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Boat International US Edition September 2019

ShowBoats International is the leading magazine for big boat owners in the North American market. Since its launch in 1983 it has established itself as the indispensable guide for discerning, affluent buyers in the multi-billion dollar luxury yacht market. Published 10 times a year from Fort Lauderdale, the heart of the US luxury yachting community, Showboats International is the most authoritative voice, providing the best in luxury yachting and brokerage, written and photographed by the world's leading yachting journalists.

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editor’s letter

In last month’s letter, I mentioned that a number of big-name NFL team owners were building enormous new yachts – and this month, we’re very happy to have one of those yachts on the cover. Lady S is owned by Dan and Tanya Snyder, of Washington Redskins fame. Dan has clocked up a number of records in his career – at 31, he was the youngest CEO of a NYSE-traded company, his purchase of the Redskins was the biggest transaction in sporting history back in 1999 and now he owns the only superyacht housing an IMAX theater. Naturally, we’re most impressed by that last one. The challenge of installing an IMAX in a yacht is well detailed in Marilyn Mower’s world exclusive on page 76. I urge you to have…

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Tim Barker Tim has been a freelance photographer for nearly 30 years and specializes in portraits of people in their work environment. He shot Stewart Campbell for his Editor’s Letter (page 17). Who’s been your best subject (apart from our editor!)? Michael Caine. Tall, charming and he showed up early Your most unusual location? On top of an Airbus A380 (it was on the ground at the time!) Ever shot a reluctant subject? Yes, I once shot a trader on the financial floor of a bank in the City of London – and he threatened me! I think he’d lost a lot of money that day If you weren’t a photographer, you’d have been a… ? I like a physical finished product so maybe I’d have been a gardener Ruby Fresson Flag and map enthusiast Ruby has created illustrations for The…

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object of desire

There was excitement in the air at the Monaco Yacht Show last year when the scale model of 262ft Artefact was revealed by German yard Nobiskrug, Captain Aaron Clark, the owner’s representative, and designers Gregory C Marshall (exterior) and Pascale Reymond (interior). Marshall uses asymmetrical shapes to great effect. Huge amounts of glass (223 pieces) are integrated into a superstructure built in composite atop a steel hull. The recent technical launch of this high-volume yacht with a hybrid propulsion system afforded a hint as to the interior delights it will contain. Artefact is expected to make its debut at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show. See page 40 for the other headliners.…

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a game of two halves

Brokers have responded positively to the superyacht industry’s half-year (H1) results, shrugging off news that the first half of 2019 saw the lowest number of sales since 2016. A total of 204 sales closed on the brokerage market in the first six months of the year, down from the 230 of mid-2018 and the 217 of H1 2017. Two brokers argued that the buoyancy of the market is more evident in the value of sales than the quantity. While the number of sales has decreased, the combined asking price of sales has crept up, from $2.03 billion in mid-2018 to $2.26 billion in 2019. “We should consider the total value of sales – one 150-metre [490ft] deal can be worth as much as seven to ten 164ft new builds,” says Y.CO…

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eye opener

Norwegian ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl was an academic in the Indiana Jones mold. He’s most famous for his 1947 Kon-Tiki expedition, in which he sailed an impressive 4,287 miles from Peru to French Polynesia on a traditional Peruvian balsa wood raft. Heyerdahl believed that similarities between the two cultures implied long-forgotten contact, and he wanted to prove that ancient South Americans could have made the journey across the Pacific, using the vessels they had at their disposal. Two decades later, the Ra expedition, named after the Egyptian sun god, aimed to establish a similar cultural diffusion between the ancient Mediterranean and South America. The work of Egyptologists and tomb paintings informed Heyerdahl's boat design, which boatbuilders from Lake Chad constructed using papyrus reeds. (While ancient Egyptians also used more sophisticated wooden boats,…

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600,000 square miles of marine protected areas are part of NOAA’s marine sanctuaries, from the Olympic Peninsula to the Florida Keys No limits Modern lines, a bit of an edge, lots of light, space for a 30ft tender and hybrid propulsion are all part of the new Amels 60, which, says exterior designer Espen Øino, “reflects the future.” The first of a new generation of Amels Limited Editions relies on generators, batteries and diesel engines for efficient cruising in three different modes. In hybrid mode, at 13 knots, the range is expected to be 4,500nm. No cruising area will be off limits for this steel-hulled yacht, which is equipped with a SCR system and exhaust burner. An integrated water filtration system and refillable bottles, if used by the crew of 12 alone, can…