Beadwork May 2019

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shaped beads & more

Shaped beads have taken the beading community by storm—a storm that started in the early 2000s. Tila and tile beads were on the leading edge and were soon followed by an explosion of innovative shapes and configurations. For the latest and most comprehensive listing of shaped beads (at the time of press), see page 11 for our 101 Shaped Beads: The Essential Guide. This is a resource you’ll want to keep handy. Shaped beads are found throughout this issue in many designs. Laura Graham’s Blooming Fleur-de-lis Collar (page 36) is a standout favorite in the Interweave office. Laura shares a few different colorways for this pattern, making it easy to envision the design in your own favorite palette. If you’re still getting used to shaped beads or they give you a run…

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cool stuff

MEREDITH STEELE 1. The Classic Bead has a lovely collection of leather stuff! Check out these DIY leather tassels, soft leather 3x9" trim for bead embroidery backing and more, and Acanthus-embossed thick leather sheets available in two sizes. Paint it, cut it into strips for cuff bracelets, or punch holes in rectangle pieces for earrings. Get these items and even more ideas at 2. Nina Designs is at it again with new and oh-so-cute charms. Two new collections: mini rose gold–plated sterling charms, and our favorite, sterling silver llama charms. On trend and adorable, they have stolen our hearts! See more at 3. These Super Snip scissors from Midwest Beads are being hailed as the best FireLine cutting tool ever! These tiny but mighty scissors are small enough to fit in…

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handpicked favorites in the interweave shop

Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy: 20 Braided Jewelry Designs Step-by-Step by Christina Larsen Create gorgeous braided wire jewelry with kumihimo! Approachable for beginners, but an interesting new take on the technique for those who have done kumihimo with cords alone or with cords and beads. Learn how traditional Japanese cord braiding—kumihimo—gets a modern upgrade in Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy, with author Christina Larsen. Find it today at Subscription to our Online Courses There are tons of ways to learn jewelry-making and beading techniques, but my favorite by far is watching an online course. There’s nothing like kicking back in your jammies and seeing the technique demonstrated for you firsthand. Now you can instantly access Interweave’s entire class catalog and save big with a monthly or annual Online Course subscription! Sign up now at…

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101 shaped beads the essential guide

Two-Hole Oval and Cylinder Beads 1. Twins 5x2.5mm. Mini Twins 4x2.5mm. Oval with a hole at each end. 2. Twin Roller 9x3.5mm. Capsule bead with two holes. 3. SuperDuos 5x2.5mm. Pinched oval with a hole at each of the more tapered ends. MiniDuos 4x2mm. Miniature SuperDuos. 4. Super8s 4.7x2.2mm. Similar to SuperDuo, but more slender. 5. Es-o Beads 5mm. Es-o Minis 4mm. Pinched discs with a hole on each flat face. Like a round SuperDuo. 6. Bi-Bo Beads 5.5x2.8mm. Flattened hourglass shape. 7. Infinity Beads 4x8x2.7mm or 3x6x2.3mm. Infinity Mini Beads 2x5x2mm. Shaped like an 8, or infinity symbol. 8. Rullas 5x3mm. Cylindrical beads with 2 holes 1.5mm apart. 9. Coco Beads (vertical 8x6mm and horizontal 6x8mm). Flattened hourglass shape. Two-Hole Round, Circle, and Semi-Circle Beads 10. RounDuo 5mm. RounDuo Mini 4mm. Slightly pinched round with 2 holes. 11. Dobble Beads 8mm.…

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hawaiian dream song necklace

Like the beauty of the natural environment on the islands of Hawaii, this necklace is bursting with gorgeous colors and shapes. Use tubular herringbone and other bead stitches to create your own tropical beaded garden. TECHNIQUES Ladder stitch Tubular herringbone stitch Square stitch Right-angle weave Flat and tubular peyote stitches Fringe Picot PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 1 g silver-lined teal AB size 15° Japanese seed beads (A) 1 g lined red violet AB size 15° Japanese seed beads (B) 4 g purple-lined transparent size 11° Japanese seed beads (C) 1 g chartreuse opaque size 11° Czech seed beads (D) 2 g metallic gilt blue-violet size 11° Japanese seed beads (E) 1 g silver-lined light amethyst Duracoat size 11° Japanese seed beads (F) 4 g matte lavender purple size 11° Japanese seed beads (G) 1 g transparent chartreuse AB size 11° Czech seed beads (H) 3 g matte silver-lined chartreuse size…

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paisley storm bracelet

Two unique must-try shaped beads, StormDuos and PaisleyDuos, fit together perfectly to surround crystal rivolis in this sparkling springtime bracelet. TECHNIQUES Circular netting Tubular peyote stitch Right-angle weave variation PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 1 g metallic rainbow iris size 15° Japanese seed beads (A) 4 g metallic rainbow iris size 11° Japanese seed beads (B) 32 white teal luster 7×5mm 2-hole StormDuos (C) 40 white baby blue luster 8×5mm 2-hole PaisleyDuos (D) 8 purple velvet 3mm crystal bicones (E) 5 foil-back crystal AB 10mm crystal rivolis 32 shiny beige 4mm glass pearl rounds (F) 1 antiqued silver 19×17mm heart toggle clasp 2 silver 5×4mm oval jump rings Smoke 6 lb FireLine braided beading thread TOOLS Scissors Size 10 beading needle FINISHED SIZE 8½" 1) LARGE COMPONENT. Use circular netting and tubular peyote stitch to form the large component: Round 1: Use 5' of thread to string 1F, 1D (narrow hole, concave side), and 1D…