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Boating NZ November 2018

Boating NZ inspires boating enthusiasts with reviews of new boats, coverage of technical innovations, maintenance advice, columns and cruising stories.

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prepare your grandchildren

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave for the past month or so, you will be aware of the United Nation’s recently-released report about the fragility of humanity’s future. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report – released in early October – is perhaps the starkest, most dire warning yet about the dangers mankind faces as a result of climate change. Multiple strategies are required to reduce greenhouse emissions and limit a global temperature rise to 1.5°C. None of these strategies is particularly attractive, but then the consequences of not adopting them – says IPCC – are much more horrific. The full report is 400 pages long, a daunting read for even the most committed of environmentalists. The executive summary is much more palatable. You can view it at: www.ipcc.ch/pdf/session48/pr_181008_P48_spm_en.pdf For me the…

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in the next issue…

WITH CATLIKE TREAD The epitome of elegance – light and manoeuvrable – Bavaria’s new Nautitech 40 Open is a cat that delivers excellent cruising performance with stylish living. REMEMBERING TITANIC A tour through Belfast’s memorial to the most famous ship in history – her builders’ vision, her secrets, and her ignominious sinking. WICKED COMBO What do you get when you stick one of Yamaha’s mighty 425hp V8s on the back of an Extreme 885 Game King? A fibrillating heart. Yeeehaaaa! COMPOSITE SMARTS The foiling catamarans used at AC35 in Bermuda are receiving a new lease on life following a major revamp at the high-tech facility that is Core Builders Composites in Warkworth. www.boatingnz.co.nz…

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tall order

One of the world’s largest superyachts has arrived in Auckland for a little TLC and maintenance at the hands of Orams. At 86m LOA, the Dutch-built Aquijo is so large that she is unable to sail under the Harbour Bridge – her 91m carbon fibre masts rise more than 25m over the bridge’s central span. Those masts – carrying some 5000m of sail – were built by Southern Spars. Her 3Di mainsails – weighing around two tonnes each – had to be lifted off the vessel by crane and are being serviced by North Sails. Her 200-tonne lifting keel is the largest ever designed and has an 11.6m draught (5.2m when retracted). Even when moving her into position alongside her berth at Orams at high tide, she cleared the mud bottom by…

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nazi sub to be entombed

…mercury has caused high levels of contamination… In a groundbreaking project 150m below the surface, a Norwegian team is attempting to bury a wrecked Nazi submarine in a bid to contain toxic chemicals leaking into the sea. U-864 was torpedoed off the coast of Bergen, Norway, by British sub HMS Venturer in 1945. Among U-864’s cargo were 1,800 canisters – around 65 tonnes – of mercury. An estimated four kilograms of mercury has been oozing into the water every year – forcing authorities to ban boating and fishing in the area. The mercury has caused high levels of contamination in cod, torsk and edible crab. The Norwegian government now plans to cover the 11 acres of seabed around the 2400-tonne wreck with up to 40ft of rubble to contain the leaking mercury. Expected to…

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boaties behaving more safely

New Maritime NZ research shows recreational boaties are behaving more safely, with various indicators showing improvements. Lifejacket wearing behaviour, for example, is steady. In addition, more boaties are checking the weather, taking two ways to call for help, and avoiding alcohol when going out on the water. The Ipsos 2018 Recreational Boating Survey canvassed adult members of the general public regarding their boating habits. It examined the extent to which the population participates in recreational boating activities, with a focus on safety-related attitudes and behaviours, and awareness of Maritime NZ’s recent recreational boating safety campaigns and related activities. Maritime NZ Deputy Director (and Incoming Chair of the Safer Boating Forum) Sharyn Forsyth says the results are encouraging. “It’s fantastic to see that 92% of boaties say that boating safety is personally important to…

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ALAN WARWICK 1934–2018 Readers will be saddened to learn of the recent passing of Alan Warwick – one of the country’s pre-eminent luxury yacht designers. Born in Wellington in 1934, Warwick moved to Auckland in 1952 to begin an architectural degree. He started sailing in M Class yachts and, after buying and sailing a Des Townson Zephyr, began building his first keeler in 1962, a 6.7m Townson Pied Piper. Warwick joined Chris Bouzaid’s Rainbow II campaign to win the 1969 One Ton Cup (OTC), before heading up Lou Fisher’s Young Nick campaign for the 1971 OTC. He also worked with Laurie Davidson on the design of the Half Tonner Swooper of Cox’s Creek, which later became the basis for the GRP production Davidson 31. His first commission was the IOR quarter tonner, Quarter Pint, while…