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Issue#9 2018

Best Homes showcases the best and most prestigious homes from builders across the country. Providing you with the right information as well as the inspiration for you to turn your dream home or apartment into a reality.

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going with the flow

The build of this multifaceted new home began when the homeowner saw possibilities for the site that became too intriguing to ignore. Recognising the potential of the site in the Sydney suburb of Bella Vista, the homeowner worked closely with Jeremy McCulla from Urban Harmony Design to set things in motion. New sketches were drawn up to create an integrated design that featured a curved swimming pool and a circular sunken lounge room. The brief, in its simplest form, called for a build that maintained the architectural character of the area, while also adding aesthetic elements that distinguish it from other homes on the street. Externally, the facade juxtaposes the simplicity of the smooth, rendered walls with Alpine Stone cladding and blackbutt timber screening. The northerly rear aspect of the site…

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a tree change

For this family of five, creating a home where they could make memories was of utmost importance. But they didn’t want to just do it anywhere. Location was key, and luckily for Steven, his wife and their three young boys, all under the age of six, this magnificent plot in Sydney’s north provided something to write home about. At first glance, this site wasn’t exactly ideal. It features steep bushland, lots of rock ledges and a 12m crossfall over the build area, which means water and gradient issues. But, as it turns out, these limitations also gave the home something a little bit special and the homeowners wanted to use this as a springboard to work from. “The uniqueness of this project was its design to utilise the slope of the land,”…

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work of art

A place for family to gather, make memories and feel safe, this Sydney home’s design was dictated by the surrounding landscape. The owners wanted a house that would accommodate the changes that come with having two young children, so it was important the residence provided ample space, but it also had to be stylish. To achieve this, they enlisted Starr Constructions to help them realise their dreams. “The clients wanted their home to stand out from the rest and we achieved this by giving it a unique, architectural look with a design by Aspect Designs,” says Nino Sanzari, co-director of Starr Constructions. “We incorporated a lot of glass windows that look out to the backyard and pool and allow light to enter the building. Architectural steel beams enhance the overall look…

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form and function

Nino Sanzari and Jon Vithoulka, co-directors of Starr Constructions, routinely turn out swoon-worthy, modern homes. One of their latest projects, a four-bedroom family home, features a minimalist style that focuses on structural simplicity. Filled with everything from timber furnishings to neutral hues, it achieves a wonderful sense of balance that engages the eye and invites you to linger. The company set out to craft a dream home that married form and function, style and efficiency — and most of all, a home that was built to last. The result is an effortlessly fresh retreat that’s ideal for entertaining. “Inspiration for the design came from looking at other homes in and around the area that Starr had previously completed for other clients, as well as incorporating our own unique style and finishes,” say…

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holiday at home

With the stunning Hayman 39, you won’t need to wait until vacation time to enjoy the full island paradise experience. Featuring a lavish resort-style master suite with a private balcony for mum and dad, and a relaxing Bahamas-inspired interior, this home makes every day feel like a holiday. Designed by Porter Davis’ expert team, and with a focus on family living, this house allows you to leave behind all the stresses and pressures of modern life and enjoy sundrenched living spaces and luxurious indoor-outdoor entertaining zones. The Hayman 39 is spread over two levels, with plenty of living space for those who love to have family and friends over. Smartly designed with free-flowing open-plan living spaces, it includes a luxe kitchen with a galley and pantry, four bedrooms, four living spaces, a…

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charm of yesteryear

In a well-established Bayside suburb in Melbourne, a character-filled four-bedroom, two-bathroom Victorian gabled traditional residence from Harkaway Homes looks like it has been in situ for more than a century. The 232sqm home, however, was only recently built by proud owner-builders Toby and Kirsten. The couple had serendipitously chanced upon the Harkaway Homes’ website more than 10 years ago and from that point on aspired to own one of Harkaway’s beautiful traditional homes. “I’ve always had a dream to build my own home,” states Toby, “and Harkaway Homes offered me the opportunity to create the residence I had long visualised for myself and my family, namely a traditional house with a charming classic exterior and a highly functional modern interior.” A few years ago, when the family was looking at buying a…