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editor’s letter

We chose Sam Knight to interview Daniel Craig for this issue because he was simply the best person for the job. Craig isn’t just known for his ability to fully inhabit the role of Britain’s most famous secret agent, but he also famously performs the full-time role of one of the country’s most secretive actors. Many is the profile writer who has come away from time with Craig only to find the actor has a licence to kill… most searching enquiries. Which is why GQ sent for our very own hired gun: Sam Knight. A staff writer at the New Yorker, Knight has previously written for GQ on everything from poverty and migration to the spending sprees of football club-owning oligarchs (even talking his way onto the player’s plane in the…

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Sam KNIGHT GQ contributor and staff writer for the New Yorker Sam Knight profiled Daniel Craig for this issue. “I was warned Craig hated interviews and could be difficult,” says Knight. “But spending time with him over the winter, he was disarmingly open as he told the story of his life as 007. ‘Pick the bones out of that,’ he said. Very good, Commander Bond.” Olive POMETSEY Junior Digital Editor Olive Pometsey covers all of this month’s most important trends and stories on GQ.co.uk. In the wake of International Women’s Day, says Pometsey, women are setting the agenda. “From Dua Lipa’s second album to Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan, women are front and centre of cultural life right now.” Rosaline SHAHNAVAZ As spring arrives, photographer Rosaline Shahnavaz shot this month’s Trends stories in Details. From…

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meet the first female filmmaker in saudi

‘You cannot move Saudi Arabia forward without art’ When Haifaa al-Mansour made her last film in Saudi Arabia, in 2012, she received death threats – and the film received awards around the globe. The 45-year-old is the country’s first female director and this month she returns with The Perfect Candidate. The much-anticipated picture follows a young female doctor, Maryam, who decides to run for local office – something that only became legally permissible in Saudi Arabia in 2015 – and the difficulties she faces in a deeply conservative society. The very first shot of The Perfect Candidate is a woman driving. That seems like a statement of intent. The film captures a society in transformation. Saudi Arabia is moving to become more progressive; they are introducing more liberal ideas. This film is…

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political reads, reshuffled

What everyone will be talking about… The Gatekeeper by Kate Fall Kate Fall did not have much of a profile when she was David Cameron’s Downing Street deputy chief of staff. She’s attempting to change that with The Gatekeeper, her account of the goings-on behind the closed door of Number Ten. OUT NOW. VS What everyone should be talking about… Three Years In Hell by Fintan O’Toole Irish Times columnist O’Toole’s witty chronicle of the slow-burn dumpster fire that is Brexit is required reading if you want to understand what the last three years mean. Zingers aplenty. CB OUT NOW.…

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like this look? here’s how to do it

Who does the sweep suit? This cut suits medium to thick hair. And, ideally, if you have a slight wave in your hair, this will work for you. You need to have a good four to six inches of hair on the top. How should I have it cut? Ask your barber or stylist for a longer, classic, layered cut with some texture and no hard lines around the back and sides. The top should be left heavy, with a little texture added to it. The back and sides should be a good three inches in length, which will allow it to be swept back. Texture needs to be added here too so that it has some movement and doesn’t look like a Lego head. How do I style it? 1. Ideally, you need to…

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how to rock the ‘old hollywood’ sweep

What would men’s magazines have done for the past year or so, I wonder, without the re-emergence of Brad Pitt as the style icon he was back in his 1990s heyday? From his chisel-jawed turn in Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood last year to his more recent Brioni tux-clad series of red carpet appearances, Pitt has proved beyond any doubt that there is style (and sex appeal) to be had after 50. One of the key areas in which Pitt excels is his hair. Though recent years have seen the actor opt for darker hues and shorter cuts, his most recent honeyed slick-back is not only incredibly complementary to both his bone structure and his skin tone, but it’s also a look that whispers style – a cut…