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Boating NZ July 2018

Boating NZ inspires boating enthusiasts with reviews of new boats, coverage of technical innovations, maintenance advice, columns and cruising stories.

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celestial serendipity

As you will read on page 16, Auckland’s RNZYS will be celebrating its 150th birthday in 2021 – the year the America’s Cup regatta returns to New Zealand, to be hosted by the Squadron. To mark the occasion, the Squadron is organising a smorgasbord of sailing activities and, in the words of Aaron Young, the RNZYS’ Rear Commodore, “the stars have aligned – it will be a huge year for us.” There may be more substance to Young’s poetic sentiments than he thinks. Astronomers will tell you that January 2021 marks a rare alignment of the planets Venus, Jupiter and Mars – a celestial phenomenon known as a triple conjunction. The ancients accorded great significance to such alignments. I try not to live my life around the planets’ orbital waltz, but for once…

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in the next issue…

HANSE 548 A new slice of elegance from the German manufacturer, the 548 is a fast cruiser that presents space and comfort in Hanse’s traditional style – with many features you’d only expect in a much larger vessel. TRISTRAM 641 OFFSHORE Fitted with one of Mercury’s new 175hp V6 outboards, this iconic design takes full advantage of the Merc’s sophisticated performance. OXE DIESEL OUTBOARDS We preview a selection of the new Swedish-designed-and-built OXE outboards – including a compact 200hp turbocharged, four-cylinder unit. THE RAT EFFECT When too many rats are squeezed into too small a space, things can turn ugly. A similar psychology operates with crew – hopefully without the bloodshed – so choose your boating mates carefully. www.boatingnz.co.nz…

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boat world

Not many people would think humans evolved parts of their bone structure from a fish. MEET YOUR DISTANT NANA Australian fossil research – using modern scanning techniques – has identified an ancestor of all bony fish. And humans are linked to it. Researchers from Flinders University, along with colleagues in the UK and Sweden, used the scanning to uncover the origins of a 400-million-year-old fossil fish called Ligulalepis. The technology has also revealed a 3D-model of the fish’s ancient brain and confirms it as the ancestor of all modern bony fish. The fossil’s also linked to the bone structure of human skeletons, providing anatomical evidence about human evolution from fish which can today be found within the makeup of our own bodies. Flinders University Research Associate, Dr Alice Clement, says the discovery of two 3D-preserved…

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superior quality, rugged dependability and uncompromising attention to detail. From the smallest model to the largest, each and every Aquapro is painstakingly hand-built by craftsmen in New Zealand. SPORTMASTER RIB Sportmaster’s rugged aluminium hull is designed and constructed to perform well in even the harshest environments. Smaller boats in the range can be easily towed and they’re light enough for you to lift onboard. Available in Hypalon or Polymar fabric. Features – • Powder coated hulls • Rotationally moulded plastic seats with storage shelf (removable) • Heavy duty rub strakes to avoid marking your yacht’s topsides • Anti-slip deck tread • Quality timber oars • Unique moulded rowlocks and locking oar assembly to prevent oar loss • Auto-bailing transom drain(s) • Internal oar storage • Integral floor including fuel tank securing strap (including SMR…

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salute the   admiral

That focus is immediately apparent when stepping aboard; this is an immaculately-presented vessel. And as I crawled, poked and explored, it was clear that every centimetre on this little ship had been meticulously planned. She feels and looks great. With the padded linings and leather furnishings (artworks in their own right) the ambience is welcoming – like a good, mature wine. Internal surfaces are carpeted or lined with pin-perfect vinyl, creating a quiet environment when under way. And witness the soft, rolled edges on every corner – no hard angles to catch you in a seaway. The labour of love began when McKenzie and Clement, detecting a gap in the local boating scene for a 10m Sports Cruiser, bought the Steadecraft hull moulds in 2007 – principally because of the design’s sea-keeping…

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pole around the pole

A self-described adventurist, Koper enjoys sailing in some of the planet’s most obscure (and extreme) places. Let’s see – his resumé includes extensive sailing in and around the Arctic Circle, transiting the Northwest Passage, two previous trips to Antarctica (one beyond the 78th parallel), sailing around Cape Horn (twice) – and now, a circumnavigation of the frozen continent. I thought asking ‘why’ would be a good way to start the interview. “I like challenges – and I love Antarctica.” This circumnavigation – 72 days, non-stop under sail – has been ratified by Guinness World Records and the World Sailing Record Council as the ‘southernmost’ circumnavigation of the continent by a yacht. The boat remained just off the ice, sailing clockwise (west-to-east) between the 60 and 70 parallels for the entire voyage. The previous…