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APC December 2018

For people who love technology, APC is unique: it's the world's longest-published monthly tech magazine. Launched in May 1980, we were there when Apple's Macintosh and IBM's PC were born, and have been at the forefront of tech ever since. With a combination of insights, testing and tutorials APC lets you stay up-to-date with tech as it changes the world.

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welcome to a bright future

Hello readers. I’m the new editor and it’s an honour and privilege to be here. Dan has been the editor of APC since June 2013, which, as it happens, was roughly the same time I took over as the editor of PC & Tech Authority magazine. For each and every month of those years since, we’ve been engaged in a friendly rivalry and it’s been good fun. I would studiously pore over each new issue of APC magazine to see what they were up to, and I respected and admired everything Dan and APC did. It was a very friendly battle, with hardly a month passing when I didn’t bump into one of the APC team at an event and share a laugh about who had the nicest issue that particular…

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inside apc

APC is Australia’s oldest consumer technology magazine — having been consistently in print for over 35 years, since our first issue way back in May 1980 — and we take that heritage and responsibility very seriously. While our focus is obviously on the personal computer — it’s in our name, after all — the very definition of the PC has changed and shifted markedly since the early 1980s. As such, we touch on many other areas of tech, too, from smartphones and apps to peripherals, accessories, online services and beyond. We have two main goals: to track down the best of modern tech and also to help our readers make the most of it. We’re also an open church in terms of platforms. We know most people aren’t wed to a…

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tech notes

Apple’s teen hacker escapes jail time EIGHT-MONTH PROBATION REPLACES CONVICTION. The Melbourne youngster who broke into Apple’s so-called secure mainframe has been granted an eight-month probation, with the judge ruling that no conviction will be recorded. The teenager was 16 when he hacked into Apple’s network, but the now 19-year-old will not serve any time in jail. Instead, he has been accepted into university, where he will study criminology and cyber safety. SS Google+ is being scuttled following disastrous data breach STRUGGLING SOCIAL NETWORK GETS A MINUS FOR SECURITY. Google has announced it’s kicking its floundering social media platform Google+ to the curb after a Wall Street Journal report revealed that the tech giant had been hiding the news of a massive security breach on the platform. The breach, caused by an API, left the…

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google to help state tracking

Google’s Dragonfly project, its customised search engine for the Chinese market, continues to attract controversy. The latest revelation is that the prototype search engine links all enquiries to user’s phone numbers, so all searches are easily linked to individuals. It has also emerged that there are blacklists for censorship (including knowledge on human rights, and even “Nobel Prize”), as well as provision for falsified air pollution results. The Chinese market is huge, and therefore lucrative, but the cost of participation includes an ethical element that some find hard to swallow, including many of Google’s own employees, human rights organisations, and the White House (it has called for the project to be dropped). China is building a system of citizen surveillance second to none, and Google’s participation is starting to look less…

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number crunch

$139million ESTIMATED COST OF DISNEY’S NEW LIVE-ACTION STAR WARS TV SERIES – or $13.9 million per episode for each of the ten episodes in the first season. The aim is to create a series that will have the same high production values as Disney’s Star Wars cinema releases, making it one of the most expensive TV productions ever created. 32 terabytes MAXIMUM STORAGE CAPACITY OF INTEL’S FORTHCOMING DC P4500 SOLID-STATE DRIVE (SSD). Destined for datacentres, the ruler-shaped drive boasts an ultra-thin form factor and needs half the airflow of a regular SSD. It also uses one-tenth of the power. $27 BILLION AMOUNT OF MONEY SAMSUNG’S PLANNING TO INVEST IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI), 5G MOBILE AND CAR TECH OVER THE NEXT THREE YEARS. The Korean tech giant is also recruiting over 40,000 people, 1,000 of which will work in…

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changing trends in digital photography

Everyone loves to take a picture, and equipped with one of the latest smartphones, everyone indulges, even if it’s just selfies. The photography industry is booming, changing just as fast as any other tech, with innovations in both software and hardware taking photographers – amateurs and pros alike – on an exciting journey through a changing landscape. Smartphones seem to be gaining more lenses with each passing year, mirrorless cameras are giving DSLRs are run for their money, and action and aerial photography are becoming more and more mainstream. Then there’s the tech powering the cameras – the use of machine learning is adding additional dimensions to this artform, giving photographers the means to be creative without too much effort. And, with the final product on hand, you’ll need to…