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2019 has been an amazing year in beading and jewelry making. In the Beadwork office, we’re inspired by fresh patterns from our contributors, Cool Stuff beading products, and the designs shared with us, as you’ve tried a new stitch or put your own spin on a pattern from the magazine. We love hearing from you! As we wrap up the last issue of 2019, we want to take a moment to thank you—our readers, contributors, and advertisers—we’re grateful for your passionate support. Beadwork has been published for over 20 years because of you. Together, we make a great team and move the needle forward (pun intended) on advancing our art. Speaking of art! Thank you to our three talented and generous Designers of the Year—Wendy Ellsworth, Susan Sassoon, and Zsuzsanna Veres aka…

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cool stuff meredith steele

1. The Freckled Pear’s Victorian Grace Ornament Kit is the perfect gift for the beader or non-beader on your list. It contains everything needed to create this gorgeous ornament—whether you want to give it to make or make it to give! There are five wonderful colors to choose from, with an option to buy refills. Buy this and lots of other beautiful ornament kits at 2. Lisa Peters Art brings environmentally friendly fish leather from Iceland to the United States. A by-product of the fishing industry that would otherwise go to waste, this fish leather is processed in a plant run on renewable hydroelectric and geothermal energy— so you can feel extra good about purchasing this soft, supple leather, and not just because it’s beautiful! Lisa is adding more skins…

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traveler necklace

beginner friendly TECHNIQUE Metal drilling Simple wireworking PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 9 mixed metal ⅝–⅞" coins 6 antiqued silver 12mm toggle rings 12 antiqued silver 4–6mm jump rings 40–45 brass and antiqued silver 12–16mm decorative rings with 9–11mm opening 3 antiqued silver 16mm braided open-work decorative rings 1 antiqued bronze 18–21" beaded rope necklace (ends unfinished) TOOLS Safety glasses Block of wood Clear masking tape Permanent marker Clamp Small foam cushion (optional) Drill press 1/16" drill bit (diamond optional) Vise (optional) Dremel rotary tool Dremel sanding bit Industrial strength steel wool sanding pad Dawn dish soap (optional) 2 pairs of chain- or flat-nose pliers FINISHED SIZE 18" (adjustable to 21") 1) DRILL. Use a drill press to turn coins into charms: Drill: Note: Wear safety glasses while drilling the coins. Tape 1 coin to the block of wood. Use the marker to mark where you will drill the hole. Use the clamp and optional foam cushion to hold the block in…

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unity collar

USE ST. PETERSBURG CHAIN and chevron chain to create this elegant necklace that was inspired by the large, colorful beaded collars made by the Samburu women of Unity Village in Archers Post, Kenya. TECHNIQUES St. Petersburg chain Chevron chain Stringing PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 1 g matte silver-lined royal blue AB size 11° Japanese seed beads (A) 28 g matte silver-lined royal blue AB size 8° Japanese seed beads (B) 9 g matte purple transparent size 8° Japanese seed beads (C) 70 royal blue white-lined transparent 3.4mm Japanese drop beads (D) 69 iridescent purple 4mm Swarovski pearl rounds (E) 69 matte jet laser-etched 5×16mm daggers (F) 1 blue-foiled black 15mm lampwork button with shank Smoke 8 lb FireLine braided beading thread TOOLS Scissors 3½" plastic bobbin Size 12 sharp (short) beading needle FINISHED SIZE 18¼" 1) COLLAR BASE. Use St. Petersburg chain to make the base row of the collar: Stitch 1: Place…

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a little bubbly

USE QUARTER TILAS AND SEED BEADS to create unique and simple bezels for cushion beads, then square-stitch a chain to suspend them from. TECHNIQUES Circular peyote stitch variation Square stitch PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 1 g rose gold size 15° Japanese seed beads (A) 2 g matte metallic khaki iris size 11° Japanese seed beads (B) 2 g matte metallic khaki iris size 11° cylinder beads (C) 1 g rose gold size 11° cylinder beads (D) 15 g matte metallic khaki iris 5×1.25mm 2-hole Quarter Tilas (E) 7 Aurora red 14mm pressed-glass cushion rounds (F) 1 rose gold–plated 6×15mm lobster clasp 2 rose gold–plated 3.5mm jump rings 2 rose gold–plated 4×5mm wireguards Smoke 6lb FireLine braided beading thread TOOLS Scissors Size 11 beading needle 2 pairs of chain- or flat-nose pliers FINISHED SIZE 16 ¼ " 1) SMALL DANGLES. Use a variation of circular peyote stitch and square stitch to create the small…

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tilien bracelet

NAMED AFTER A DEAR FRIEND of the designer, this stylish bracelet combines seed beads, Mini Duos, and crescent beads around a core of fire-polished rondelles. TECHNIQUE Circular netting PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 3 g matte metallic patina iris size 11° Japanese seed beads (A) 4 g matte metallic patina iris size 8° Japanese seed beads (B) 1 g matte metallic brick red size 11° Japanese cylinder beads (C) 3 g dark red Picasso opaque 4×2mm 2-hole MiniDuos (D) 36 metallic light green suede 10×3mm 2-hole CzechMates crescent beads (E) 2 matte metallic green iris 6mm fire-polished rounds (F) 18 red Picasso 6×9mm fire-polished rondelles (G) 1 antiqued copper 6×9mm magnetic clasp Smoke 6 lb FireLine braided beading thread TOOLS Scissors Size 10 beading needle FINISHED SIZE 6¾" 1) COMPONENT 1. Use circular netting to form the first component: Round 1: Use 5' of thread to string {1A, 1B, 1A, and 1G}…