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Boating NZ March 2019

Boating NZ inspires boating enthusiasts with reviews of new boats, coverage of technical innovations, maintenance advice, columns and cruising stories.

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doc – take a bow

Twenty-five years after arriving to make a new home in this extraordinary land of the long white cloud, I’ve finally ticked off an item that’s lurked near the top of my bucket list for nearly half a century – walking the Milford Track. I know ‘hiking’ – or ‘tramping’ as home-grown Kiwis like to call it – isn’t really a mainstream part of the boating lifestyle, though you do need two boat trips to tackle the Track. One across Lake Te Anau to get to the start, and another at the end – at Milford Sound – to escape the torment that is Sandfly Point. Yet walking the Track resonates with a theme that is familiar to the boating lifestyle – savouring Aotearoa’s elemental majesty is as simple as deciding to embrace…

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in the next issue…

L925 POWER CAT Another sleek design from the drawing board of Dan Leech, this cat is the perfect getaway vessel for an adventurous couple. CHRISCRAFT REPLICA A study in infinite detail and perfection, this 1940s design has been patiently recreated by a young Christchurch cabinetmaker. G STUNNING SYMBIOSIS Cars and boats might be different forms of travel but they often share a surprisingly similar heritage, as many of the world’s most famous car/boat brands attest. CAN SHE BE SAVED? Waihape – a Johnny Wray-built vessel – is lying derelict and abandoned in a North Island estuary. But attempts to recover her are afoot. www.boatingnz.co.nz…

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boat world news

DEVIL RAY BALLET This graceful photo of three giant devil rays performing a ‘ballet’ – shot by Duncan Murrell – was judged the Best of Show at the recent Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition, organised by the Underwater Photography Guide. Judges said this 7th annual competition attracted a very high calibre of photos from 70 countries and that 2018 was the most competitive year to date. Murrell’s shot uses soft, ambient light to accentuate the movements of elegant giants. Other exceptional images include astonishing fish and marine life shots, rarely seen animal behaviour, innovative shooting techniques, stunning portraits, seals, ocean adventure, whales and some dramatic moments between humans and marine life. Sixteen different categories ensure a competitive contest for all levels and disciplines of underwater photography, including compact, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras. There is…

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letters to the editor

SAVE THE BOATYARD I write in response to the three recent articles in your fine magazine, penned by John MacFarlane, on the status and potential fate of the wooden boatbuilding industry in New Zealand. As a fellow Kiwi I have always held an immense sense of pride in our boatbuilding industry, old and new. The sight of classics like Waitangi, Rawhiti, Ariki and so many others out on the waters of the harbour and Gulf is a soul-stirring event that reminds me of our immense heritage and our depth of expertise in the design, construction and build of such beautiful boats. To hear that the same heritage is now in danger of slipping away is truly concerning. As a recent returnee to New Zealand, I freely admit to not having any understanding of…

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legging it!

Neville, the new Senator’s owner, lives beside the Mangawhai estuary and enjoys riparian access from his front lawn. Neville and partner Anne love fishing, so that’s what this vessel will be used for, spending time around the Hen and Chickens and Mokohinau Islands. Usually they’ll take day trips, but the boat is fully-kitted for overnight expeditions and longer. Motorsport enthusiast Neville is a bit of a speed merchant. It’s no surprise, then, that his new boat has a pair of Yamaha 350hp V8 outboards bolted to the transom – had they been available when the boat was being built, he says may well have opted for Yamaha’s new 425hp engines. As it is, the smaller V8s give the SL1170 a top speed of almost 40 knots. During initial testing out of…

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green light for marine facility

It comes after the February signing of a Development Agreement between the city’s redevelopment agency – Panuku Development Auckland – and marine services company Orams. The new facility will feature a marine haul out and refit facility, commercial buildings and a residential tower on the northern end. It will target marine vessels up to 800 tonnes, which accounts for 85% of the world marine market. Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says the facility is expected to generate more than 500 jobs and as many as 200 apprenticeships. “Currently, a piece of poorly-utilised land will become the heart of a thriving marine enterprises precinct, which carries on the historic presence of boat building in this area. Built in time for the America’s Cup 36 races, the precinct will benefit hugely from the refit work…