BIKE July 2020

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BIKE is packed with road tests of new bikes and inspirational riding stories, with fantastic places, amazing races and extraordinary people. Created by a passionate and expert team of motorcycle riders, Bike makes you feel part of the amazing motorcycling world. Our three main areas of content are... Road tests: We ride and test all the latest bikes, from tourers to retros. Riding: We take motorcycles to the four corners of the UK, and the four corners of the world Extraordinary travel stories: amazing races, extraordinary events and astonishing bike people.

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In the past month I’ve done perfect laps of Cadwell Park on a yellow Ducati 748SPS, nailing the tricky blind apex at Charlie’s corner for maximum drive onto the straight. I’ve blasted over sand dunes in Morocco on a Husqvarna 701, my off-road skills having received a miraculous injection of talent. There have been amazing rides on empty Alpine passes, sun kissed tours in Scotland, frantic (but error free) TT circuit laps and humongous third gear wheelies that went on forever. And I’ve also acquired several more bikes: in the last 24 hours alone I’ve bought a Triumph Rocket 3; Aprilia V4 Factory; Yamaha XSR900 and a 50cc Derbi race bike. Amazingly there’s still plenty of room in the garage for more. Well, we can still dream. Anyone who’s witnessed my…

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the right kind of vyrus

REAR SHOCK An Öhlins TTX40 unit which sits directly under the carbon fibre seat, perpendicular to the swingarm. WHEELS Exclusive carbon ten-spoke jobs made by Rotobox. CARBON FIBRE The central structure running from tank to tail unit is carbon fibre with a final layer of unidirectional fabric, where the carbon strands are aligned to give extra strength in the direction required. Looks like wood grain, apparently. BRAKES Brembo calipers, obviously, and you can specify either 320mm carbon-ceramic discs or boring old metal. The latest creation from Italian manufacturer Vyrus is their most extreme yet, which is saying something. The new Alyen (pronounced alien, obvs) has hub-centre steering partly operated by hydraulics, a magnesium frame and swingarms, and was made without any clay modelling – the design went straight from computer to 3D printer. ‘It is pure technological madness,’ Vyrus…

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the 100-year -old gsx-r

ENGINE ‘It’s from a N980 Honda XLR00K I love these motors because they have the twin port exhaust and four valve headK There’s something about the symmetry that I really likeK And when you look at that engine side-onI it’s like a diagram of how an engine worksK’ RIDING IT ‘You know when you get a new set of tyres on your bike and it just feels so agile again? This feels like it was beforeK It’s a bit docile but I’m enjoying the fact that it is usable because a lot of bikes like this are built purely to look coolK ’ RIDING POSITION ‘I wanted the proportions of a N00-year-old bike but with the ergonomics of a sportsbikeK I used a GSX-RTR0 as my template and I just lowered the seat a little…

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£38,250 for f1

The COVID-19 crisis meant that H&H Auctioneers sale at the National Motorcycle Museum on 7 April was held behind closed doors, with bids coming in by internet and phone. That didn’t stop someone spending £38,250 to acquire this 1990 Norton F1, or from 70% of the 200+ lots finding new homes. With styling by industrial designers Seymour Powell, an aluminium frame by Spondon, top quality components and the black, silver and gold paint job that came along with the pedigree of the John Player sponsored race bikes the F1 looks great. A twin rotor Wankel engine sounds like nothing else, delivers smooth power, but 588cc means that there’s just 94bhp. When new it would have cost £12,700 (£29,000 in today’s money), which was more than a Honda RC30. Apparently just 140 of…

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hammer time

» ‘We definitely want to continue doing physical auctions’ says Mark Bryan, ‘You get a great atmosphere when you have 2-300 bikes in one place and The National Motorcycle Museum is a great venue, but I think that people will be wary about going to crowded places and the last sale has proved that people are prepared to buy unseen, provided there are good pictures, an accurate description and that the seller has a good reputation. We had more registered bidders on 7 April than for any previous motorcycle auction.’ H&H’s next motorcycle only auction is scheduled for 14 November, but motorcycles will feature in their monthly online auctions before then. » handh.co.uk…

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one track mind

Most club racers and trackday nuts ply their trade on modified road bikes for good reason – they’re relatively cheap to buy, reliable and, well, that’s what everyone else does. Kramer offer a lighter, simpler and often much faster path. The new GP2-R is the German company’s second model, and uses the same template as the wildly successful HKR EVO2. That bike – based around a KTM 690cc single-cylinder motor – won numerous championships around the world (including British Supertwins, twice), usually scything past more powerful bikes in corners to do so. Powered by KTM’s new 890cc parallel twin engine, the GP2-R is a step up from the EVO2. The engine is left standard to keep it reliable, but a race exhaust and massive airbox give it 130bhp and Kramer’s policy of…