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Scale Auto magazine will inspire and teach you to build better models of your favorite muscle cars, stock cars, street roads and more! Every issue is packed with full-color photos of readers’ models, product news, kit reviews, how-to tips, and instruction to help you enjoy this exciting hobby.

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mopar drives a lifetime of memories

Every one of us has car stories. They are a uniting force in that way. Mopar products have played a big role in my life, and I’ll bet in many of yours too. While the first car I remember our family having was a 1955 Chevy, the first new car we got (I was just 8) was a 1963 Plymouth Valiant convertible, white with a black top and bright red interior. It was a push-button automatic, the first car my mom learned to drive. We spent a lot of happy hours in that car, even though the trunk gathered water better than a rain gauge during a Midwest thunderstorm. We drove to the swimming pool, took fishing trip vacations, made a major haul to Washington, D.C. for a vacation one hot, humid summer. (No…

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shop talk

Lights, camera, action Hey folks, grab that popcorn because Scale Auto is entering into the blockbuster world of YouTube. Videos are an excellent way to see how-to projects in-action and learn new skills to bring to your work bench. Search for “Scale Auto Magazine Video” on YouTube -Robby DeGraffAssistant Editor Vote for the best of the best This year’s nomination period for inductees into The Model Car Hall of Fame have been compiled and it’s now time for you to vote! Head to The National Model Car Hall of Fame’s website and cast your vote in categories for the best kit manufacturer, collector of the year, slot car racer of the year, 1/24 scale plastic, 1/43 scale die-cast, and much, much more! www.modelcarhall.com Passing time with little cars I’m a longtime reader and first-time subscriber. Congratulations on your…

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new products

1/25 Scale Other Scale Die-cast SOURCES Eaglemoss Collections www.eaglemoss.com Replicarz www.replicarz.com Round 2 www.round2corp.com…

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tips & tech

South Carolina modeler and SCMA club member Gary McCulloch, presented two timely clinics at our recent club meetings. Sharing ideas and learning from other modelers is what this hobby is all about. Catch his top tip on page 11. Gary’s first tip is below: Tip: Tires found in old kits can look pretty scruffy, old and faded, but they can be brought back to life in three simple steps. First, wipe them with Westley’s Bleche-Wite whitewall tire cleaner. Next, apply a coat of Armor All Wheel & Tire cleaner. Last, to bring out that new tire glow, wipe down the tire with Purple Power Prime-Shine Tire Shine. All three products are available at well-stocked automotive stores. -Gary McCulloch Goose Creek, S.C. Q: I built a few acrylic display cases years ago but don’t remember what…

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tip of the month: perfect redlines & whitewalls

OUR TIP OF THE MONTH IS Gary McCulloch’s second tire-related submittal. This “Tire Painting Machine” was conceived after Gary painted his own thin redline tires. Granted, it’s quite a bit more high-tech than what we usually feature, but it’s a great solution to a perplexing problem. If you don’t have access to a lathe, with a little imagination you can modify the concept and create a similar tool to suit your needs. The idea is to center the tire on a shaft and paint a perfect circle on the tire by placing an outer sleeve (with paint on its bottom edge) over the shaft, then press the sleeve against the tire’s sidewall. Gary machined the center shaft so it had a tapered bottom to automatically center different size tires. The center was…

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how to modify a die-cast dragster

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU WANT TO BUILD a specific vehicle but it’s never been kitted? This is a common problem we all encounter down the road in our hobby. However, if you’re willing to look a little further afield than common injected-styrene kits and even past aftermarket resin bodies, a whole new world awaits you in die-cast collectibles. For this Bench Racer column, I’ll modify a coupe of 1/24 scale die-cast dragsters from 1320 Inc. These die-casts are out of production yes, but can still be easily found often at a fraction of their original selling price. Finely made with excellent paint, decals, and detail, 1320’s dragsters did suffer from out-of-scale wire wheels and an abundance of chrome-plated plastic that made them appear almost too “toy like.” What you’ll learn…