100 Games To Play Before You Die

100 Games To Play Before You Die

100 Games To Play Before You Die

With so many great games to play it's sometimes hard to know where to start. This essential selection is not only compiled by Retro Gamer readers, but also goes behind the scenes on a number of classics, from Pac-Man to Zelda: A Link To The Past

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magic moments

DOBUITA It’s hard to explain just how magical the first trip to Dobuita could feel at the time of Shenmue’s release. The number of unique characters, the ability to talk to them all in full audio. The freedom of being able to go to the arcade, or drop in to the Tomato Convenience Store. Being able to explore the town and its shops. It remains, to this day, one of our fondest memories of modern videogaming. FLASHBACKS By killing off Iwao Hazuki in the opening moments of the game, the story writers were left in the difficult position of making you truly care about his death retroactively. It was done predominantly with sepia-tinged flashbacks, building his character in the early stages of the game, and it certainly worked. You’d need a heart of stone…

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shoot first, ask questions later

How much did Doom change from initial plan to final product? Were there any notable features that you were unable to implement? Doom changed a lot during development because we were creating a new technology with new gameplay. We had an initial idea of what we wanted to make, but had no idea what it would look like. Development was a process of new things happening every day. The feature we didn’t implement was having one large seamless world that streamed in. That was a bit too much for DOS back in those days. What kinds of technical challenges did you face with the hardware of the time? The technical challenges were visualising a world no one had seen before with light levels, heights and a fully textured environment all at high speed.…

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the greatest moments of final fantasy vii

That death… You knew it would be this – shocking, sad and brilliant on the part of the Squaresoft team, a certain character is murdered by Sephiroth at the climax of the game’s first act. It’s notable because it is so brutal, but this brave move to take the character out of the story meant Final Fantasy VII would be forever remembered by players. Omnislash The entire game builds to this final conflict between Cloud and Sephiroth, where the hero slices down the grey-haired villain in spectacular fashion, using his final Limit Break, Omnislash. All right, so it isn’t necessarily the first time you use Omnislash, but it’s still a thrilling component of the game’s conclusion. The Weapons emerge out of the crater Sephiroth unleashes Weapons on the planet, giant boss-style creatures that, when put…

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more games to try

WARCRAFT II It was the second game in the Warcraft series that really proved that the franchise was a force that needed to be reckoned with, which was itself followed by Warcraft III – a legendary and innovative RTS game that solidified Blizzard’s success. DUNE II Though it may be a little clunky to play – since many of C&C’s input innovations hadn’t yet been developed – it’s still a fascinating look at the earliest glimpse of modern RTS. Westwood might not have known it, but this game created a genre. TOTAL ANNIHILATION There are few traditional RTS games that have ever achieved the popularity of C&C, Blizzard’s Warcraft and Starcraft and Age Of Empires, but Total Annihilation is certainly among the elite few that have. It’s 3D engine was a revelation at the time. STRONGHOLD Though…

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strange new worlds

Peach’s Castle It might not be counted as a level in its own right, but the royal kidnap victim’s homestead offers much to play around with and explore. Climb the trees, take a dip in the moat, or explore the basement – it’s up to you what you choose to do here. Cool Cool Mountain Mario gets a warm reception from the penguins in this chilly stage. The cosy mountain lodge you start off next to hides a dangerous ice slide, which forms the basis of many star missions – you’ll race on it and even hunt red coins on it. Shifting Sand Land This dusty desert features everything you’d expect, including a pyramid and some hazardous twisters, as well as the Pokeys that seem to inhabit dry areas within the Mushroom Kingdom. As you…

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mega speeds

When did you first encounter Mega Man II and what did you think of it? I knew of Mega Man as a kid, but since I started having an impact on our household’s videogame purchases during the N64 era, it wasn’t a series that was really on my radar. It was much later, during a period of exploring NES games via emulation, that I played through all six NES Mega Man titles. Mega Man II definitely made the biggest impression on me. What makes the game well-suited to speedrunning? Mega Man II is a game with simple movement on the surface but a wealth of deceptively difficult tricks when you attempt to push the game to its limit. The most fundamental trick used to progress quickly through the game is the horizontal zip,…