuse would fail to recognize the enticements streaming TV or online gaming offer. Even so, we live in what could be considered a Golden Age for scale modeling. If you remove nostalgia from…

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shop talk

Praise for Mark Jones and the ‘Tailgate Special The October 2019 Scale Auto “Tailgate Special” was a page turner. Once again, Mark Jones has entertained and challenged our modeling skills with a superb build. Nicely done. Two questions: 1) Does Fraxional market the parts we see in the “Kickin’ up the go-kart” sidebar on Page 27? 2) The AMT ’60 Chevrolet pickup components seem rather advanced compared to other early 1960s model kits. Could Tim Boyd weigh in? Again, bravo and thanks to Mark Jones! Jay Gress via email Ed: Jay, we’re happy you enjoyed the “Tailgate Special.” I reached out to Mark Jones about the parts from Fraxional. He says: “I am working with Fraxional to get an online catalog together, and we hope to offer the go-kart parts for sale sometime next year.” While I…

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1/25 Scale Kits •’63 Chevrolet Impala SS hardtop, No. AMT1149M/12, $28.99. From Round 2 • Don Garlits Wynn’s Jammer, No. AMT1163/12, $29.99. From Round 2 • 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi Under Glass, No. AMT1153, $28.99. From Round 2 • The Funny Fueler Digger Dragster, No. AMT1154, $26.99. From Round 2 • 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery (Coca-Cola), No. AMT1161, $31.99. From Round 2 • 1974 Plymouth Road Runner No. MPC920M, $28.99. From Round 2 • 1995 GMC Sonoma pickup No. AMT1158M, $29.99. From Round 2 • 1976 Chevy Vega Funny Car No. AMT1156, $29.99. From Round 2 1/25 Scale Detail Sets • Firestone Drag 500 tire set, No. AMTOO022, $14.99. From Round 2 • Big Rig Truck Modeling semi tractor and trailer tires, No. AMTPP023/24, $15.99. From Round 2. • Photo-etch battery kit (black), No. 20002, $9.50. From Gofer Racing • Photo-etch battery kit…

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two more wheel questions

Q I have problems with wheels on scale autos having a good fit. They’re either too wobbly or too tight. I was wondering if those who model a lot just glue the wheels. – Jim Morrell, via email A That’s a good question, Jim, and one we might not think about as often as we should. It all depends on the modeler and the model. Some models are created so the wheels will spin, like older kits with straight metal axles. In those cases, simply be careful that the wheels are securely attached perpendicular to the axles. Other kits have caps that fit over and are glued to the spindles, allowing the wheels to rotate freely. In those cases, make sure the wheels fit precisely over the spindles before adding the cap. If…

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tips & tech

Q I’m converting two different cars to match 1/1 cars I have owned. The first kit is a Fujimi Mercedes 190 Evolution II. I can’t find eight-spoke wheels to match the ones on the cars. Secondly, I’m looking for a 1/24 scale Chevy 250 six-cylinder engine. Any help would be appreciated. – Ken Stubert, via email A As it turns out, you were in the right ballpark regarding your search for wheels — just the wrong seat. I had no idea where to look either, so I turned to Joel Mendoza at icemancollections.com, which offers a wide range of resin parts including many different wheel sets, figures, diorama supplies, and more. Joel informed me that Fujimi offered a Mercedes Benz 600SL coupe in 1994 that has the exact wheels you’re looking for.…

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tip of the month

Give your engine some spark Jeffrey Divoll provided another tip, this time for adding a great — but simple — detail to your scale engines. Here’s Jeffrey to explain: “Many modelers add spark-plug boots to plug wires going into the block, but how about kicking it up a notch by adding spark plugs? First, drill your spark plug holes in the block using a No. 67 bit. Next, cut short pieces of .030-inch white styrene rod for the spark plugs and sand one end to a point. Slip the pointed end into your boot material (the point makes it easier to insert). Insert the plug wire into the other end of the boot. When that’s done, glue the white spark plug into the engine block. That little touch of white spark plug…