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American Farmhouse Style

American Farmhouse Style October/November 2019

American Farmhouse Style is the ultimate resource for open, welcoming American décor and architecture, whether in a historic farmhouse, modern country estate or suburban home.

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hello, home

Did you know that the right furniture can help you live the farmhouse lifestyle you want? For example, having a porch swing or rocking chair will make it comfortable to watch your kids play in the front yard. An office desk with an antiqued finish and just the right number of drawers and cubbies will motivate you to stay organized and productive. And the right sofa will allow your living room to be host to both guests at a party and your family for a movie night. Especially as the weather gets colder this fall and activities move indoors, you’ll want your furniture to be in top shape. Now is the time to re-evaluate and replace those armchairs with saggy seats, the coffee table that wobbles and the dining table your…

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the almanac

5 Vegetables to Cook This Fall 1. Artichokes. The best and easiest way to cook this vegetable is by steaming it. Look for artichokes with tightly closed leaves, and remember to cut off the thorn tips. 2. Acorn Squash. Simply cut them in half, remove their seeds and bake them until soft. Add butter and brown sugar for a sweet treat. 3. Leeks. As the milder cousin of onions, leeks are perfect for soups. You’re better off using the lighter parts and saving the dark bits for broths. 4. Peppers. Best used in late summer/early fall, chili peppers will add heat to any dish. 5. Chard. Whether you make them into a soup or sauté them as a side, make sure to separate the leaves from the stem, as they cook at different rates. Did you…

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diy mason jar pumpkins

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • Mason jar lids (24 Wide Mouth lids)• Spray paint (Ivory)• Dictionary paper• Scissors• 3 cinnamon sticks• Twine• Burlap material• Hot glue gun and glue sticks WHAT YOU’LL DO: 1. Spray two coats of your desired color onto the Mason jar lids and let dry.2. Cut 24 strips of dictionary paper (approx. ¼” W x 10” L). Using a hot glue gun, attach one strip of paper along the outside of each lid.3. Cut a long piece of twine and slide every lid onto it, making sure they’re all facing the same direction.4. Tie a knot to secure the lids (you may want to put a cylindrical object in the middle to hold the lids in position).5. Tie three cinnamon sticks together with twine, and hot glue the bunch to…

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get more online!

SCENT-SATIONAL Learn how to incorporate each of the five senses into your home for a full autumn experience. THE GREAT OUTDOORS Discover the top 5 national parks to visit for the best fall foliage. POP QUIZ What does your hardware say about your kitchen style? FALL FAVORITES Check out our favorite décor items to add to your home for autumn. PUMPKIN PATCH If you don’t like digging out pumpkin guts, try one of these no-carve pumpkin ideas instead. Follow us online on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for daily inspiration!…

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diy reupholstery

Mint-condition furniture can make any living area look like an immaculate showroom. But Jen Crider’s book, Amazing Furniture Makeovers: Easy DIY Projects to Transform Thrifted Finds into Beautiful Custom Pieces, demonstrates how personalized thrift-store finds can have the same impact as new furniture for half the price. “I’d much rather update a thrifted chair for cheap in exactly my own style than pay a high price for a brand-new one,” Jen writes. To spruce up your rooms without breaking the bank, here are Jen’s nine steps to reupholstering a thrifted or well-loved chair. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • Screwdriver• Upholstery staple remover• Poly foam pad (suggestion: 1-inch [2.5-cm]- thick pad)• Sewing scissors• Cotton batting (suggestion: Warm & White)• Heavy-duty stapler• Staples• Hammer• Durable fabric• Neutral fabric for bottom side of seat (optional)• Paint…

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wood worth saving

Sometimes, inspiration is all you need to lead you to a great idea. When Kelly and Michael Kelly bought a farm property in Pennsylvania, they thought they’d need to tear down the old 1813 barn. “We had a demo crew look at it to see if it would be worth fixing or if it needed to be dismantled,” Kelly says. “They off ered to take it down at no charge if they could have the wood. When we asked what they wanted the wood for, they said they’d build things from it or resell it.” Kelly and her husband decided to make a table for their own home, but when it sold in a local shop, the idea turned into Furniture From the Barn. “Currently, we have five craftsmen who build…