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Boating NZ February 2019

Boating NZ inspires boating enthusiasts with reviews of new boats, coverage of technical innovations, maintenance advice, columns and cruising stories.

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living classics

Auckland Anniversary Regatta is always a special event – a rich, colourful celebration of the city’s maritime legacy and relationship with the sea. It’s a heritage that deserves to be cherished – and so it is – even by those whose tummies resist the appeal of wind, flying spray and rolling decks. It’s widely-considered one of the world’s largest and most diverse regattas – not only in terms of numbers but also in the variety of vessels. Where else do you find ancient yachts, classic launches, modern power boats, mullet boats, dinghies, tugs and cruisers – and others – all sharing the same space, united in one celebration? But for me this year’s event – some 177 years after the first regatta was held in 1842 – holds a particular significance. This…

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in the next issue…

SENATOR-SEA LEGS MARRIAGE Senator’s imposing SL1170 is a serious trailer boat – but after being equipped with a sturdy Sea Legs system launching and retrieving her couldn’t be easier. ELECTRIC CHILLING Faced with having his fridge compressor re-gassed – yet again – a yachtie finally opts to give his boat the gift of electric cooling. He hasn’t stopped smiling since. BIFFING THE BUG Diesel bug is one of the most dreaded ‘diseases’ that can afflict a boat’s fuel tanks. But there are counter-measures for keeping the engines happy. GRAND BANKS 60 SKYLOUNGE The world somehow seems a more serene, tranquil place with the views offered by the latest Grand Banks cruiser – where the sky is the limit. www.boatingnz.co.nz…

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boat world news

Only when peering into the viewfinder did he realise he was sharing the space with a large, gentle friend. THE JOY OF CRUISING NZ Among the multitude of attractions offered by sailing in New Zealand waters is the lure of its vibrant marine life. As is so often the case, interaction with sea creatures is usually unexpected – which always adds to the ‘pinch-yourself-specialness’ and splendour of the moment. Boating NZ writer Roger Mills was returning to Auckland from Great Barrier Island on his yacht over the holiday break, and thought he’d capture a few images of the idyllic conditions with his drone. Only when peering into the viewfinder did he realise he was sharing the space with a large, gentle friend. Man, boat and whale co-existing in harmony. ELECTRIC PRODUCTION BOATS Auckland’s Beacon Marine has embarked…

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king pin

I travelled to Whangarei for this review, where Northland Marine operates a trailer boat rigging and retail business, Yamaha Service Centre and a successful trailer manufacturing operation. Jonathan Barlow and his team specialise in supplying large Extreme trailer boats to discerning customers who demand high-end electronics and top-quality fixtures. Northland Marine supplied 15 large Extremes in 2018, all of them carried on the company’s custom-built aluminium trailers. HEAVY-DUTY TRAILER The trailer isn’t a bad place to start when describing this rig. The Custom Alloy Marine (CAM) aluminium trailer is engineering excellence, both functionally and aesthetically. With the whole rig weighing in at 3,400kg on the road, the trailer needs to be properly engineered. According to Jonathan, it’s over-engineered, like all his trailers, and uses only high-quality components. Benefitting from the latest CAD (Computer…

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shaping a legacy

In 1988, hair and shoulder-pads were big, interest rates were high and the stock market was low. Overseas, the Soviet Union was falling apart but the Berlin Wall was still standing strong. And one of New Zealand’s pioneering professional sailors set up a company which in 2018 celebrated 30 years in business. Kiwi Yachting, established by Richard ‘Molly’ Macalister, has weathered varying economic fortunes, expanded and diversified, and seen the America’s Cup come and go and come again. Now jointly-owned by Macalister and international sailor Dean Barker, the company has stayed afloat when many in the industry have been swamped or gone under entirely. Today it is a leading distributor of yachting hardware and deck equipment, including brands such as Lewmar, Navtec, Sparcraft and Profurl, as well as 420, Optimist and Splash…

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switched on

Built in 1967, the 28-foot Clipper is an Alan Buchanan design, stripplanked in American mahogany with oak beams. When I acquired her, she wasn’t in great shape. An argument with a floating rope had jammed the prop into the rudder. This twisted the engine mounts and the diesel sat at an unnatural angle. Still, her hull was sound. As the refurbishment progressed, I realised that the 40hp Bukh diesel was far too big and powerful for such a small boat – it would have to go. But finding a replacement proved tricky. A new engine was too expensive for my limited budget, and I didn’t fancy taking a chance on a secondhand diesel. Electric propulsion seemed an attractive alternative, but everyone I spoke to offered warnings and cited a lengthy legacy of…