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retail just became a democracy

My mother always talked about the War with respect. You didn’t make light of the War. You could make jokes about it, but you didn’t diminish it. She didn’t talk about it often, but when she did she’d talk for hours. She would talk about the Blitz, air raid shelters, blackout curtains, sleeping in the Underground, rationing, going hungry, the dreams she’d have about bananas, the gas masks she treasured. She talked about hoarding coal (your own, not other people’s), painting seams down the back of her legs so she looked like she was wearing stockings and how she would use gravy browning to tan her legs. She also talked about being rescued by military firemen while she was having a (tin) bath, just minutes before a bomb destroyed her parents’ house…

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gq heroes

In associaton with Armie Hammer Photographed by Eric Ray Davidson Styled by Andrew T Vottero Michaela Coel Photographed by Ben Weller Styled by Luke Day Mabel Photographed by Christina Ebenezer on an OPPO Find X2 Pro Styled by Anna Trevelyan This month we celebrate the second annual GQ Heroes and this issue reflects the participants of our two-day event taking place over 21-23 October. A celebration of the great and the good in entertainment, politics, advocacy, sport, luxury, media, art and tech, the inaugural summit brought together an eclectic mix of leading cultural, political and sporting figures. Keynote speakers included comedian Ricky Gervais, model and activist Adwoa Aboah and investigative journalist and GQ Contributing Editor Michael Wolff. We also hosted Sir Paul Smith, Sir Richard Branson, Tom Dixon, Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn, Victoria Pendleton, David Lammy, Chuka Umunna and many…

2 min

Ben Weller Michaela Coel’s virtuoso comedy-drama I May Destroy You captivated viewers and critics alike when it aired on BBC One earlier this year; photographer Ben Weller shot her for this month’s Heroes issue cover. “It was a real privilege to take Michaela’s photograph,” says Weller. “She is a true storyteller and she has a face I couldn’t tire of photographing.” Christina Ebenezer Photographer Christina Ebenezer shot cover star Mabel following the singer’s two 2020 UK top ten singles – “Boyfriend” and “West Ten” – and Brit Award win and ahead of her performance at GQ Heroes. “A funny moment for me,” says Ebenezer, “was seeing how well pampered and cared for Mabel’s dog was! Mabel was sweet and open to all our ideas on the day – a great talent to work…

9 min
how i fell in love with my dog

I have, like David Sedaris’ friends, become something of a cliché. “As I grow older, I find that the people I know become crazy in one of two ways,” he said not so long ago. “The first is animal crazy – more specifically, dog crazy. They’re the ones who, when asked if they have children, are likely to answer, ‘A black Lab and a Sheltie-beagle mix named Tuckahoe.’ Then they add – they always add – ‘They were rescues!’” It is six o’clock in the morning and I have a small white dog standing on my chest, staring at me imploringly. He only weighs 3kg – in truth, he doesn’t weigh much more than a multipack of Pedigree Dentastix – and yet I know he is there. Every day he is…

1 min
motorsport gets a sci-fi upgrade

‘ We all saw The Phantom Menace and fell in love with that idea. It’s exciting bringing it to life’ Finding the Formula One season a bit, well, predictable? Then may we refer you to Airspeeder, the world’s first racing series for manned electric multicopters – the Formula E of the skies – which aims to launch next year. It’s the brainchild of Sydney-based company Alauda Aeronautics, which is creating the pilots’ wasp-like racing vehicles, also called Airspeeders. Using up to eight propellers, they can take off and land vertically and will reach speeds of 125mph while navigating desert courses. So far, confirmed venues include the Mojave Desert in the US and the open wilds near Coober Pedy in South Australia. “High-speed collision-avoidance” technology – including radar and lidar – will…

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bad bunny does not care what you think

Bad Bunny seemingly came out of nowhere to be absolutely everywhere The internet was meant to herald the death of distance, but for a long time you wouldn’t know it to look at the music world. It has remained definitely regional: grime is huge in the UK but not in America; musicians who are dominating in Africa are often unknown in Europe. But recently that seems to have been changing as a notable wave of crossover artists emerge internationally – especially those who chime with social media audiences. No accident, of course, that Bad Bunny – the Puerto Rican trap star who seemingly came out of nowhere to be absolutely everywhere (without switching to singing in English) – was practically machine-tooled for YouTube. From his look-at-me wardrobe to his gender fluidity…