Beadwork August - September 2016

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time to bead

Groceries need to be bought. The kids should be in bed. My car needs an oil change. We can all agree that no matter what stage of life we’re in, we’re busy and stretched in many directions. And since you’re reading this letter, I bet that you’re like me and turn to beads for your escape. With two young children, my late-night beading session is certainly my quietest time of day. I first turned to beadweaving because I find peace in the process, but each day I become more and more intrigued by the wonderful variety of bead colors, textures, and shapes now available to beadweavers. Regardless of what draws you to beadweaving, this issue has many styles, techniques, and materials to choose from. If you’re seeking interesting techniques, you’ll find diagonal…

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If your bead stash could talk, what would it say? What do you mean “IF”? My bead stash often tells me what to make and names the design. For example, it once said, “What if you make crescent earrings and call them Crest?” Now if I could just find more time to listen to my stash! —Rae Burns I hope the beads would tell me what they want to be: a necklace, bracelet, or something else. I would want them to tell me if they would be happy together in some creation. —Svetlana Chernitsky “Hey, you need more colors and more variety. Please go bead shopping!”—Sonia Davis “Get organized, girl! Make a plan and stick to it. Label those clear boxes of beads, so you can find us when you need us. Buy some…

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ancient beads traded between northern europe and egypt

People have been adorning themselves since the beginning of humankind—and as soon as tools were invented, those adornments included beads. Recently, archaeologists found blue glass beads in Bronze Age burial sites in Denmark. This discovery was surprising because blue beads were rare for that region and time period. These particular beads have subsequently been traced back to the workshop in ancient Egypt that manufactured the same blue beads found in King Tut’s tomb, which proves that beads were traded across thousands of miles as long as 3,400 years ago. Researchers have speculated that the blue glass beads originating in Egypt might have been traded for amber, which was fairly plentiful in Denmark and was a commonly exchanged trade item. Egyptian blue glass beads and Nordic amber beads were precious commodities that…

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the challenge

THE RULES: We use our favorites from the materials provided and, where necessary, round out projects with our own supplies. THE STASH: This ultra-sparkly kit included 3mm and 5mm Crystaletts crystal buttons, Crystaletts’ Scarabaeus Micro Linx buttons, and three sizes of silver seed beads. What happens when you give one editor and three lucky readers matching sets of materials to play with? We work with products we might not have considered using, and our creative sides get stretched one more notch. THE SOURCE: Crystaletts (516) 504-0387 NAME THESE EARRINGS FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A FREE KIT! VISIT BEADINGDAILY.COM/BEADINGCHALLENGE FOR DETAILS. 1. Melinda Barta (EDITOR) Lately, I’ve been hooked on watching Downton Abbey while I bead, and the show’s setting obviously influenced my design for these ornate earrings! The Crystaletts crystal buttons were perfect for achieving the royal…

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cool stuff

1. Bead through the ages with Timeless Beadwork Designs by Cynthia Rutledge. Written for intermediate to advanced beaders, this book offers a unique historical perspective on the art of beadweaving with fifteen projects inspired by great paintings of the fifteenth through twentieth centuries. Available at; $27.95. 2. Make your jewelry designs irresistible with handmade pewter jewelry components from Green Girl Studios. In nature-inspired shapes such as a Bichon dog charm or a ladybug button, these pieces are whimsical and fun with a touch of fantasy. Visit to purchase; from $4 to $12 each. 3. Leave color selection to the experts with Artbeads’s new line of designer Miyuki Delica seed bead blends. Hand-selected by jewelry artist Cynthia Kimura, these mixes eliminate the arduous process of choosing color combinations and allow you…

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in the beading daily shop

Learn the secrets of making beautiful beaded lace! In Modern Beaded Lace,beadweaver extraordinaire Cynthia Newcomer Daniel translates her love for lace into exquisite beaded creations. Using basic beadweaving stitches, she transforms delicate seed beads and sparkling crystals into flowers, leaves, and scrolls, which then become stunning necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Available at; $24.99. A little shine—a lot of fun! Stand out from the crowd with the cute and carefree jewelry in Make It Sparkle!Inside, jewelry junkie Lindsay Burke of Fusion Beads shares twenty-five colorful, sparkling pieces that will make any outfit pop. Featuring easy-to-follow instructions and stepby-step photos, the book presents projects that can be personalized by adding your own colors, shapes, and metals. Even if you’ve never made your own jewelry, you’ll soon be ready to Make…