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British GQ February 2016

GQ is the greatest magazine around, the men’s magazine with an IQ. Whether it’s fashion, sport, health, humour, politics or music, GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination.

United Kingdom
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‘many tribes, one religion

Fashion for men these days has an echoic force. Seriously, has the British man ever looked as good as he does today? It’s unlikely. Not as many people were watching him back then, of course, back before men became as objectifed as women, but you get my drift. Cast your eye around town: men have a swagger about them today, a licence to faunt and a real sense of self. Today, all the style tribes, perhaps for the frst time ever, are all seriously on feek. In the digital agencies of Old Street, formerly the home of dishevelled creatives, you’ll now fnd a gentleman that GQ’s features desk insists on referring to as the “urbane lumberjack”. He hasn’t shed the hipster codes – note the beard and the hiking boots – but…

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Luke LEITCH For his first column, GQ’s Contributing Fashion Editor Luke Leitch looks at how the east London label Sibling has helped power the capital’s reputation for progressive menswear. “Hell will freeze over before they get me in one of their pairs of hot-pink PVC chaps – but I’m a longtime fan of Sibling,” says Leitch. “In conversation, team Sibling is every bit as intelligent, amusing and surprising as their clothes.” Tom MUNRO Having photographed the likes of Daniel Craig and Kate Winslet and directed videos for Madonna, Tom Munro now turns his lens on Eddie Redmayne for this month’s cover story. “My approach to photography is pretty classic,” says Munro. “When I shoot celebrities I always aim to draw out something that might not have been seen before. In this instance, it…

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essex on the brain

For David Cameron, it seems, the only way is Essex. Post-election, he has packed his team with talent from my home county. Why? Because he fully understands the signifcance of the Essex vote, but has also come to value the insights and instincts of those who have seats there. Robert Halfon, from Harlow, despite recent difficulties, is one of the most impressive campaigning MPs in Westminster (his work on rising petrol prices took the issue to the top of the political agenda) and is now minister without portfolio. The communities minister, Mark Francois, who, despite the slightly poncey surname, is a Basildon comprehensive schoolboy with real nous (he also beat Boris Johnson to be selected for Rayleigh in 2001). And there’s the talented Priti Patel from Witham who, after the election,…

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THE MOVIE STAR HOW to unwind after 12 hours filming inside a 10x10ft windowless box? For Brie Larson, whose days involved just that during the fiveweek shoot in Toronto of her Josef Fritzl-inspired – and Oscar-tipped – movie, Room, the answer was simple. Karaoke. “I would go almost every night,” says the 26-year-old. There was a strip of open-mic bars nearby so she would pick a venue, turn up, sing one song (her go-to: “a lot of Pressure or Destiny’s Child”) and leave half an hour later without ever ordering a drink. She thought it vital to compartmentalise an otherwise emotionally draining role. “It became a location in my brain I could go to and either switch on or switch off.” Filmed chronologically, Larson escaped when her character did (stop screaming, that’s…

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the politics forecast

Lynton Crosby is the election svengali who got Cameron into Downing Street and Boris into City Hall (twice). Now, his frm is advising Zac Goldsmith on his London mayoral campaign. Here are three proven strategies to expect: 1 The message is everything The theory: There must be one clear message that diferentiates the candidate and is consistent across the campaign. The practice: Goldsmith will likely play on the fact he is independently minded, so will fght for the interests of Londoners. 2 Watch the negatives The theory: Get angry and you’ll alienate voters. Instead, a negative message should be measured, consistent and contrast the candidate with their opposition. The practice: Goldsmith would be wise to cast Labour's Sadiq Khan as a creature of the unions who nominated Jeremy Corbyn, suggesting that Londoners are not his true…

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a very modern explorer

In 2014, he trekked the entire length of the Nile. Now explorer Levison Wood is back after walking all 1,700 miles of the world’s highest mountain range, the Himalayas. We spoke to him ahead of the book and TV documentary about this gruelling expedition. What’s the best moment that didn’t make it into the TV show? Meeting the Dalai Lama. We got to his monastery and just by sheer chance he was holding a ceremony so we joined the queue. He asked us what we were doing and invited us in for tea. I thought I was going to be told the meaning of life, but actually he just gave me some visa advice. He said, “Whatever you do, don’t tell the Chinese that you’re going into Tibet on foot.” Calling oneself…