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Scouting September - October 2019

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Scouting magazine offers original content that is a mixture of information, instruction and inspiration, designed to strengthen readers’ abilities to better perform their leadership roles in Scouting and also to assist them as parents in strengthening families.

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Boy Scouts of America
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an invitation to adventure

IT’S A SEASON OF first pages, blank notebooks and new shoes. A time to share stories of adventures with old friends and meet new faces in unfamiliar halls. For the Boy Scouts of America, the new school year is a time of hospitality and invitation. This is our recruiting season. For many youth, Cub Scout recruitment is their first experience with our organization. Maybe it comes as a flyer sent home in a backpack or an invitation text to Mom from a classmate’s parent for School Night for Scouting. However the opportunity arrives, families this fall will take a first step together to explore whether our program is right for their child’s needs. I know that once they take that step, they’ll find a program that welcomes their child and their…

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bsa unveils theme, logo for 2021 national jamboree

Scouting instills confidence, helping young people discover they can achieve more than they thought possible. That’s the uplifting message behind the logo and theme for the 2021 National Jamboree. Using Scouting’s highest-profile gathering to deliver a distinct thematic message signals a bold new approach for National Jamborees. It ensures the theme, “Face the Challenge,” will leave a lasting impression on Jamboree participants and our entire movement. Jamboree organizers will weave the theme throughout the event. They’ll reinforce it before, during and after the Jamboree. They’ll showcase it at stadium shows, deliver it using wearable technology and highlight it at special flash challenges that pop up wherever participants congregate. Smartphone integration and a pre-Jamboree survey will ensure each participant embarks on their own Jamboree journey. Even with tens of thousands of participants, no two…

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eagle scout named air force military child of the year

Benji Rawald is an Eagle Scout. He has earned every available merit badge and several BSA STEM Nova awards. He received the William T. Hornaday Silver Medal, one of Scouting’s rarest honors, and an award that requires recipients to complete the equivalent of four Eagle Scout projects. And just this spring, the 17-year-old son of a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel accepted another remarkable honor. Benji, a member of Scouts BSA Troop 280 of Del Rio, Texas (Texas Southwest Council), was named the 2018 Air Force Military Child of the Year. The prestigious award, presented by Operation Homefront for the past 11 years, was created to honor military families. After all, the men and women who serve in our armed forces don’t do it alone. Their entire family serves right alongside them. Benji is…

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making a great scouting family

As I travel across the country I am always introduced to Scouters I haven’t met before, and many times in the course of the introduction I hear the phrase, “This is a great Scouting family.” There are literally thousands and thousands of you across the country, and I am always eager to meet one more. This issue of Scouting will introduce you to five more. And great Scouting families they are! It got me thinking: What makes a “great Scouting family”? There is no checklist, no particular set of elements — and yet they are always recognizable to other Scouters. They are also recognizable to the communities in which they live — even if that community has no idea they are involved in Scouting, never sees them in a uniform. You…

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replace a lost or missing eagle medal

The Eagle Scout medal symbolizes a difficult, rewarding journey that, for some young people, spans more than a decade. While it’s impossible to replace the actual medal pinned on a proud Eagle Scout at a court of honor, the BSA does have a process for obtaining a replacement. The same steps apply regardless of how the medal was lost — natural disaster, family move or any other reason. Here’s how to replace a lost or missing Eagle Scout medal, certificate, congratulatory letter or pocket card. Step 1: Purchase a replacement card and/or certificate To get a replacement Eagle Scout medal, you’ll first need an official Eagle Scout card or certificate. To order these, go to nesa.org and click on “For Eagle Scouts” and then “Replacement Credentials.” When ordering, you’ll need the following information: ▸ Name…

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get your scouts excited about nature with project learning tree

The Boy Scouts of America again has teamed with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, this year partnering with its award-winning environmental-education program, Project Learning Tree, to provide Cub Scout and Scouts BSA leaders with hands-on activities. For the past decade, Scouting and Boys’ Life magazines have been part of SFI’s sustainable forestry certification program. The magazines and BSA’s printing partners at Quad keep with a strict policy of environmental responsibility in their printing and processes. Now, BSA’s youth members can use PLT resources to learn more about responsible environmental behavior while working on adventures and merit-badge requirements. A hallmark of PLT is that leaders can begin using it right away. Each activity provides leaders with instructions for getting ready, conducting the activity and assessing learning. Many activities can be done in an hour, rely…