Beadwork June - July 2016

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return of the butterfly

We’ve rearranged the Beadwork office several times over the years and each time we do, we unearth dozens of back issues. There’s one legendary issue that we always hoard copies of, one that I was even made aware of before joining the Beadwork team. What’s so special about this issue? Butterflies. Gorgeous beaded butterflies all over the cover that made the issue sell out immediately, which was a huge deal before the days of digital copies! Because of this, the beautiful Noble Leafwing Butterfly brick-stitched in cylinder beads by Karen Parker (page 67) makes me feel a bit nostalgic. In addition to Karen’s must-try butterfly, this issue also presents you with bead quilling—a fun twist on square stitch developed by artist Kathy King that uses thread as a decorative element. Try…

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How do you communicate your personality through your jewelry designs? I’m kind of a neatnik. The clean, simple, and geometric designs I create reflect that part of my personality. My bead tray is the one place I enjoy making a real mess. —Robijo Burzynski I suppose the fact that I choose beading as a way to express myself creatively says a lot! I’m a little compulsive, a bit tightly wound, and held together by a string, but I’m also pretty colorful and rich, with layers and sparkle. —Jean Cox I communicate my personality through the sparkle, color, and simplicity of my designs. —Honey Greene I enjoy challenges, but I sometimes make things more complicated than necessary. Designing and creating dimensional beadwork allow me to scratch that itch. Although I love the idea of simplicity, it’s just not…

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the challenge

What happens when you give four lucky readers matching sets of materials to play with? We work with products we might not have considered using, and our creative sides get stretched one more notch. 1. Barb Switzer (READER PARTICIPANT) The subdued color palette with metallic highlights strongly appealed to me, and I was excited for an opportunity to work with the Khéops par Puca triangles. My finished design reminds me of a meandering yet still orderly path through a garden in the spring, when everything is fresh and green. 2. Rhiannon Fiskradatz (READER PARTICIPANT) I was inspired by the Mediterranean-themed bead mix to create a luxurious architectural cuff that a faerie queen might wear while visiting the sun-drenched islands of Greece. By layering felt, I created a craterlike foundation and then encrusted it with…

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cool stuff

1.Maker Magic: How to Develop Your Voice Designing Art Jewelry, a digital book by Connie Fox, teaches you to dig deep within your creative muse. Seventeen chapters covering creativity, inspiration, design, and practical matters, such as drawing skills, are followed by exercises to begin transforming your design skills immediately. Available at; $19.95. 2. If you sell your handmade jewelry, Hallmark tags from Santa Fe Jewelers Supply are a must to brand your product and add credibility to your work. Choose from a variety of tags to fit your budget, then stamp them yourself or have them custom cast or laser etched with your business logo. Visit for information and to request pricing. 3. BeadCats is now offering size D K.O. nylon thread on 30m cards. This bonded, fray-resistant thread is…

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superb special issues

Beadwork’s 2016 edition of Favorite Bead Stitchespresents thirty must-make beading projects from top designers. This issue includes thirteen bracelets, twelve necklaces, and five earring designs using crystals, shaped beads, pearls, and more. Kits are available for four of the projects, and video tutorials can be purchased for five of the designs. Revisit many favorite techniques and projects in this issue, available at, on newsstands, and from your favorite bead retailer; $14.99. The 2016 issue of Quick + Easy Beadwork (released in late 2015) offers thirty trendy projects for novice beadweavers and experts alike– whether you’re hoping to increase your skills or find quick projects to make in just a few hours. The designs in this issue feature basic stitches, and the easy-to-follow instructions make trying a new hobby enjoyable for…

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equilateral earrings

TECHNIQUES circular and tubular peyote stitches circular and tubular herringbone stitches PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 5 g metallic light bronze size 11° Japanese cylinder beads (A) 6 olivine 4mm crystal rounds (B) 1 pair of gold-plated 9×18mm ear wires Smoke 6 lb FireLine braided beading thread Beading thread wax TOOLS Scissors Size 12 beading needle 2 pairs of chain- or flat-nose pliers FINISHED SIZE 17⁄8" 1) INNER TRIANGLE. Use circular peyote and herringbone stitches to create the center triangle: Round 1: Use 5' of waxed thread to string 3A; use the working and tail threads to tie a knot, leaving a 4" tail. Note: Step up for this and subsequent rounds by passing through the first A added in the current round (Fig. 1, green thread). Round 2: String 2A and pass through the next A of Round 1; repeat twice (Fig. 1, blue thread). Round 3: String 2A and…