Beadwork February - March 2017

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time to shine

As a young girl, I had the good fortune of growing up in a crafty household, where creativity was encouraged and glitter had a habit of showing up in the most unexpected places. In my adult life, I have naturally been drawn to all things sparkly, and as my staff and I put together this issue of Beadwork, the thing that struck me most about the collection of projects is, boy, does it shine! We love the elegance of That’s a Wrap! on page 56, with its rainbow rondelles and delicate Japanese drops. And I imagine pairing the sumptuous Sweet Sangria Earrings with my little black dress for a night on the town (page 62). If you prefer a little less sparkle, the Beads in Bloom Bracelet may be more your…

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what’s cookin’ in the beadwork office?

NEW INTERWEAVE WEBSITE—If you haven’t visited lately, stop what you’re doing and log on now! The new site offers a straightforward way to learn and shop all in one place, easier navigation, and better search functionality. You’ll love our brand-new community curated by and for beading enthusiasts— think of it as your one-stop shop for all things beady! KITS—Make Shae Wilhite’s Moroccan Sunset bracelet (page 66) or Jann Christiansen’s That’s a Wrap! bracelet (page 56). Find these kits and more at…

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What’s your advice on choosing color combinations for beading projects? One of my favorite ways to find color inspiration is to search websites that provide a photograph with coordinating color choices (e.g., or have colorpalette generators (e.g.,, I also like to use the colors from a beloved piece of clothing or fabric. I find that limiting the number of colors used in a design makes color selection less overwhelming. —Jann Christiansen When choosing color combinations, I like to use analogous color schemes, which pair one main color with the two colors directly beside it on the color wheel. I love the harmony these combinations bring to a design. However, I mostly create from intuition or whatever feels pleasing to me and my mood that day. —Kristen Fagan My advice is to choose…

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marie-eve gauthier: becoming me

How has beading changed my life? Beading has changed everything! At age sixteen I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, which is a type of autism that can affect socialization, communication, and motor development. In October 2015, at age twenty-six, I discovered an organization in my hometown of Montréal, Quebec, called L’Atelier, where I started taking jewelry-making classes. L’Atelier, which means “workshop” in French, is a nonprofit organization that helps people cope with mental illnesses by offering programs to learn crafts and other art forms. L’Atelier offers workshops on weaving, jewelry making, enameling, embroidery, fabric printing, and more. These classes help improve imagination, perseverance, coordination, dexterity, concentration, and memory, and they provide a safe environment for social interaction. Taking beading classes at L’Atelier has helped improve my critical-thinking skills and attention to detail. I use…

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the challenge

What happens when you give one editor and three lucky readers matching sets of materials to play with? We work with products we might not have considered using, and our creative sides get stretched one more notch. THE SOURCE: Bead Master (718) 384-2700 1. Alicia Grebe (READER PARTICIPANT) When I opened the kit, I instantly knew I would design an asymmetrical-style necklace. I turned the Tango beads into little pinwheels, and I created dainty flowers from the DiamonDuos. I used herringbone stitch as a base for the beaded rope. I absolutely love the way it all flows together. 2. Tammy Honaman (BEADING DAILY EDITOR) My favorite kit component to fit into my design was the montées. Their wonderful chrome finish adds such sparkle! I wanted to use the Tango beads in a different way and found them…

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cool stuff

1. Unlike other pressed-glass beads, the new 10×4mm AVA beads by Potomac Bead Company are pressed by hand rather than a machine, resulting in a precise and uniquely delicate shape. An expansion on the RounDuo, the new RounTrio 6mm bead features three holes and is available in both faceted (firepolished) and smooth (pressed-glass) versions. Visit or check your favorite bead retailer. 2. Wood beads in earthy colors make this chain from Silk Road Treasures, an importer of fine jewelry from South Central Asia, a unique option for your next boho jewelry project. Find more information at 3. With a two-tone coating available in twenty-six color combinations, SuperDuo Duets by The BeadSmith will help you create stunning color effects in your beadwork. Visit (wholesale only) or check your favorite bead…