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Scouting January - February 2019

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Scouting magazine offers original content that is a mixture of information, instruction and inspiration, designed to strengthen readers’ abilities to better perform their leadership roles in Scouting and also to assist them as parents in strengthening families.

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serving others, serving all

THIS IS A SEASON of change and opportunity for our movement. With the February launch of our new program for older boys and girls, we enter a new era. And yet, in a way, we simply continue a tradition of serving young women and young men that has been in place for generations. We’ve had girls participating in Scouting since 1971, when we invited them to join our Exploring program, and we strengthened that position in 1998, when we introduced Venturing as an adventure program for boys and girls. For years, too, we’d been hearing about sisters unofficially participating in our programs. So, officially or unofficially, we already had been serving girls for a long time before we opened Cub Scouting to boys and girls in 2018. It was powerful to…

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to welcome girls.

Do… …ONLY use official Boy Scouts of America (BSA) materials, which are located on the BSA Brand Center, available at scoutingwire.org. Don’t… …compare the BSA programs to the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) programs. Do… …refer all questions about GSUSA programs to the local GSUSA council or GirlScouts.org. Do… …refer ALL media inquiries (TV, radio, newspapers, online) to the BSA PR team by email at pr@scouting.org. Do… …share your passion for the BSA. We believe the BSA offers the best program for youth, but we also believe it’s important for youth to be involved in whichever programs they feel are the best fit for them. Do… … remember girls who will be in our programs will be members of the Boy Scouts of America. Never use the word “girl” before “Scouts.” This includes fliers, in conversation, social media, etc. Do say: • Join…

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degrees for future bsa professionals

West Virginia University, which has demonstrated its commitment to Scouting through its partnership with the nearby Summit Bechtel Reserve, will offer two new degree programs to train future leaders of organizations like the BSA. WVU’s bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership, set to debut this spring, will prepare students for careers leading nonprofit organizations. That means WVU could produce the next great council Scout executive or even a future Chief Scout Executive. The degree program also would benefit students interested in careers with the 4-H, youth sports organizations, the United Way, the American Red Cross and many other similar organizations. “We see our program as the next step in development for what could become a lifelong career in the BSA leadership,” says Jeff Houghton, the program’s coordinator and an associate professor at WVU. “The…

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welcome to the best scouting year ever!

Every year is an exciting year to be a Scout. And every year I think this will be the best year ever. Each of Scouting’s members and volunteers has the opportunity for fun and adventure. We make deep friendships, and we are constantly inspired to live up to the ideals and serve people. And, for me, one of the richest rewards is watching a young person grow into an outstanding citizen and knowing I had a part in it. I have loved every one of my 35 years in Scouting. I want everyone to have a great Scouting experience, regardless of the form it might take. I was excited when the BSA announced we would be welcoming girls into our packs and troops. I was thrilled to think that girls at…

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scouting museum open for business

More than 600 people, including New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and BSA Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh, helped formally dedicate the National Scouting Museum – Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, N.M., this past fall. In attendance were BSA volunteers and professionals, New Mexico elected officials, families and visitors from nearby communities, members of the media, a Scout troop from Albuquerque, and donors whose generosity made the museum possible. The 19,500-square-foot museum holds a library, gift shop, books, mementos, two large exhibit halls and an 88-person conference room. It’s open all year long but will see its heaviest traffic during Philmont’s popular summer season, when Scouts and Scouters traverse Philmont’s trails and expand their Scouting knowledge at the Philmont Training Center. The museum will help preserve and showcase more than a century of BSA memories.…

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how to prevent trailer theft

1. GET A WHEEL BOOT. Check with a boat dealership to buy a device like the ones law enforcement officers use on illegally parked cars. It is a visible deterrent and doesn’t allow the trailer to be moved. 2. BLOCK THE DOORS. Park your trailer with its rear doors against a wall or some other permanent structure. Combine this with a wheel boot to give thieves an even tougher time. 3. DON’T STORE ANY GEAR INSIDE. It might not be practical for everyone, but some units keep their gear at a separate location. If thieves discover the trailer is empty, they might leave it alone. 4. PAINT THE TOP OF YOUR TRAILER. Thieves who paint over your trailer’s markings might not think to check the roof. If your unit number is on top, the trailer can be…