Beadwork September 2018

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the changing seasons

The weather is always a hot topic, wherever I go or with whomever I talk to. I’m writing this in springtime, when the daffodils are almost done blooming, the tulips are emerging, and some of us are still getting snow! However, as I think about the weather when this issue will publish, our long sunny days will be getting shorter and cooler. Then I wonder, Will it stay hot as we progress from summer to autumn, or will we be treated to those wonderful crisp nights and frosty mornings before we’re back to facing snow? The piece of this I like the most is that no matter who you are, where you live, or what your beliefs may be, the weather is something we all have in common. It’s an equalizer—an…

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interweave® shop

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desert mirage cuff

TECHNIQUE Circular peyote stitch variation PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 8 g bronze pale gold 5×2.5mm 2-hole SuperDuos (A) 8 g dark coral pastel 5×2.5mm 2-hole SuperDuos (B) 7 g dark brown pastel 5×2.5mm 2-hole SuperDuos (C) 20 white 4mm crystal pearls (D) 1 antiqued gold 16mm toggle clasp Gold size D C-Lon nylon beading thread TOOLS Scissors Size 11 beading needles FINISHED SIZE 7½ × 2¼ " 1) BAND 1 SEGMENTS, ROW 1. Use a variation of circular peyote stitch to create the segments for the first band: Round 1: Add a stop bead to the end of 18" of thread, leaving a 4" tail. String 8A and pass back through the second (outside) hole of the last A strung (Fig. 1, blue thread). Round 2: String 1B and pass through the next A (outside hole); repeat six times, then pass back through the second (outside) hole of…

6 min
cereus bloom necklace

TECHNIQUES Right-angle weave variation Circular netting Picot PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 4 g dark mauve galvanized Duracoat size 15° Japanese seed beads (A) 0.5 g higher metallic amethyst size 8° Demi Round seed beads (B) 9 matte copper gold 6mm Super Khéops par Puca 2-hole triangles (C) 47 bronze copper 8×5mm 2-hole GemDuos (D) 9 metallic suede pink 10×5mm 3-hole Arcos par Puca beads (E) 9 crystal purple haze 4mm crystal bicones (F) 1 crystal purple haze 13mm (55ss) crystal chaton 9 crystal copper rainbow 2mm fire-polished rounds (G) 78 halo cherub 3mm fire-polished rounds (H) 1 copper 14×44mm hook-and-eye clasp Smoke 6 lb FireLine braided beading thread TOOLS Scissors Size 11 beading needle FINISHED SIZE 19¼ " 1) FOCAL. Use a variation of right-angle weave, circular netting, and picots to create the bezeled focal: Round 1: Note: “Base” is used to indicate the side of a Super Khéops par Puca triangle with 2…

8 min
eleanor bracelet

TECHNIQUES Tubular and circular peyote stitch Netting PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 1 g metallic cosmos size 15° Japanese seed beads (A) 2 g nickel size 15° Japanese seed beads (B) 3 g nickel-plated midnight teal size 11° cylinder beads (C) 8 g metallic cosmos size 11° Demi Round seed beads (D) 24 matte metallic silver 6.5×4mm 2-hole CzechMates diamonds (E) 10 polychrome aqua teal 7mm 2-hole CzechMates cabochons (F) 12 light gray opal 4mm crystal rounds (G) 4 foil-back denim blue 12mm crystal rivolis Smoke 6 lb FireLine braided beading thread TOOLS Scissors Size 10 and 12 beading needles FINISHED SIZE 6¾ " 1) BEZELED RIVOLIS. Use tubular and circular peyote stitches to bezel the rivolis: Rounds 1 and 2: Use 7' of thread to string 30C, leaving a 5" tail. Use the working and tail threads to tie a square knot, forming a circle. Pass through the first 2C strung…

8 min
dragon scale cuff

TECHNIQUES Netting Peyote stitch Cubic right-angle weave Right-angle weave PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 12 g crystal full Labrador size 15° Japanese seed beads (A) 13 g crystal full Labrador size 11° Japanese seed beads (B) 149 matte green iris 5×16mm 2-hole daggers (C) 1 silver 10×30mm tube bar clasp Smoke 8 lb FireLine braided beading thread TOOLS Scissors Size 11 beading needle FINISHED SIZE 7" 1) BRACELET BASE. Use netting to form the base of the bracelet: Row 1: Add a stop bead to 4' of thread, leaving a 10" tail. Note: In this and subsequent rows, always string the C through the bottom (wider) hole. String 1B, then string {1C and 3B} four times. String 1C, 1B, 2A, and 1B; pass back through the second (top) hole of the last C exited (Fig. 1). Row 2: Note: In this and subsequent rows, the C will lie on top of…