Beadwork February/March 2021

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telling your story

The projects in this issue cover all of your favorite techniques, from bead embroidery to beaded bezels and beyond. Each one offers the opportunity to make it your own. Jill Mackay’s pendant is called Meraki (page 37), a Greek word which means putting yourself into whatever you’re doing. And Ellie Hamlett’s Rosette Pendants (page 10) are Custom Cool—change them to suit your style. Naomi Smith is the featured Bead Artist (page 20) in this issue. She’s an Indigenous Canadian artisan who meticulously creates meaningful jewelry that reflects her community. You’ll find her Spirit of Dragonfly Earrings on page 23. When I asked her if there’s a defining characteristic of powwow jewelry, she said, “it’s big so you can see it from a distance.” It’s easy to convert one of her earrings…

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cool stuff

1. Caravan Beads celebrates the stars in our night sky with their Orion’s Belt Necklace Kit. Shown here in their Chapel colorway, each kit contains all the items you need to make this dainty and beautiful necklace at home. Three other colorways are available. Designed and handmade in Maine. Visit to get yours today. 2. TierraCast’s recent additions are an assortment of wonderful parts to fill out previous collections. You’ll see some of your favorites here, such as the Mandala Button, Right Angel Wing (when previously there were only left ones), Buddha Pendant, Lotus Teardrop, Lotus Spacer, Heart Leaf, Pumpkin, and Stitch-in Connector. Ask for them at your favorite retailer and visit (wholesale only) for more information. 3. These new enamel focals from Zola Elements are a beautiful combination of…

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handpicked favorites in the

Beadwork Favorites: Susan Sassoon Crystal Beading Pattern Collection Sparkle and shine with our new pattern collection! Find five beading patterns from Susan Sassoon to create vibrant beaded jewelry. Each pattern uses crystal beading to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and a beautiful lariat. You’ll love how elegant, chic, and intriguing each pattern is! Make all five beaded patterns with this digital collection. Fast & Fabulous Rough Gemstones Pattern Pack Combine rough-cut stones with ribbon, leather, and chain to create stylish, versatile jewelry! This Fast & Fabulous Pattern Pack features nine projects using stringing and basic wire-wrapping techniques.…

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kings & crowns

YOU’LL FEEL LIKE ROYALTY wearing this narrow cuff with a crown motif stitched in oddcount flat peyote. 1) BAND. Use odd-count flat peyote stitch to form the band: Rows 8 and 9: Note: You may download the word chart for this pattern at Note: You’ll begin working at Row 8 (see the arrow on Chart), then come back and use the tail to decrease later. Add a stop bead to 6' of thread, leaving a 20" tail. String 2A, 1C, 2A, 5C, 2A, 1C, and 2A (Fig. 1, blue thread). Note: See for instructions on odd-count peyote stitch. Row 10: String 1A, then skip the previous A and pass back through the following A. Work 1 stitch with 1A. Work 4 stitches with 1C in each stitch. Work 2 stitches with…

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rosette beaded bead

Inspired by the rose windows of Gothic cathedrals, the Rosette Beaded Bead features shaped beads to build a beautiful three-dimensional piece. Use this versatile beaded bead in many ways. TECHNIQUES Circular peyote stitch Circular netting PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 1 g berry-lined light topaz AB size 15° seed beads (A) 1 g matte dark mauve galvanized Duracoat size 11° seed beads (B) 8 beige luster opaque 6×3mm 2-hole Kos par Puca beads (C) 8 copper polychrome 9×5mm 2-hole Kite beads (D) 16 blue hematite 6mm 2-hole diamond Silky beads (E) Smoke 8 lb FireLine braided beading thread TOOLS Scissors Size 11 beading needle FINISHED SIZE 1 ¼" artist’s tip If you are having trouble stringing chain or cording through the beaded bead, try wrapping the cording with thin wire and using the wire as a makeshift needle. 1) SIDE 1. Use circular peyote stitch and circular netting to form…

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storage for any space

Whether we bead for a living in a dedicated studio space or as a hobby with beads tucked away in our bedrooms or closets, all beaders appreciate seeing how others wrangle their hoards of beads. The variety of bead colors, sizes, and shapes can make the process of sorting and storing a very daunting task. Follow along as four of this issue’s contributors share how they stay organized and, most importantly, inspired in their beading spaces. Jill MacKay Jill MacKay works in what many would consider a dream studio. Located in the small town of Bellvue, Colorado, the charming historic building that is both her home and workspace was built in 1911 and once served as the community store. “There’s a lot going on in my studio, from writing articles to developing…