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Boating NZ August 2018

Boating NZ inspires boating enthusiasts with reviews of new boats, coverage of technical innovations, maintenance advice, columns and cruising stories.

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how do we get out of this mess?

I generally try to maintain a happy, positive outlook on life, but three, seemingly unrelated events unsettled my equilibrium this week leaving me feeling more than a little despondent about our planet’s future. The first was the killing of an extremely rare blue whale – a seriously endangered species – by an Icelandic whaling crew. The International Whaling Commission outlawed the killing of blue whales in the 1960s. This was reportedly the first blue whale harpooned in half a century. Iceland, you will remember, is one of only three nations still involved with commercial whaling – along with Norway and Japan. Iceland’s whaling legislation permits the killing of fin whales (also an endangered species – bizarre, I know). Responding to mounting global outrage, Iceland’s whaling industry has offered a few lame reasons/excuses about…

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in the next issue…

TRAILER BRAKING New Zealand’s brakes-on-boat-trailers legislation is notoriously confusing. Our in-depth feature explores the issue and provides some pointers for those keen on retro-fitting brakes. RIVIERA 395 SUV A newcomer to the Riviera stable, this beauty delivers the marque’s legendary style, finish and performance in a sporty package – and you won’t be saddled with the burden of finding a large berth. PELORUS SOUND If you’re looking for a fun family holiday this summer, visit Marlborough’s Pelorus Sound for its rich diversity of activities – stunning scenery, sublime food and wine, fascinating history – and, of course, the friendly locals. ZINC ANODES They’re designed to save your boat from electrical malfeasance, but when grouped in great clusters – as in a marina – they might not be doing the local ecology much good. Should we be trying…

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boat world news

Plankton communities completely turn over in a matter of days – they’re very reactive to environmental changes…. SAILORS TRACK PLANKTON CHANGES Citizen ‘science’ by yachties sailing between New Zealand and the Pacific islands is providing great insights into plankton populations. Dr Xavier Pochon, a marine scientist at the Cawthron Institute, says plankton are “massively important”. “They are the base of the food chain. Without plankton, life on Earth would be very different. They generate 50 percent of the oxygen we breathe. We always thought trees and forests were the key originators, but plankton is critical.” Plankton are also a key indicator of changes in ocean conditions. “Plankton communities completely turn over in a matter of days – they’re very reactive to environmental changes, such as fluctuations in temperature, salinity and acidity.” With the samples collected…

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stepping up

The Gran Turismo’s GRP hull is infused with vinylester resin, while the decks and superstructure are balsa-cored composite to keep weight down. Featuring Beneteau’s Generation II Air Step hull, the GT 40 is good for 35 knots and cruises happily at 25-30 knots with twin Volvo Penta D4 300hp diesels and duo-prop sternlegs. WIDE OPEN SPACES The teak-soled bridge-deck area is open at the rear with steps on the port side leading down to an expansive, electrically-operated, submersible swim platform. There’s no cockpit as such – or it’s all one large cockpit, depending on how you look at it – and the whole aft deck is one level. This layout works particularly well, with a natural flow between the ‘wet’ area with a BBQ and optional bait station on the swim platform and…

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boat life is better with stella

• Extend your boating season• Enjoy luxuriously warm passage making• Keep the family toasty warm during mid winter excursions “The only reason I am not crying right now is because we have a Stella Systems Airtronic diesel heater” said Sasha, as she and Mike came to terms with the fact that their departure from Auckland to the warm azure waters of Fiji would be delayed a further two weeks. Cosy and warm inside their sailing yacht, nursing commiseration beers they replayed the day’s events; a cold June morning had turned into warm celebrations as their brand-new Stella Systems Airtronic diesel heater (top left) was switched on for the first time. Warm, dry air filled the boat, transforming the saloon and their sleeping berth (right) into a cosy homely abode – this year’s…

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boat, dock thyself!

Gothenburg, Sweden – the June stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race – was the scene for a live demonstration of the self-docking system. A 68-foot launch fitted with the technology skilfully manoeuvred itself into the tightest of spaces between two of the Volvo Ocean Race 65 racing yachts. The pioneering technology is the latest in the company’s ongoing ‘Easy Boating’ philosophy to make boating simple, enjoyable and accessible to more people. At its heart is the joystick-controlled Inboard Performance System (IPS), a complete, integrated propulsion system – from the helm station, via the engine, all the way to the propellers. Narrow berths, changing wind and sea conditions and congested marinas will all soon be less of a challenge when docking. Thanks to the responsiveness of the IPS system, coupled with sensors and advanced…