Beadwork October - November 2016

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thank you and farewell

If I were to comb through the letters that I’ve written during my past eight years as Editor of Beadwork, I’m sure I would find mentions of my family’s dream to live in the mountains. While I’m excited to say this dream has come true, I’m sad to say this means I’ll be stepping away from my current role at Beadwork. Here are just a few things that I’ve been extremely grateful for over the years: Community. Beaders are passionate people, and nothing beats connecting with like-minded crafters at shows and in classes. Luckily, we have magazines and social media to keep us connected between such events. Making. While I enjoy showing off finished pieces of jewelry, my favorite thing about beading is the act of creating. For many of us, time…

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What inspired you to make the beadwork piece in this issue of Beadwork? The inspiration for this piece came when I was learning how to make warped squares. I was playing with the shape, using different beads and finishes, and looking for ways to incorporate the crystals I love. —Robijo Burzynski Beaded triangles, in various iterations, have become my signature shape. My latest triangles incorporate SuperDuos and MiniDuos, adding texture and a new design element. It’s very satisfying to begin with three beads and build a universal shape with unlimited color options. —Phyllis Dintenfass It all started when I was working on ways to bezel a rivoli using different bead types. The bezel in this piece doesn’t hide the rivoli, and it enhances the crystal’s brilliance. Then I built a flowershaped pendant with…

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bead buzz

Naomi Lindstrom’s Worldwide Bead Collection Michaan’s Auctions in Alameda, California, recently sold a large collection of beads and jewelry, as well as other art pieces, from the late Naomi Lindstrom’s private collection. Ms. Lindstrom was a flight attendant who collected beads from all over the world during her travels. She had a keen interest in other cultures and in archaeology, which she explored by visiting dig sites across the globe. Ms. Lindstrom amassed the largest private bead collection in the United States, with some beads dating back more than 5,000 years. She designed jewelry that used these beads in culturally and historically accurate ways. After Ms. Lindstrom’s death at age eighty-nine, her bead and jewelry collection was carefully sorted into almost 300 lots for auction. Estimates for the auction started at a few…

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the challenge

What happens when you give one editor and three lucky readers matching sets of materials to play with? We work with products we might not have considered using, and our creative sides get stretched one more notch. THE SOURCE: Blueberry Cove Beads 1. Megan Lenhausen (PROJECT EDITOR) I’m naturally drawn to large statement earrings, specifically with a teardrop shape. With that in mind, I took advantage of the painted drop’s silhouette by joining a cubic–right-angle-weave strip to mimic the shape. I used light purple FireLine thread to stitch the strip, adding a subtle pop of color peeking through the pale green seed beads. The prized drop dangles in the center of the earring, and I embellished each earring with a mixture of rounds, intentionally placed for an ombré effect. 2. Susan Sassoon (READER PARTICIPANT) I was…

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cool stuff

1. Learn to capture Swarovski crystals with seed beads in To Catch a Crystal by Silke Steuernagel. With forty-eight projects by designers such as Marcia DeCoster and Melissa Grakowsky Shippee, this is a unique and beautifully illustrated reference work devoted exclusively to bezeling stones with seed beads. Visit for pricing and more information. 2. Swarovski’s Spring/Summer 2017 innovations are inspired by the four earth elements and the balance of nature. This collection features animal-themed pieces such as a scarab bead and a dragonfly pavé pendant, as well as organic materials such as opal and graphite. Visit and check your favorite bead retailer. 3. The Beadslide clasp by The BeadSmith combines smooth tube ends with a box clasp. It’s suitable for almost any stitch using seed beads from size…

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handpick ed favorites

IN THE BEADING DAILY SHOP In Creative Bead Embroidery 1 with Kinga Nichols: Working with Precut Foundations, you’ll start by learning what tools you need to begin embroidering with beads and how to use backstitch and stop stitch to apply beads to your foundation. Kinga embroiders on precut foundations as opposed to a large flat backing, and you’ll see how this technique can enhance the shape, texture, and overall look of your design. By the end of this video workshop, you’ll create a stunning and unique fish-themed cuff and will be one step closer to creating your own bead-embroidered masterpieces! -foundations-video In Creative Bead Embroidery 2 with Kinga Nichols: Stitching with Shaped Beads and Fine Fabrics, Kinga shows how to add depth and dimension to your designs by using fabric-wrapped foundations…