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Scouting January - February 2020

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Scouting magazine offers original content that is a mixture of information, instruction and inspiration, designed to strengthen readers’ abilities to better perform their leadership roles in Scouting and also to assist them as parents in strengthening families.

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adventure for all

THERE ARE STILL places where the road ends and the wilderness creeps right up to your tires. If you’re like me and you’ve been fortunate enough to explore some of the national parks and remote corners of this country, you’ve seen them: those uncultivated edges, the physical manifestations of anticipation. One more step, and you’re entering an adventure. As an avid outdoorsman, my favorite maps are those with one cluster of civilization on the margin and the rest a blank space reaching to the border lines. It’s an invitation to explore. One of the most beautiful frontiers I’ve had the honor to traverse is Philmont Scout Ranch. That’s probably not a surprise to most of the Scouting family. In our movement, Philmont is often regarded as the pinnacle of high adventure,…

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scouting helps solve ‘soft-skills’ gap

Today’s employers are looking to hire someone with problem-solving skills, a strong work ethic and the ability to be a team player. “Sounds an awful lot like the traits we develop in Scouting,” says Peter Boll. When he’s not working as communications coordinator for the American Camp Association’s New England chapter, Boll is an assistant Scoutmaster. In both of his jobs — paid and volunteer — Boll is laser-focused on introducing young people to purpose-packed adventures in the outdoors. That is because he knows Scouting offers more than just incredible experiences — it helps prepare young people to succeed in life. According to an article published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, today’s hiring managers value “soft skills” far greater than technical or computer skills. Technical skills can be learned. You can memorize…

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scouts help dayton rebuild

There’s something different in the way Scouts respond to a tragedy in their community. Instead of worrying about their own needs, Scouts exhibit a deep-rooted duty to step up and help people heal. In the very embodiment of the Scout Law, they show what it means to be helpful, friendly, courteous, kind — and even brave. That’s just what the city of Dayton, Ohio, needed last year when a series of 14 tornadoes touched down across the Miami Valley Council area. “Our Scouts are there to answer the call when needed,” says Jeffrey Schiavone, Scout Executive of the Miami Valley Council, which serves Dayton. “I have been extremely proud of the outpouring of support from our Scouting community.” Some of the tornadoes reached EF4 strength — the second-highest designation on the scale. Winds of 170…

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commissioner’s corner: families want to have fun, bsa high adventure style

I’ve always thought of Scouting as a window to the rest of the world. And that world is full of adventure. Each week, unit leaders prepare Scouts to take advantage of those adventures waiting for them. They also open windows to the adventures Scouting has to offer. A weekend campout can be an adventure of its own, and a district or council camporee can open a youth’s eyes to the fact that Scouting is much bigger than they thought, even while remaining close to home. The BSA’s national high-adventure bases offer a multitude of adventures for Scouts and soon entire families will be able to experience the BSA Family Adventure Camps at the Summit Bechtel Reserve and Florida Sea Base. Families can already camp at Philmont Scout Ranch. A couple of years ago,…

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three new tools for cub scout leaders

An awesome array of new resources for Cub Scout leaders is designed to help you welcome new families to your pack, learn more about the Cub Scouting program and recruit new leaders. 1 New welcome tools for families. In their excitement about joining your pack, new Scouting families often have lots of questions. As a Cub Scout leader, how you answer those questions matters. You could overload them with information, plunking a packet in front of them and saying, “Just read this.” Or you could try one of the new brochures created by the BSA. The brochures cover the basics of the program and can be used at sign-up events or when a new family joins your pack. The eight-page Welcome New Cub Scout Family brochure covers the basics of Cub Scouting, including pack structure,…

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eagle scout with asperger’s had support from his very good dog

So what if dogs can’t say the Scout slogan? That hasn’t stopped Ranger from doing his Good Turn daily. For the past few years, Ranger has been helping his best friend, Ethan Warren, cope with the sometimes-violent triggers Ethan experiences as part of his Asperger’s syndrome. The pup’s presence has been especially helpful at Ethan’s boards of review in Scouts BSA Troop 426 of Manchester, Mich., part of the Southern Shores Field Service Council. Normally, these boards might be a time when the stress of answering adults’ questions would be too intense for Ethan. But not with Ranger there. “Ranger has been a lifesaver for Ethan,” Ethan’s mom, Cristie, says. “If Ranger hadn’t been at Ethan’s side for all of his boards of review, then I’m not sure that he would have achieved the rank…