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American Farmhouse Style

American Farmhouse Style June/July 2019

American Farmhouse Style is the ultimate resource for open, welcoming American décor and architecture, whether in a historic farmhouse, modern country estate or suburban home.

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hearth and home

We call the kitchen the heart of the home, and for good reason. It’s the place where you and your family gather to prepare—and sometimes share—meals. Whether you’ve been at work all day, ferrying kids to various lessons and practices, or working on a project in a different room, all the busyness of life pauses for food, which gives you and your family the perfect excuse to gather and reconnect. Farmhouse style provides an even better focus for the heart of the home because of the open-floor concept that’s so central to the style. You can often see the kitchen, dining area and living area all within the same open space. That’s why it’s so important to get the kitchen right. As summer approaches, we’ve prepared this kitchens and baths issue to…

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6 Ways to Deep Clean Your ☑ Kitchen □ Dust corners of the ceiling and vacuum cobwebs; dust above cabinets and along open shelves. □ Wipe down all surfaces, including walls, backsplash, cabinet doors and appliance fronts. □ Garbage Disposal: Pour down baking soda and lemon juice; let it sit for 15 minutes; then turn on the faucet and run the disposal. □ Oven: Turn on the oven self-cleaner; take off and wash knobs and burners; take out and soak racks; mix a paste of baking soda and water to smear on the inside walls; then scrub it off □ Refrigerator: Take everything out; wash drawers, shelves and inside walls. □ Dishwasher: Add vinegar and run the dishwasher empty of dishes; clean out the food trap in the bottom. 5 Activity Gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s…

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spooning in the kitchen

TIME FRAME: 2 TO 4 HOURS WORKSPACE: SMALL You can have the greatest kitchen foundation in the world, but without personal touches, the space could still look cold and unfeeling. Try adding little bits of art, like this wooden spoon display, to make your kitchen come alive. Author Sarah Dorsey has created a treasure trove of DIY projects in her new book, Big Style in Small Spaces: Easy DIY Projects to Add Designer Details to Your Apartment, Condo or Urban Home, for décor touches you can add to every space in your home. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • Shadow box frame (6" x 14" [15 x 35-cm] shadow box shown; these spoons measured 12" [30 cm] long)• Backing material (wood veneer shown; most paper or wood varieties will work well)• Pen or pencil• 18" (45-cm)…

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diy open shelves

Open shelves are both trendy and practical, and there are so many looks you can achieve with them. For blogger Rhiannon Lawson of Rhiannon Lawson Home, the project is a catch-all solution she and her family have used in several places in the kitchen and bathroom. “It’s an incredibly easy, affordable DIY project with a big impact, and it’s tons of fun to decorate and display favorite items,” she says. Here’s how you can do the same. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • Measuring tape• Stud finder tool• 2x10-inch pine wood• Hand or circular saw• Sandpaper• Stain of choice (used here: Minwax Weathered Oak)• Paintbrush• L brackets• Black matte spray paint• Pencil• Level tool• Drill• Dry wall anchors (optional) WHAT YOU’LL DO: 1. First, measure the area where you want the shelves. Use the stud finder…

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real reclaimed wood

When it comes to wood accents, you can never 2013, three fire fighter/paramedics came together to reclaim old wood and create new wood products that provide beautiful and sustainable home accents. “We began by salvaging old barns and houses, which eventually led to producing products from our wood,” says Jamie Shaffer, president of Vintage Timbers. have enough. Vintage Timbers, Inc. thinks so too. In The company produces a wide range of products, from custom flooring, beams and furniture to sets of wallboard paneling, which are also available through Home Depot. “Our projects range from one accent wall to entire houses,” Jamie says. “We focus on creating high-quality reclaimed accents that always become the focal points of the room.” Besides the quality, it’s the farmhouse community that has made Vintage Timbers possible. “When…

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selecting the right backsplash

BUDGET Consider budget first, because all the other elements of the backsplash will depend on this. Measure the square footage of your backsplash area, and determine how much you want to spend per square foot. The average cost for a professionally installed backsplash is $25–$35 per square foot; you can bring the cost down to as low as $10 per square foot if you install it yourself. HEIGHT. The height of your kitchen backsplash is up to you. You can end it where the base of the cabinet begins, or extend it all the way to the ceiling, especially if you have open shelving. If you’re looking to save money, opt for a backsplash that extends just high enough to protect your walls. MATERIAL. Most backsplashes are made of tile. Ceramic and porcelain tile are…