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Boating NZ January 2020

Boating NZ inspires boating enthusiasts with reviews of new boats, coverage of technical innovations, maintenance advice, columns and cruising stories.

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dynamic duo

Many of my non-sailing friends give me quizzical stares when I become animated about watching yachts racing on TV. They typically respond with jibes about “watching paint dry” or “great for insomnia”. But only the most stone-hearted among them would have remained unmoved by the scintillating performance of Peter Burling and Blair Tuke in the recent 49er Worlds held in Auckland. Extraordinary, exhilarating, nail-biting stuff. For anyone who didn’t watch the action, the pair pulled off a stunning win and added a fifth world title to the four consecutive victories they enjoyed between 2013 and 2016. It was hardly plain sailing – but it did make for great drama. I confess I thought they’d blown it when they broke a tiller extension in the seventh race, gifting the chasing German pair of Erik…

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delicate shift

A combination of rails, jacks and hydraulic systems were used to lift and move the lighthouse 50m inland. Engineers have successfully saved a 1000-tonne, 120-year-old Danish lighthouse by using wheels and rails to gently slide it away from an eroding cliff edge in Jutland. When built in 1900, the 23m Rubjerg Knude Fyr lighthouse stood some 200m from the cliff edge. By the time of the move, erosion had reduced that to six metres. A combination of rails, jacks and hydraulic systems were used to lift and move the lighthouse 50m inland. The lighthouse ceased operating in 1968 and was briefly turned into a museum which included an exhibit about the structure’s struggle against sand drift. In the end, it was closed because of shifting sands which slowly buried the two buildings…

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obc lands supreme award

Auckland’s Outboard Boating Club (OBC) has been recognised for its determined commitment to environmental performance with a Supreme Best Practice Award. It was presented by Keep New Zealand Beautiful – the administrator of the international Blue Flag environmental certification system in New Zealand – and comes just three years after OBC qualified for the prestigious Blue Flag programme. The Blue Flag programme audits and recognises marinas, beaches and eco-tourism boats in 47 countries around the world. Keep New Zealand Beautiful’s Christine White says this is the first time it has introduced the Supreme Best Practice Award to recognise a marina, beach or boating operator that has consistently exceeded the international standards of the Blue Flag criteria. It honours the “outstanding commitment to continuous improvement in environmental, educational and safety criteria. OBC has been recognised…

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loot at anniversary regatta

The prize pool features a $1,000 Early Bird cash prize for one lucky person who enters the regatta before the end of the year. Spot prizes to be given away include a holiday in Hawaii, a 10-day voyage on the Spirit of New Zealand and a Viking kayak. The Hawaiian holiday prize includes return flights for two people with Hawaiian Airlines, airport transfers courtesy of Hawaii Tourism, and four night’s stay in the luxurious Equus Hotel in sunny Honolulu. Young sailors (aged between 16 and 18 when they take part in the regatta) can enter to win a voyage (worth $3,500) on the youth development vessel Spirit of New Zealand. Burnsco has come on board as a sponsor this year, offering a Viking Lagoon youth kayak worth $499, plus other prizes totalling over…

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letters to the editor

I am sure you are pleased to know that purchasers of Boating NZ take the time to read your Editor’s Note. However, I find that your ‘We live in scary times’ note (November 2019) reflects the way many news media people are willing to accept the word of global warming alarmists as gospel, and don’t do any research to ensure it is correct before accepting it. I always like to question statements like these, so I asked Google: ‘How does methane trap heat? And ‘Is methane created in the ocean?’ The answers lead me to believe – more than ever – that we are being fed a lot of false information to generate world-wide support for their cause. In the past, David Attenborough has produced many informative wildlife articles, but I am…

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tsar’s booze recovered

A shipment of exotic French cognac and liqueur destined for Tsar Nicolas II’s palace in Russia’s St Petersburg has been recovered from a shipwreck in the Sea of Bothnia – more than a century after it was dispatched. The shipment – believed to be last ordered by the Tsar before his assassination in July 1918 – never made it to Russia. It was loaded on to the SS Kyros in December 1916. The ship’s route was via neutral Sweden, but because of heavy ice departure was delayed until May 1917. Unfortunately, the ship was intercepted by the German submarine UC58. Her captain decided to sink her because the cargo was considered contraband. The SS Kyros crew was transferred to a nearby ship and later all returned safely to Sweden. The wreck – in…