Beadwork April - May 2015

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top 10 lessons learned from beads

This issue we asked our project contributors, “What has beading taught you about yourself?” (See page 10 for their answers.) While beadweaving has taught me patience, as it has many of our contributors, here are some of the more surprising lessons I’ve learned. (Who doesn’t love a good Top 10 list?) 1. “Just one more row” really means “just one more hour.” 2. Bead names are the only thing more complicated than ordering at Starbucks. May I please have a non-fat caramel grande frappuccino no-whip mocha latte to sip while I work prismatic right-angle weave with my new color-lined magenta AB luster rainbow hex-cut two-hole triangle cylinders? 3. There’s no easy way to decipher how beads are numbered: #460 is raspberry bronze . . . no, wait, #460F is blue . . .…

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w.o.r.d. what our readers did

KIMBERLY ANDERSON of Kanab, Utah, used Michelle McEnroe’s Four Corners Earrings pattern (Beadwork, August/September 2013) to make a ring. DIANA LOVE of West Richland, Washington, used the component in Penny Dixon’s Tilt-a-Whirl Bracelet (Beadwork, October/November 2013) to craft an eye-catching pendant. GAIL MCLAIN of Sequim, Washington, presents her adapted version of Maria Teresa Moran’s Tile-Bead Blast necklace (Beadwork, April/May 2013). ELAINE DOTSON of Deadwood, Oregon, shares her rendition of Alice Coelho’s Double Diamondback Bracelet (Beadwork, June/July 2013). WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! If you’ve been inspired by projects in our magazine or have tips to share, email us at Check our website,, for corrections, announcements, and free projects.…

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What has beading taught you about yourself? Beading has taught me about self-expression and that anything is possible when you believe in yourself. —Svetlana Chernitsky I’ve learned that I’m more patient and more creative than I ever thought I could be. Beading makes me happy, quiets my mind, and relaxes me. I couldn’t imagine my life without beads! —Alicia Grebe Beadwork has taught me that I have the determination and creativity to tackle and finish bigger projects than I ever thought possible. Beadwork has also taught me to embrace life’s vagaries, letting mistakes and even haphazard arrangements of beads on my table guide and inspire me. —Charlotte Hirschberger Beading has taught me how much I love working with color. The design is great, but combining color is what I really love the most. —Lanai Kinsky Beading has taught me…

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the challenge

What happens when you give three lucky readers matching sets of materials to play with? They work with products they might not have considered using, and their creative sides get stretched one more notch. THE SOURCE: Southpass Beads (618) 893-6170 NAME THIS NECKLACE FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A FREE KIT! VISIT BEADINGDAILY.COM/BEADINGCHALLENGE FOR DETAILS. READER PARTICIPANTS FOR YOUR CHANCE TO PLAY, SEE BEADWORKMAGAZINE .COM/GO/CHALLENGE 1.Barbara Sienkiewicz (READER PARTICIPANT) Crystals and pink Preciosa just had to be lace. I watch all the current vampire shows, and I wanted to design something that would suit that genre. A little romance, a little punk, a little Gothic. The green was a challenge because it’s not my preferred color, but I worked it in as an accent. Herringbone stitch was perfect for this project because the “stacks”…

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cool stuff

1. This Bead and Embellishment Tower (left) from Creative Options includes six round compartments with removable self-contained organizers perfect for storing beads, findings, and more; available at for $24.99. The Stow ‘N’ Go Shoulder Tote (right) that holds four medium utility organizers is available for $19.97 at Walmart. Visit 2. The BeadSmith is the exclusive distributor of Khéops par Puca, a new two-hole 6mm triangle bead. The holes of this bead run horizontally from one flat end of the triangle and exit on either side of the opposite point. Visit (wholesale only) or check your favorite bead retailer. 3. Add an unexpected element to your beaded designs with these garnet, black onyx, and druzy agate links from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. Stones are set in sterling silver and…

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bead embroidery basics

Bead embroidery is so simple that beginners excel at it, yet the possibilities of this technique are so vast that advanced artists will never run out of ideas and materials to explore. Bead embroidery is the same whether you’re constructing jewelry, wall art, or sculptural pieces, so once you learn a couple of easy stitches, you’re on your way to creative self-expression. Add to that a few tips on layering your materials, and you’ll be armed with enough knowledge to get started on a project of your choice. MATERIALS & TOOLS Seed beads in various sizes and colors Size D nylon or 6 lb braided beading thread Scissors Beading needle Beading surface such as Ultrasuede, leather, or heavy nonwoven polyester beading foundation Backing material such as Ultrasuede or leather Reinforcement material such as thin…