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Scouting March - April 2020

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Scouting magazine offers original content that is a mixture of information, instruction and inspiration, designed to strengthen readers’ abilities to better perform their leadership roles in Scouting and also to assist them as parents in strengthening families.

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the bsa has a new president and ceo

The story of Roger C. Mosby’s introduction to Scouting is one to which many of us can relate: When his oldest son first signed up for Cub Scouts, he walked into a parent orientation meeting not knowing exactly what to expect. One hour later, he walked out as the Cubmaster. Mosby’s Scouting role went to a whole new level when he was named the BSA’s President and CEO last December. Unlike his predecessors, Mosby’s title is not Chief Scout Executive. That title is reserved for commissioned BSA professionals — that is, full-time employees of the BSA who have undergone the required amount of training. Instead, Mosby’s title is President and CEO. His experience comes from more than 30 years as a volunteer. Mosby has served as Cubmaster, assistant Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster and troop committee chair. He…

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troop rallies to help scout who lost home in tornado

Scouts are often among the first to respond when a disaster strikes. They swoop in to serve, helping complete strangers without expecting even a simple thanks. Last fall, though, it wasn’t just strangers who needed help; it was a fellow Scout. Tornadoes ripped through Dallas, Texas, leaving one troop without a place to meet — and one of that troop’s Scouts without a place to call home. Slaton Strey, a 13-year-old Life Scout in Troop 577 of the BSA’s Circle Ten Council, lost his house in the powerful storm. “Their house was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” says Oliver Burke, a 13-year-old First Class Scout in Troop 577. “Roofs were ripped off of houses; trees were uprooted. It looked like a war zone.” Just 12 hours after the tornado sirens went…

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what counts as a good turn?

Compared to the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and even the Scout motto (“Be Prepared”), the Scout slogan might be the least-known official BSA “saying” outside the BSA. But those five words — “Do a Good Turn Daily” — are a fundamental part of Scouting’s DNA. Scouts might participate in service projects every month or recite the Scout Law every week, but those Good Turns are meant to happen every single day. That’s a Good Turn every 24 hours — 365 of them each year (and 366 in a leap year). How big of an impact is that? Consider this: If all 2.2 million youth members of the BSA did their Good Turn every day, our movement would complete 803 million Good Turns every year! That’s about 2.5 Good Turns for each person living in…

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let’s get outside, no matter the weather

This is one of those times each year when the weather in various parts of the country is wildly different. Some of us are still shoveling the driveway, while balmy breezes make others of us think of the summer that is just around the corner. Regardless of your season, this is a great time to get outdoors. Decades ago, Troop 308 of Waco, Texas, went to Philmont Scout Ranch on spring break. The boys built snow caves, and learned how to snowshoe and cross-country ski. Stories of the trip have been passed down among troop members, and this year the troop elected to go again. The girls of their own Troop 308, on the other hand, thought a trip to the lake with some kayaking and canoeing was in order. I can only…

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news you need fast 5

1 Boys’ Life wants to tell YOUR story. Do your Scouts want to land on the same pages as some of the most famous Scouts of all time? Here’s their chance! Tell us about the unit outings you have coming up this spring, summer and fall. Get started by filling out the form at go.scoutingmagazine.org/bl 2 “Unsung Heroes” is a Bryan on Scouting blog series celebrating underreported acts of Scouting heroism. These are stories that don’t make national headlines but should. That’s doubly true in this world that can always use more good news. Get inspired by checking out go.scoutingmagazine.org/heroes 3 The National Cub Scouting Committee recently approved a measure that allows kids who join Scouting as Webelos to wear the Bobcat badge. However, the Bobcat and Webelos badges won’t be worn…

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man earns eagle at age 39, showing how scouting opens doors

Nathan Flowers and David Taylor began their Scouting careers together more than a quarter-century ago. They were in the same Cub Scout pack and then moved together into Troop 475 of Florence, S.C. Flowers earned Eagle in 1997, and David was there at his court of honor. So it’s only fitting that Flowers, who currently serves as an assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 475, was in attendance at David’s Eagle Scout court of honor. David, 39, was given extended time to complete his Eagle Scout journey because of developmental disabilities. An abnormality in David’s 12th chromosome has slowed his growth. “He is currently — and always has been — much smaller than others, so the boys in the troop would look out for him and make certain he was fully involved in whatever was going…