Beadwork November 2019

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lampwork inspiration & more

Lampwork beads hold a magic in them that’s hard to describe. For me, they ignite a passion, a need, and make my mind water, like my mouth would if I were eating the sweetest, freshest slice of watermelon on a hot summer day. Lampworking is the catalyst that changed my artistic direction from Tole painting and dried flowers to jewelry. Through lampworking, I discovered a new creative outlet and a welcoming community of people who love to make, collect, and use lampwork beads. I remember the first time I heard about the process of melting glass and forming beads and how the color “got in there.” It was during a conversation with the husband of an artist during a local art show. He knew the lampworking dance start to finish, and…

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cool stuff

THE STAFF OF BEADWORK INVITES YOU TO SEND YOUR NEW BEADWORKING PRODUCTS FOR CONSIDERATION IN COOL STUFF. PLEASE SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO BEADWORK@INTERWEAVE.COM AND INCLUDE COMPLETE PRODUCT INFORMATION. HANDPICKED FAVORITE IN THE INTERWEAVE SHOP Right-Angle Weave Fundamentals Course with Marcia DeCoster Explore the possibilities of right-angle weave in Right-Angle Weave: Fundamentals Online Workshop with Marcia DeCoster. You’ll start with the basics and then learn a variety of techniques such as bezeling, embellishing, layering, working with armatures, and creating dimensional work with cubic variations. Register for this online workshop today at WHAT’S HAPPENING ON BEADINGDAILY.COM Beading with the Masters Series. If you’re an art history nerd like Beadwork magazine’s Technical Editor Meredith Steele, then you will love the series of blogs she’s been writing. We’ve been enjoying learning what inspired artists’ work and tapping into their stories.…

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expand your beaded rope techniques with carol cypher in her three-course series!

Expert Carol Cypher will teach you everything you need to know about polygon stitch basic anatomy and structure by trying 9 different variations! Venture into more advanced variations as Carol teaches you how to create an oval rope, a two-sided polygon stitch, undulating beadwork, curved and reversible polygon stitch, and more! In Carol’s third course, learn to create a beautiful spiralling tubular rope using the unique African helix stitch! Carol Cypher creates unique beadwork and teaches other beaders worldwide to make her designs using beading stitches, tricks and original techniques. Register today at and add these versatile stitches to your beadwork repertoire!…

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Designer of the Year Zsuzsanna Veres has a successful Etsy shop and teaching business under the name Vezsuzsi. She travels from her home in Austria to Hungary and Slovakia to share her colorful, intricate beaded designs with students. Bead weaving and beaded embellishment are rich traditions in that area of the world, and students are eager to learn new techniques and tips from Zsuzsanna. Zsuzsanna started beading in 2007 and was immediately inspired to create her own designs and patterns. Her husband, Ákos Hegyesi, is a graphic designer and photographer who has helped her create hundreds of patterns over the years. She says, “I seek to create it well, that even a starter can stitch following my pattern’s steps.” Q&A WITH VEZSUZSI You’ve loved her beautiful earrings, pendants, and bracelets in each of…

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nikifor necklace

Practice your prismatic right-angle weave in this playful necklace. Create beaded beads that interlock then string them along with accent beads onto memory wire. 1) BEADED BEAD. Use circular netting to create the beaded bead: Round 1: Use 6' of thread to string {1B and 1C} six times, leaving a 24" tail. Pass through the beads (same holes) again to form a tight circle; use the working and tail threads to tie a square knot. Pass through the first B and the first (inside) and second (outside) holes of the next C (Fig. 1, blue thread). Note: You’ll now begin working in the opposite direction. Round 2: String 1B and pass through the next C (outside hole); repeat five times. Pass through the first B of this round (Fig. 1, red thread). Round 3:…

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alternate colorway materials

WINTER 3 g gray luster opaque size 15° seed beads 6 g gray luster opaque size 11° seed beads 8 g Aztec gold 5×2.5mm 2-hole SuperDuos 8 g white AB 5×2.5mm 2-hole SuperDuos 6 white opaque 4mm fire-polished rounds 6 hematite 9×6mm fire-polished rondelles 4 powder golden shine 6mm pressed-glass round druks 1 silver 8×12mm lobster clasp 1 silver 10mm toggle ring 18" of silver necklace memory wire Smoke 6 lb FireLine braided beading thread SPRING 3 g mauve opaque size 15° seed beads 6 g matte transparent amethyst AB size 11° seed beads 8 g gray golden shine 5×2.5mm 2-hole SuperDuos 8 g chalk white lila vega luster 5×2.5mm 2-hole SuperDuos 6 blue-green lumi Picasso 4mm fire-polished rounds 6 milky pink Picasso 9×6mm fire-polished rondelles 4 light amethyst 6mm pressed-glass round druks 1 silver 8×12mm lobster clasp 1 silver 10mm toggle ring 18" of silver necklace memory wire Smoke 6 lb FireLine…